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Friday, October 11, 2019

Fun push to confess

We often discuss lifestyle punishments in terms of whether they are 'play' or 'genuine'. And it's a valid distinction. But what if somethings ends up being an odd blend of both?

I had a very interesting day.....with the prospect of a pretty 'real' punishment looming on the near horizon. And it all started with a playful dare between me and my Monster who I have been missing terribly, Ana. I have been pretty good about not bothering her too much at Dental School, since it's serious stuff she's doing.....but we both miss each other and agreed early on that we would try to keep her "junior boss" status somewhat alive via texts.

Yesterday I was "in a mood". No question about it! I was a little lonely and a little bored....and feeling like stirring the pot. And along those lines I had an idea: I would text my Monster when she wasn't busy and suggest a sort of one-sided dare that would fall very much in line with how we all interact here. It was simplicity itself: I dared Ana to text her Mom, my Rosa, sometime before the weekend and tell her that since it was obvious I was missing her being around as my 'other boss', that she would recommend that Rosa give me a spanking 'from Ana' as a playful reminder that she was still a force to be reckoned with even if she wasn't around the house. I told Ana that all I was really looking for was to feel like once the dare was agreed to, I was going to be obligated to go through with whatever she and her Mom decided upon, and that from her end she could decide whatever fate amused her....including a treated lunch to wherever she wanted when she was finally home on break. 

Truth be told, with her being away and so absorbed in her studies, I would not have been surprised if she demurred, is a screen shot of her reply:

However, early this morning Ana sent me a text asking to postpone the dare until next weekend because she feels too swamped right now......except that Rosa and I will be away with people that weekend. So we tried to figure something out and she suggested a 2 week postponement:

I fully understood her reason for waiting two weeks, but I also somewhat selfishly wanted something to deal with now.......and naturally something my Ana would not have to spend any real time on. Which led to me making a very simple interim add-on request, so that I could have some sort of action while I was still in the mood I am in. I suggested that since I dared her to request a spanking from Rosa, how would she like to simply dare me to do the same today? Her perk would be to decide what I was going to ask for in terms of seriousness, severity, and number, but other than that she would have nothing to do and could go about her business. The texting request would be all on me.

At first Ana went with a 100 swat playful romp......except she wanted the spanking to be harder than usual....a real roaster.....but for fun! Had she said she wanted the smacks to be average, I would have just gone along with that and the story would be done, but knowing my Rosa I knew that even if I ask for something hard like a punishment, if it's for fun, she will very likely go easy on me. And since I kind of had something 'real' but not overly serious at the ready, I suggested an alternative:

So Ana pretty much dared me to go with that option since it seemed the most likely to get the result she (and I suppose I also ) wanted. 

Rosa had already teased me via text this morning calling me a bad boy over something else, and I used that as my opening to agree that I was. She immediately wanted to know what I meant and I went on to confess to the neglected bed-making and wondered if she had noticed. She said she had but didn't mention it, and then I formally asked to be spanked for it with Ana's suggested number of 100 swats. Rosa replied with her typical mix of personal glee and warning, and even included a spanking meme:

And I thought, "well, that's that. I guess I'm going to definitely get a hard spanking I won't be able to back out of" when about 20 minutes later Rosa sent me this:

And with that simple text, and some follow-ups on the nature of the plug I should wear, my day went from from playful dares to clean-up duty! All while knowing that a hard spanking was still coming my way.......and then another, two weeks from now, when Ana texts her Mom her dared request!

For those with a prurient bent, here are a few 'selfies' I took as I went about my chores:

Rosa wanted the plug today to be appropriately challenging rather than fun, and so here is a nice view of the "squid" keeping me motivated while bending to dust the bed frame.

Dusting the bureau.....with an as yet unspanked  bottom on display. I wonder what it will look like after a dose of Rosa's paddle?

And vacuuming...... as my penis does its usual "mushroom retreat" under the dominating 
influence of the large, nasty squid-plug.


  1. Since we don't do "play" spankings, I don't have anything similar to relate. The closest I can really think of is a few weeks ago we had a situation in which she was insisting I should be spanked for something while I felt I was getting insufficient credit for something good I had done in terms of complying with her wishes on something. Now, one would think that the "injustice" might have led to bad feelings. Kind of the opposite. I think deep inside she sort of agreed with me, but felt she had to deliver a spanking in order to maintain the consistency we have been talking about. But, because she wasn't really upset about anything, the pre-spanking "lecture" was really lacking any edge or force. As a result, I could not for the life of me take it very seriously, and kept smiling and, at one point, smirking. It was almost unintentionally playful.

    1. I get it. If it's nothing serious I LOVE an "injustice spanking".....but as you know, if it truly is serious AND unjust, I will fight it tooth and nail.

      I have to admit to being a bit conflicted on the bed thing. I am not a shirker and have been very busy all week on Halloween stuff. BUT I could have done the bed too without a lot of angst or effort. And to be honest? I really don't know why I didn't. I don't know if I was subconsciously 'testing' Rosa to see if she'd mention it, or if I had somehow justified not doing it because of everything else I was doing, but as i told Ana, even though it's not mentioned in the post, I probably would have just gone back to making it today, and not said anything about the days I missed. I told Ana I would only 'confess' to it if she dared me to. So, I'm not sure why i felt that way. I suppose a purist would say I should have just confessed on my own, but......frankly, I really would have just let it go....perhaps because Rosa had let it go as well and she's the "boss".

      It's interesting though that now that the confession has been made, regardless of WHY it was made......the consequences will be treated as a real punishment for slacking. Maybe I just wanted this deep down and yet usually have no opportunity because I very rarely slack off on anything, unless there's some weird shit going on in my head. Lately my "punishments" have been rare and often tinged with angst because they were rarely cut-and-dried offenses. Perhaps I just wanted something real..... but not overly serious.....that I was clearly guilty of, to prompt a tension-releasing session over Rosa's lap? I definitely think that's how she's looking at it.

      And when I told Ana of the turn of events after our morning texts, she was more than tickled at the outcome!

    2. That's certainly possible. I don't think I have ever done or not done something in order to try to force a spanking, but we're all so complicated, who knows what might be going on subconsciously? And, maybe that is what is going on with you if you usually are pretty diligent about chores. I have to admit, I'm not very consistent with most habits, good or bad. I tend to do something for a while, then I either run out of steam or get distracted. ADD is probably the underlying source of a great many of my failings.

  2. You are a crafty one. You feel you would love a spanking and missing Ana you text her and suggest a dare. That is so good i never thought about it. But then i don't have anyone but my Robyn that spanks me or knows I get spanked. I'm sure that monster plug got you ready for the rest.

    1. Yeah, it was a bit manipulative.....but it doesn't seem like anyone was too put out by my idea. ;-)