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Monday, October 28, 2019

Halloween is Thursday

And in NJ it looks like it's going to rain from tomorrow straight on through Friday. So much for doing my annual outdoor greeting of the trick or treaters. But given my current mood, perhaps it's for the best. I am barely managing enough enthusiasm to get through preparing for the party on Saturday. I ran some errands today and have just decided to not even bother with a few usual finishing touches to the indoor decor.  I am just going through the motions since  know people have already made plans for scheduling and costumes and are looking forward to the thing. (I wish I still was.)

My energy level runs pretty evidenced by what you all see displayed here...but my reserves are not infinite. I need to be rejuvenated and sustained. A degree of enthusiasm from those surrounding me usually is sufficient, but lately, especially with Ana away, I am only being siphoned but rarely replenished. Sometimes, but not enough right now.

Oh well. Life is hardly perfect. 

Anyway, enough of that. How about more creepy pieces of artwork to continue that theme? Here are a few more:

Ironically this one is called  "Gloomy Sunday". Too bad I didn't post it yesterday! It certainly would have fit.

What is it about old wallpaper? 

See? Not EVERY piece I like is strictly black & white!

There are a lot of images out there. Most are very well rendered. And most tend to be meticulous depictions of individual subjects.....mostly portrait-type stuff. But very few rise to a higher level and incorporate the entire space as part of the piece. I tend to look for pieces that are 'whole', not just a central disturbing figure. A figure can be scary but it's an overall atmosphere I appreciate most.


  1. The guy in the first one looks almost like you!

  2. My wife a couple of years ago got into Halloween by having me dress as a child, where she found the costume I don't know. The best way to describe the outfit, a little boy school uniform. I handed out candy, interesting comments from the Mothers, kids just wanted candy. What was not known I was being punished, my wife finds way. She waited an hour, insuring no one else would be coming. I was given a spanking, and I did feel very much like a little boy. Once again, I'm posting what I think would be acceptable. Jack

    1. Really borderline this time, Jack, since it is way more of another seemingly self-serving spanking anecdote than participation in the topic. But I'll let it stand in the spirit of the holiday and the vagueness of my rambling initial post.