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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Halloween traditions

Does anyone here have any particular traditions they engage in prior to Halloween to "get themselves in the mood"? Is there a particular movie you re-watch? 

I love Jamie! * Chromosomes be damned.

A creepy story perhaps? 

If you intend to do a candlelit reading of  "The Raven", may I humbly offer my short story "C 5" (link)
to go along with it? long as it's just adults around. LOL

Maybe you and your SO visit a particular place that gets your skin goosepimply? Or maybe you have a favorite pumpkin patch? A carving ritual? A corn maze? Or nowadays, even a "zombie paintball hayride"?  Diehards may be into doing one of those ghost tours. Or maybe you like to go to something like "Frightfest" or one of those flashlight only, walk-through, jump-scare tours in old buildings?

I'm not much for these since many are lame, but I've been to the Philadelphia Prison during the day and it was creepy. Too bad this tour is expensive for several people to do together.

I've done my share of most of these but none have become full-on every year  traditions. Maybe it's my own need to change things up every now and then? 

But here's an easy chance for you all to participate. Just tell me what you do PRIOR to Halloween to get in the mood?.....even if it's not an every-year 'tradition'.


* 'Halloween' may be a classic......but so are these:


  1. Our local police dept. sets up a haunted house that is scary and fantastic that we go to each year. We used to decorate our house but when we moved the area we moved into the houses are a distance apart and no children come around.

    1. Too bad about the current lack of visitors. Perhaps you could host a Halloween Party....even a small one....and find an excuse to decorate again?

  2. Glad to meet a fellow Jamie Lee fan. I could watch that scene in Trading Places over and over and over.

    1. Well, I don't think I'm exaggerating by saying that....well, in that scene, when Jamie was at that age.....they are simply perfect in every way. And I'm not particularly a 'breast-oriented guy'.....but facts are facts. ;-)

    2. Same here. Way more an "ass man" as they say. But, as you say, facts are facts!

  3. we get freezies on sale at the end of summer thus making more funds available for pumpkins. added bonus kiddos still have candy tomorrow as they must freeze it tonight

    no real movie or event out...enjoy the non xmas movies as they are coming all to soon