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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!

It's drizzling here in NJ right now but it's supposed to stop and hopefully allow for the Trick-or-Treaters to come out around dinnertime.  We'll see. In the meantime, I thought I would post a sort of "Halloween Collage" of art and photo images, personal and public, past and present, as a multi-media salute to my favorite day focusing on some of my favorite things! Enjoy!

Let's start with something new and creepy: 

Another piece I really like.....

.....and one referred to me by Dan.

And this one by Laurie Lipton is creepy yet has a slight DD flavor to it.

And now, to change things up, let's pay a visit to my favorite fictional family:

The BDSM innuendos in The Addams Family movies aren't even subtle.

And while this is cute, I can't help but wonder what Wednesday would ever be spanked for?

But if Wednesday can end up spanked, it could happen to anyone!

Obviously this Gypsy-girl didn't see THIS happening in her crystal ball!

Dark forces are always out to get ya......even in your dreams:

Or in our..................

.......kitchens?????? Wow imagine popping in here for a cold one during a Halloween Party and coming upon THIS scene? A willing 'spankee' is never safe!

Heck....we are not even safe in our own beds!!!!

Two years ago, I was spanked by this surprise visitor, and last year, Nickki came by on the morning of our Halloween party and spanked me in front of Rosa. I wonder if this year holds any surprises?

But there is more to life.....even kinky life....than just spanking. For example, we all have to eat:

You could start off with a little appetizer.....

.....before going for the main course.

Nor does 'being eaten' have to be unpleasant...'s a trick WITH a treat for everyone involved.....even if the target changes!

Afterwards just sidle up to the bar for a nice after dinner drink.

Or you could go Trick-or-Treating? It doesn't have to be just for kids:

Just don't overindulge on too much candy, or you might end up having to visit Nurse Klismania, like these poor kids of Sunnydale:

For a re-visit of my fictional resin figure town click here: Sunnydale

But  on Halloween even the dark clouds have deliciously dark linings, so once you're all cleaned out and feeling better, maybe your partner might take advantage of that opportunity for some costumed role play?

And what would Halloween be without PUMPKINS?

First you got to get one.....

....then carve it up. (But be careful with that knife!)

Once finished, you can proudly show off your work....among other things.

Though not everyone always ends up happy with the outcome. You have to love the wit of the carved expression on that lovely body!

And be safe! It's 2019 for goodness sake! Use battery-powered  lights in your Jack-O-Lanterns
....and save the candles for OTHER things!

And now that I have hopefully gotten you in the mood, slip into your costume........

.......or what there is of it........

And get your ass out there!

Don't be a baby about it! True some costumes are a bit uncomfortable, but it's Halloween!

And if you play your Tarot Cards right, that costume will be coming off before you know it!


  1. That first one really is extremely creepy.

    Have fun at your party!

    1. Yes it is.....and thank you. I hope it works out with Rosa. She is trying but struggling.

  2. Replies

  3. Happy belated Halloween. Loved the pictures!

    1. Thanks, ZM. Nice to see you here. Sincerely. Please don't be shy about scrolling back through past posts. I hope you become a regular visitor and participant!

  4. Crimson Kid (C.K.)November 1, 2019 at 6:59 PM

    I really enjoyed the "Jill Pumpkinhead" nude photo ("Jack Pumpkinhead" was an Oz character) of that beautiful woman, and of course the witch-to-witch, bare-bottom caning scenario in the kitchen at a party.

    The guy with his head reversed, wasn't that something which occurred in some part of Hell ("Inferno") in Dante's *The Divine Comedy*...?? --C.K.

    1. Hi, CK. Glad you enjoyed this post!

      As to the reverse head? First I definitely think that's a gal and not a guy, and second, while I do pride myself on my literary memory and have read The Inferno, it was so long ago that I blush to admit I don't recall a reversed head....but in the illustration the head is not reversed, it's a double head (Janus-like) and as such reminds me more of Edward Mordrake than anything from Dante.

      Need I add......such a pleasure to have you around? (And I have a double post in the works for hopefully next week where one of your stories will be prominently referenced!)

    2. Crimson Kid (C.K.)November 2, 2019 at 1:46 PM

      Okay, now that I've looked carefully, I can see the other (real) face in the mirror, it's not clear whether it's male or female, however, the body does appear feminine at second glance, especially that fully-rounded derriere.

      It's also been quite a while since I was exposed to *The Divine Comedy,* the reversed-head souls in some part of "Inferno" are merely a vague memory.

      I'm happy to have any of my stories referred to here, of course.

      I've never been to a Halloween party with anywhere near the womanly nudity shown in these photos, although I have experienced viewing semi-nude young ladies at Mardi Gras celebrations... --C.K.

    3. Well, you never know, CK.....there's always next year!

      But as far out as our clan can be, no one goes for the risque outfits in our circle either. We like creepy or clever for Halloween. There's plenty of time for more adult adventures the rest of the year. ;-)

  5. I'm into anything, this Halloween my wife found a costume that was for adults, it was a little boy outfit of long ago, The shorts, long socks, she called it her naughty boy look. She wore a very stern looking outfit, prim and proper. We both went to the door, got alot of comments, interesting to say the least. Beside the candy dish she place the hairbrush. Nothing really said but since the mothers were with the kids, they noticed and would smile. I would not do this any other time, but thought it was fun. I did feel foolish but I then just got found it fun, different. Jack

    1. As Merry likes to tease: "pictures.....or it didn't happen" ;-)