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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Maid up

Maid with a rug beater:

Rug with a maid beater:

The first image of the Victorian maid holding a rug beater is one of the framed images currently strewn about the Halloween table set-up in our living room. Given our inclinations both as lifestyle people and as fans of the creepy, it is a perfect little adornment: vintage, Victorian, subtle, yet obvious. ( We also replace all of our year 'round family photos with a combination of ghoulish imagery and actual Victorian photographs......some quirky, others of past people with quirks.)

There is something about that period, even when not overtly disturbing that lends itself to our Halloween aesthetic. But in looking around for images to use, I came across quite a few "Victorian Maid" photos, and consequently, "maid photos in general" ( Victorian and the iconic 'French Maid'........which was probably the first 'Naughty Halloween Costume' for coquettish Trick or Treaters.) And I became intrigued by a prevalent dichotomy: maids being spanked versus maids doing the spanking. 

So, while it's not really a creepy topic, it does keep a dainty toe in the spirit of the month, so here are some great images, photographic and drawn, that illustrate the versatility of the role of the maid. Keep in mind, these are just a few examples, there are tons of "maid" images out there:

Maid as victim......

Maid as disciplinarian.



A pattern? 

How about some color this time?

Or a nice vintage photograph instead?

......or a modern version?

Here is an example of maid as victim AND as disciplinarian!

Guys also get in on the fun........

....from both ends!

And let's just end with some lame humor.

So, if you haven't yet decided on a costume for this year, why not team up with your SO and put your own twist on 'the role of the maid'? As you can see, the possibilities are quite varied!


  1. these pictures can give one some great ideas. I like the lady of the house spanking the maid as she gives her instructions on how she is suppose to spank her husband when she is away.

    1. Which one is that? The only one I think you might be referring to is the one with the red rug. However, that seems to be clearly telling a very different story.

    2. Like that the husband's right arm is in a sling, so the wife has to whip the maids on their bare bottoms for inadequate job performances, since he can't? (I actually prefer the other interpretation much better, however the drawing doesn't really suggest it.)

      The 'flashback' beginning of "Exit to Eden," in which the preteen boy provokes the family's pretty French maid into spanking him over his underpants, hence indicating his early spanko-submissive tendencies, I'm figuring that appeals to a widespread boyish desire to be spanked by an attractive maid... --C.K.

    3. CK: Let's face it, to a spanko ANY scenario can be turned into a spanking fantasy.....just look at the endless stuff at the LSF!

  2. Given their well-known spanking proclivities, I'm not sure the Brits care whether the maid is giving or receiving, as long as someone is getting spanked!

    I do love Halloween, but my track record of being around for it is really miserable. For whatever reason, I've always been really busy that time of year, so even when I was there for the day itself, I wasn't able to go all out decorating the house, throwing parties, etc. It really does make me feel a little deprived, because it really is my second favorite holiday, right behind Christmas.

    1. BTW, regarding costumes, I think the funniest yet most politically incorrect one I've ever seen (funny how those go together so well) was during the height of the clergy sex abuse scandals. Someone I knew from work went to a very adult Halloween party dressed in a priest cassock, from which a small set of legs came out of from the bottom. In other words, a boy on his knees giving the priest a BJ under the cassock. Absolutely, totally inappropriate, yet it still makes me giggle every time I think about it.

    2. That costume seems too steeped in realism to be reproachable.

      If you like Halloween that much, you should plan your business dealings ahead of time and allow yourself to have some fun. It's really all about choices.

    3. Unfortunately, in my business world a lot of my schedule is simply imposed by outside. I had a colleague comment once before a major meeting what an odd thing it was to be going into something where we would be told how we were going to spend the next year to two years of our lives. Now, I do obviously have a "choice" in staying with that kind of job, though every job in my part of the profession is subject to that same dynamic. So, switching the job in a way that gives me more control of my calendar would really require a total career change, which at 25+ years into it is not an easy thing to pull off.

    4. You sound stuck, my friend. I guess you just need to ride it out until you retire. But then? You can have magnificent Halloweens!

    5. "Stuck" is a good word for how I've felt over the last year or two, on multiple levels. Though, I guess "stuck" is better than "worse"

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      It's pathetic that Blogger can't stop fuckheads like you from annoying the rest of us. Though personally, with Halloween nearly upon us, I'd prefer to have you impaled and then slowly flayed while being sprinkled with rock salt.

      I hope you get a potion from Dr. Amiso that causes you to slowly and painfully rot away.

  4. so many comments....separate or hope i dont goes

    you had me at maids....tee hee

    ouch the one being punished with the saucepan

    my first out in public costume was halloween snow white (hence the name)

    spammers. this one was idiotic enough to leave an email. Dan surely you can suggest some way to flood that box?

    ahh the good old days when spam came via fax and your machine printed the source number. you could take a longish piece of paper write dont spam me on it and fax it back...trick being as it came out the bottom tape the bottom to the top so it loops back around and around and around....they learm quickly

    and dan stuck is better than nothing hopefully you at least like the career so being stuck is not as bad as it may seem

    1. Thanks for all that input, sissy! (I loved the "you had me at maids" line!)

      Snow White huh? Why do get the feeling you'd like nothing better than to be tormented by an evil queen? ;-)

      I'm not going to try to figure out some electronic revenge, I suck at stuff like that and it would probably end up backfiring.

  5. The second to last one could be Valentines Day also, see the red heart

    1. That guy's a little old to play "Cupid" though. ;-)