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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

I started cooking today to get a jump on tomorrow, but I had a few moments so I thought I'd extend my best wishes to you all for a great Thanksgiving! Politics has infiltrated my mood despite near hourly efforts to put my mind elsewhere. Sadly though I'm feeling more belligerent than usual......politically speaking.  Anyway, try to find your haven in all this craziness.

I'm also including a few better-than-usual Thanksgiving cartoons:

And my favorite:

So make the most of the day.......because according to someone, there are people out there looking to take Thanksgiving away from us. I think this accusation is being targeted at liberals, but it has been MY experience that if anyone has succeeded in destroying Thanksgiving, it's not liberals but the retailers!

Monday, November 25, 2019

What do we have?

"A republic........

.........if you can keep it."----Benjamin Franklin

There are lots of ways to lose one's government. It can be overrun by invaders. It can succumb to natural disaster. It can even be strangled from within. But to me, the saddest way must be to carelessly abandon it, to deprive it of its needed participation and protection out of laziness, complacent self-interest, and intellectual boredom. I've said before that we get the government we deserve. It's too bad so many died to preserve something so many now don't even seem to care about.

Thanksgiving is in a few days and there is still plenty to be thankful for. But maybe, along with gratitude for what was and still is, we should ask ourselves if we DESERVE what we still tenuously have? And if the answer is that we have no interest in the workings of our government beyond what it can do for us personally, maybe we don't.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Historical food

After Halloween I switched my laptop's background wallpaper from the Edward Gorey piece to the following photo I found online of the Ford Mansion's kitchen:

The Ford Mansion's kitchen.

I have visited the Ford Mansion several times and have always enjoyed each trip, learning something new every time. And I love old, colonial kitchens with those large, working cooking fireplaces with ovens and all sorts of pots and gadgets. The Ford Mansion is colloquially known here in NJ as "Washington's Headquarters" (link for more information) and it was here that I purchased my copy of The Thirteen Colonies Cookbook. 

When I plan my menu for our two separate Thanksgiving dinners, I use this book along with a couple of others, as my historical guide into recipes that may not always date as far back as the first Thanksgiving.....(though some do), but at least lend a special Colonial flavor to this very American holiday. 

In the past I have had Thanksgiving dinners in many homes of various ethnicities, and marveled (usually disappointedly) at the lack of culinary imagination often displayed. An example to help illustrate my point was when I used to go to one family's home many years ago who were Italian. Thanksgiving dinner there was essentially a typical Italian Sunday dinner.......along with a turkey that didn't even make its appearance until like the third course. Rosa has told me that Hispanic families are very similar, and celebrate with rice and beans, often with NO turkey at all.....again no different from any other dinner.

My point is this: You have 364 days to eat your usual fare, why not make Thanksgiving uniquely American? Would you eat pasta and meatballs on St. Patrick's Day too?

Anyway, my focus has been on entertaining lately. And I am a bit baffled by my inexplicable lack of libido. Things are fine between Rosa and me. Finances are not any worse than usual and are at the very least stable. I am not depressed. I am not sick. But I just don't feel particularly sexy. I am hoping that something will trigger a change. (it's happened before as readers here may recall.) 

I also wonder if age is playing a stronger role? Not long after Thanksgiving I will hit 60. The thing is I don't dread it. And I don't feel OLD. I mean I do have increasing aches and pains. My arthritis is more noticeable. My back....well, my back hasn't been good in years. But despite all that, I don't feel decrepit or ugly......just sexually neutral.

I wonder...................what if I make a historical oyster stuffing?????? ;-)

Thursday, November 14, 2019

The 2019 'Spooners'

Last year, I started the “Wooden Spoon Awards” as an alternative to Love Our Lurkers Day(s). While I appreciate the sentiment behind LOL-Day, I have a different take on non-participation, to the degree that many of you know I tried VERY HARD to go private with this blog, only to have my sincere efforts thwarted by Blogger glitches that didn’t allow several key participants, who were invited in, to accept the invitation. So lurkers reading this are doing so only by the grace of Blogger’s technical incompetence. 

Lurkers remind me of little kids who go to someone’s house for dinner, eat, play, and have fun, but  who need their parents to remind them to acknowledge the hosts of whatever home they are in. “Say ‘hello/goodbye/thank you’ to the nice people, Junior.”.

My belief is that ‘lurkers’ have all year to participate, and do so in correspondence to the posts actually meant to prompt a reaction. It doesn’t have to be praise or agreement…..just pertinent and relatively civil commentary. Colorful is fine. OFF-colorful is fine too. Witty is even better. There are plenty of topics posted here on Collected Submissions….from many arenas and perspectives, and to not have ANY of it be enough for a reaction…..and yet still be enough to warrant more visiting, bewilders me.

But rather than dwell on those who need a special day to be cajoled to do what others do pretty consistently, let’s now focus on those gracious folks and reward them personally for their loyalty, participation, thoughts, wishes, thanks, wit, humor, and to be very blunt: FRIENDSHIP!  Many a time, I have considered just shutting it all down, and I know others have done it and others are considering it. Sometimes just  the right comment at the right time can change that whole mood. So to say, 'it's just a comment. How important is it?' doesn't fit with how I view them. So without further ado, I present the winners of the 2019 WOODEN SPOON AWARD:

Merry, Dan, Mr. Bill, archedone, Joe, Sissy Snow, QBuzz, Glen(more), ZM, Crimson Kid, Tomy, Domnhall II,  Downunder Don, Lurker48, Lea, Fondles, Hermione, Julie, smuccatelli, Hortic, Franco, Observer, justaguy, Cagedlion, lawyer, Jhackov, Red, bobmski, ….of course, my spank-buddy Nickki, and my very special Monster, Ana……..    and yes, even Jack, (who should maybe get a special mention for also having the most posts deleted LOL)

(I tried to be very thorough in compiling this list but I apologize if I left anyone out who has posted more than just once. If I did, send me a note and I'll add you right away.)

My sincerest congratulations to everyone mentioned on winning a “Spooner”! And thank you all so much for participating and making Collected Submissions more than just a blog, but a place friends can go without judgement to have a kinky…..or even a regular…..conversation.

And now you may all celebrate and put those wooden spoons to good use!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Today and tomorrow

Today is:

But tomorrow..........while others might be 'loving their lurkers', we will be celebrating our participants with................

The 2nd Annual

So stay tuned and ......if you've participated to any recognizable degree, get your acceptance speech ready.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Personal shift

If you look at the header introducing this blog, you'll see that my self-description says "lifestyle practitioner of BDSM" even though a lot of the more personal posts here have usually described the "DD" aspect of it much more frequently.

However, for a while now, I have found myself feeling less and less connected with fellow DD-ers, and too often their anecdotes and views on DD have brought out feelings of bewildered irritation in me rather than a sense of connection. Sometimes this has resulted in me not participating to the degree I used to, and sometimes even prompted me to write rebuttals from a more cynical perspective. The truly odd part of that was that I wasn't even aware of why I was feeling so irritated at the time. Now I think I do.

After a lot of self-analysis, I now understand what has happened: my interest in DD has simply waned in light of other needs. When Rosa and I were a younger, fresh couple, we spent a lot of time fooling around and experimenting, with DD being a big part of an even bigger chunk of interaction, but now, ten years or so later, with me on the cusp of turning 60, we have settled into a pattern of less frequent interaction as most couples do. And I think that when the time and mood is right for us, I find myself reluctant to spend it as a punished miscreant. Instead, given everything I do and all the effort I make on a daily basis, I want to feel appreciated and treated, treated to "play", fun, love, and even praise. And while I still think chastity is the best policy for me, and remain committed to the 'rules', I find that a nice sanctioned 'o' every now and then is something I look forward to more than being held "accountable" for behavior.  In other words, my need for 'reward' and 'fun' has overtaken my past need for 'correction'. 

Smiles instead of frowns.....but a bottom just as red!

The surprising thing about this though, is that I'm not looking for any big changes. I'm not going to negotiate an end to our DD arrangement. I will still adhere to our "House Rules" and still willingly accept punishment for the more obvious and flagrant violations (though this is so infrequent I doubt there will be many occurrences and my guess is that the ones that DO occur will be 'lighter' in seriousness.....more like 'excuses to punish' linked to actual misdeeds, but minor ones) . So, given this long preamble, you might be wondering: "well what IS changing?" And the answer is, "not much." It's more of a shift of emphasis than a change in overall lifestyle. 

I see my ideal type of interaction with Rosa being more BDSM-ish: Pampering with some twist, teasing and foot worship, spankings for display of dominance rather than for behavior, experimentation with other ways to inflict sexy pain, and O's for both of us. (OK maybe more for her than me, but that's just part of the 'game') LOL

Posts here will continue to look not that much different than they ever have with a blend of topics and anecdotal revelations of personal adventures of various types. I'm still the kinky me I have always been. What will change  will be my involvement elsewhere online.  I am probably going to have to scale back my DD interactions since I will be more like a BDSM outsider than a DD INsider. This will also prevent exchanges "going South" due to my inability to relate to what is being discussed. So no one should take this the wrong way. And because I have come to feel connected with many folks out there, I do want to maintain those relationships to the degree I can.....I'm just going to have to figure out what that level is.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Succulents don't suck

Celebrate succulents in any way you feel is appropriate!

For the last two days (when I haven't been debating the virtues of Determinism ) I have been bringing in our collection of succulents from out in Rosa's "Peruvian Garden" in anticipation of some below freezing temperatures predicted for this evening.  It's an annual procedure that requires some re-potting, general maintenance, and a lot of carrying of pots from outside to in.

But it's done and here are a couple of shots of just two of several locations where our plants will spend the winter:

Rosa and I are both plant-lovers and one of the very first things we learned we had in common was an affinity for succulents. The thing is over the years we've learned (sometimes we think, too well) which varieties are incompatible with the rigors of being moved inside and out in NJ. and which thrive. Frankly, there are some beautiful specimens that are just doomed to do well outside but die over the winter indoors. We do try to accommodate our plants' needs but realistically we are just a regular residential home and not a greenhouse, so there are limits to what we might be able to do if we WERE a greenhouse.Consequently, we love those that thrive, do our best with those that can manage to 'hang on' for the indoor months, and avoid the ones that have repeatedly demonstrated their unwillingness to survive. (life's too short to stress over a plant that can easily be replaced with something just as enjoyable and far more adaptable.) 

But, for the varieties that don't attract insects and fungus when inside, succulents are also experts at reproduction. And over time, with a little care, one specimen can soon be several......and interior space is finite. So my job at this time of year is to make decisions over who goes where, who gets separated, who gets combined, who is up for grabs, and who is destined for the trash.

Without boring you all with too much taxonomy, the world of succulents is complex (link) and simply put: not everything with a needle is a "cactus". But there's so much more. (One common group of succulents you'll find at stores and consequently in homes are Euphorbias [one of my personal favorites]. Many 'look' like a 'cactus' with thick stems adorned with needly spikes, but if you nick one or break off a piece, it will drip a milky white liquid. Cacti 'bleed' clear fluids. So the next time you want to show off you can use this tidbit of botanical exactitude. LOL)

But today's post is not going to end with a botany lesson. As I sometimes do, I like to link a non-kinky subject with some adult take on it. Often I am surprised by how little I can find in an image search for some of my topics, and today when I ventured to search out some cactus-related imagery, I was shocked in the opposite direction! What I thought would be like finding a cactus needle in a haystack instead produced a plethora of cactus imagery from the lame, to the relatively tame.......all the way to some wild ass shit!

So without further fanfare, here is a little trip around the sexy, playful, and sometimes wincingly bizarre world of people and cacti:

There's always been some naughty amusement in the notion of a person sitting on a cactus. Here's Hilda about to receive the attention of one plant while paying too much attention to another.

In this vintage postcard we see another take on this theme.....only I believe while Hilda might be due for a startling prick, this young lady has encountered her fate much more forcefully.

And here's a version where the meeting of bottom and spines is not at all accidental. 

So prevalent is the notion of  "sitting on a cactus" that is has made its way into captioned clothing! And this is just one cute example. 
Search "Go sit on a cactus" and you'll find an amazing array of apparel.

You'll also find a bounty of these posed vacation shots with coy cuties  playing along with this seeming fascination with stuck bottoms. This is merely one of them.

But what about when getting stuck is neither pretend, NOR accidental? Surely no one would purposely sit on a cactus, right? WRONG!

It's hard to believe she's still smiling.

And sometimes "sitting" involves more than just butt-cheeks. This can't be fun, can it? This must be just one model who got paid plenty. Surely no one else would do anything like this. Again, wrong.....



And it's not just a thing for the ladies. There's a bunch of imagery where guys are getting their privates punctured.....though THIS ONE seemed the most ingenious to me.

So admittedly, my brief foray into the online world of cactus imagery provided enough surprises to keep me smiling, thinking, and even grimacing for quite a while.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Duck philosophy

The problem with probalism (not to be confused with the Trouble with Tribbles):


....if this poor bastard starts to waddle and 'quack',
 he could end up as a probalistic person's dinner!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

"Free Will"-ly

Yesterday Rosa asked me to accompany her to our dentist (who coincidentally was a good friend of mine back in college and has even been mentoring our beloved Monster, Ana) and I was relieved to find a singular issue of National Geographic among the usually lame fare of People or Golf Digest. In it was a short article on more discoveries about how a variety of our apparent 'personal' choices are actually made. Since it's a quick read I am linking it here: (article). For the sake of this post you might want to read it before continuing.

Granted, it's not extensive, but I'm sure this topic.....especially if you go into the different reasons behind different types of preferences, would fill pages, perhaps volumes. Even those nagging questions of why we are the way we are with regard to kink might be rendered less "sexual oulaw-ish" and more biologically driven than the more bold of us would like to admit.

The truly adventurous among us, no doubt take a certain pride in being "out there" by sheer will and choice. But what if timidity and boldness were just points on a spinning wheel of genetic chance? 

But for me the most interesting section was on how the amygdala might well determine political allegiances. In an age where members of each diametrically opposed "tribe" seem utterly incapable of understanding the other side's point of view, and equally ineffective in changing it, it sounds both reassuring and defeatist to think that there may well be an inescapable imperative involved tied directly to our accidental differences in anatomy. When one considers the long anthropological history behind 'tribalism' and its younger, cultured cousin, 'nationalism', it begins to make depressing sense.

What if, at the end of the day, as bad as we all seem to think "tribalism" is, we learn that it is as inescapable as our imperative to live, eat, or reproduce? Even to deciding which tribe to join? What if we learn that our choices, even the ones that seem so rooted in experience and individuality are all "determined" by factors similar or identical to the ones discussed in the article? What if our "individuality" is accurate only in the mathematical permutations of genetics and environment? 

I have been a 'determinist' most of my later adult life, so much of this is not a surprise. But in a political climate that has frustrated me so much with seemingly irreconcilable polarities, I feel somehow less inclined now to argue political points. It had seemed futile for a while.....but now I am faced with evidence that it is not merely emotionally pointless, but biologically impossible. And while aspects of this feel discouraging, there is a peace in it as coming to grips with mortality (although THAT'S one I'm STILL working on.)

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Spank? A Spank Spankody

Spanks spank spank?

Spank spank, spank Spanksgiving spank. Spanking spank spank spank-spank. Spank! Spank spank spank spank. Spankety spankety spankety spank spank.Spank spank spank spank spank. Spanking spank, spank and spanking spank.

Spank-texting spank spanking.

Spank spank spank spank spank. But spank, butt spank and spank spank. Spank…………...spankety spank-spank. Spank spank spank spank spank. Spanked and spanked and spanked and spanked. 

Spanking spankdom.

So.......spank spank spank spank spank. Spank spank spank spanking and spanking spank spank.Spank spank spank spank spank.Spank spank spank and spankety spank spank spank.

"Oh for spankings spank, spank spankedy!"

Spankage spanking.

Spank spank implement spank spank spank.Spank spank spank spank spank. Spank spank spank spank spank.Spank spank spank spank spank. Rene Descartes, spank, "spank therefore I am, spank-spank." Spank spank spank spank spank.Spank spank spank spank spank.


Spanking spanks:

Monday, November 4, 2019

Party review

So I must say I am extremely proud of my Honey, Rosa! Despite having a very difficult time with pre-party anxiety, and despite my genuine concerns that  she was going to have a meltdown on that day, instead she pushed herself (sans medication) to not only stay calm but be a major help to me throughout the day and evening! I love my brave, Honey! 

That's us!

The part itself went pretty well. Though small, it allowed for better interactions among those in our circle. My son sort of 'ran' a running "beer pong" game without the formality of drinking being a necessity. It was handled more like a game of skill than something the under-aged could not participate in and something the adults would end up getting drunk doing.
My Daughter and Son-in-Law as plague doctors.

The food was all good.....with quite an array of different flavors of deviled eggs. I made my chili too and that is always a hit. So? overall a good time was had by all.....and now it's time to take everything down and put it all away.

Part of our living room before it got dark and the party started.