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Monday, November 4, 2019

Party review

So I must say I am extremely proud of my Honey, Rosa! Despite having a very difficult time with pre-party anxiety, and despite my genuine concerns that  she was going to have a meltdown on that day, instead she pushed herself (sans medication) to not only stay calm but be a major help to me throughout the day and evening! I love my brave, Honey! 

That's us!

The part itself went pretty well. Though small, it allowed for better interactions among those in our circle. My son sort of 'ran' a running "beer pong" game without the formality of drinking being a necessity. It was handled more like a game of skill than something the under-aged could not participate in and something the adults would end up getting drunk doing.
My Daughter and Son-in-Law as plague doctors.

The food was all good.....with quite an array of different flavors of deviled eggs. I made my chili too and that is always a hit. So? overall a good time was had by all.....and now it's time to take everything down and put it all away.

Part of our living room before it got dark and the party started.