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Friday, December 13, 2019

Cocktail Party

Well, it looks like we have a few willing contributors to what Merry suggested we call "The Holiday Cocktail Party" (and I am certainly not going to contradict Merry LOL).  But today I'm going to try to encourage even more people to join in with a short, tongue-in-cheek discussion of 'mixology'. And for fun, and in keeping with my belief that despite our age or body type, it is in our best interest for us all to have a sort of 'body positive' image. So, in a kind of humorous response to Tomy's comment about how we could all lament over not resembling the models I used, I will be inserting some personal shots along with the glamour-girls and boys. (Feel free to tease. Believe me I know I'm not the 'me' of 40 years ago, but fuck it! ;-) LOL!)

First and foremost, keep in mind that while the very American origins of what we now refer to today as a "cocktail" had a kind of formula to them (essentially an herbal liquor-based medicinal tonic, fortified with a base liquor, then sweetened with sugar or syrup, and accented with bitters or citrus) today a cocktail can be almost any concoction a person can creatively dream up.......and still have some appeal while consumed. So no one should be shy about experimenting.

Second, while I have the utmost respect for those who choose NOT to consume alcohol, I do feel those of us in the "kinky community" should be particularly invested in the notion of some form of "cocktail".......even 'nada' drinks.......since the word itself derives from something many of us appreciate: FIGGING!

That's right! While it can't be verified 100%, the most agreed-upon origin of the term "cocktail" is that it referred to the 19th century practice of using ginger root to perk up  (cock) a horse's tail.  When 'alcohol-based' medicinal tonics started to become more and more popular in the 1800s, people would use them, often in conjunction with another liquor, as a morning "wake up" restorative. A human "cocked tail" eye-opener. And these 'eye-openers' were in fact the precursor of the cocktail. And speaking of 'eye-openers'.....

Hmmm, forget the glass, honey! Body-shots anyone????

Third, cocktails are perfect holiday drinks. They're fancy, classy, and special. They can be strong, weak, sweet, bitter,  or as noted earlier, even non-alcoholic. The key is flavor, presentation, and fun. But it is the hallmark of a good host/hostess to cater to their guests' preferences. Many recipes can be modified to someone's taste and still be wonderful. 

Especially in our community, it behooves us to follow a guest's preference......even if we don't agree with it. 
KD: "Owwwww! My guest said 'shaken not stirred' because they were a big  James Bond fan, but because I knew shaking gin 'bruises' it, I stirred against their wishes.....and now I'm BRUISED instead of the gin!" 

Fourth, while there are thousands of cocktail recipes, no one has to feel that a drink needs to follow someone else's formula to be legitimate. You can do whatever you like. A cocktail can be deeply personal focusing on flavors that make have it appealing to even just one devoted fan. So again, don't be shy about adding your own personal touch. 

Hey, I know I said to add a personal touch but that's just not fair! I mean, where are folks going to be able to find that ingredient? Please keep your recipes limited to things people can find on a shelf!

You now have enough incentive and information to join in. So get busy mixing! 

Just as clarification, if you have your own blog, your recipes can be displayed there on Tuesday and all other participants will try to link each other. However, if you'd rather just submit a recipe or two, I will post them here and credit you accordingly. I'd love to get a few more people to join in!


  1. What is it about naked women in a non-naked environment. So, so sexy!

  2. Naked bartenders very intoxicating.

    1. Why thank you, Joe. >hand-on-a-hip wink-wink<

      Just kidding. I know you meant the ladies! LOL

  3. In keeping with the theme, I will have Shilo take a picture of me wearing only my apron and post it with my recipes.

    1. Nice! Not to give it away but I posted these as a teaser. I plan to go a little step further on Tuesday. >evil grin<