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Friday, December 20, 2019

Ladies in Hats

......and little else.

Have you ever had a campfire, fire pit fire, or fireplace fire that died down to a small patch of glowing embers? It's an end or a beginning depending on what happens next. Let it go and it'll eventually die out, but add some fresh kindling, a few sticks, and fan it a bit and you can usually get it burning again. That's about where my "Christmas Spirit" is right about now.

We watched  "A Muppet Christmas Carol" and "It' a Wonderful Life" so far.....and they helped nudge me towards a holiday mood. And Ana is home and we've been spending a lot of quality time together. Rosa too is in a better mindset, and that spills over to me as well.

So with a glowing coal of spirit nestled in my bosom, today I'm going to explore a titillating but very narrow range of photos: unclad ladies in Santa hats. Specifically I am going to focus primarily (but not exclusively) on ostensibly "amateur" shots and selfies of a range of ladies of various shapes and ages. So, sit back and enjoy......and maybe the spirit will move us all?

Undeniably cute.

Nice 'come hither' smile.

A more mature "Santa's Helper".

A smile that's a little naughtier than nice.

Christmas with tan lines........Strike a pose!

"If you think you're cold now, you hit me with that snowball and you're going to wind up with an icicle up your ass."

Getting warm by the fireplace.....even without a fire.

Chill-induced perkiness.

So the question those bows mean that she is wrapped or unwrapped?

Spare room and bare roommate.

A selfie as a potential gift to someone.

Very pretty amateur here.

Clearly a selfie that's a bit dark, but clearly pretty .....clear.

These last two are quite likely not amateurs but professional models, but each has something that convinced me to include them anyway.

The contrarian in me just loves everything about this shot. I love the way this lovely lady clearly proves that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. And the AK47? Well, maybe that's what she asked Santa for?

Another posed model, but......well, if anyone wants to protest my inclusion of this pro shot, I invite them to make their case.


  1. purely from a disciple perspective only the lady with gun looks like she means business in the discipline way. so she has to be my favourite. add to that im 6'7" and the love idea of a more diminutive lady taking me to task and her stock goes up even more.

    yes the other pics tick the titillate button

    1. Wow, you're even taller than me! 6'7"?! Holy cow.....I hit my head often, you must get bonked constantly.

      I also have a very small image collection of D/s situations (mostly F/f) that revolve around an obvious imbalance in size and like you, I prefer when the Top is smaller. Way too many feature the opposite: Amazons topping petites.

    2. my height makes submissive cross dressing interesting. a mini skirt is considerably mini on me

  2. Man, you are on such a roll right now in choosing pictures that thoroughly get me going.

    Anyone who can watch A Wonderful Life and not get at least a smidgen of Christmas cheer must truly be a scrooge.

    1. Maybe it's not my serendipitous choices but your overall horndog mood? LOLOL

      A smidgen of cheer, yes..... but "not a smidgen of temperature!"

    2. Quick. Very quick.

      I honestly don't think it's just my general horniness. You and I seem to share a taste for (a) flashing; and (b) naked in regular places.

    3. >>>>>>You and I seem to share a taste for (a) flashing; and (b) naked in regular places.<<<<<<

      I'll concede that readily......but never underestimate the power of general horniness. LOL

  3. Sorry this is late, I had to go out of town. Give this a try:

    Bloody Mary Burning in Hell
    This may be served hot or cold. Served hot, this will really warm you. Place in a warm mug or glass with ice:
    2 oz Vodka
    Pinch of black pepper
    Pinch of salt
    Pinch of celery seed or salt
    ½ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
    ½ oz Tabasco sauce or to taste.
    Fill glass or mug with Smoked Tomato Soup* at preferred temperature.
    Garnish with lime slice

    *Smoked Tomato Soup
    12 oz tomato sauce
    8 oz smoked chicken stock or regular chicken stock.
    1 teaspoon lime juice

    1. Observer, as a devote aficionado of good Bloody Marys, and someone who has "perfected" a version of their ow that has a respected reputation among my circle, yours sounds like an option worth investigating. Thanks for the contribution.

      Mine is similar (as most are) with a few subtleties of my own .

      I will add your recipe in the main post's body.

    2. Thanks. I don't know my "Name" was left off the comment.

  4. That is some mighty fine Christmas cheer. Love all your choices.

  5. I agree on the Christmas spirit, just spent the whole weekend working on bathroom plumbing repair. So much for holiday prep.
    This bevy of beauties with spirited hats does help my attitude.
    Thanks for providing the treats.

    1. Oddly enough I have often had the coincidence of plumbing issues just prior to holidays as well. (So far I've been lucky this year)

      I'm glad the hatted ladies helped you recover.