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Monday, December 16, 2019


Dual presentation: the bartender is serving up a libation, and she is serving up a view!

I've written about this before, but with the "Holiday Cocktail Party" scheduled for tomorrow, it's worth discussing again. Tomorrow readers here and elsewhere will be armed with a nice array of holiday-appropriate cocktail recipes......but what then? Do you just take those ingredients and toss them into a mason jar or red plastic cup like a redneck, or do you coddle those precious concoctions in a vessel suited to enhance the experience even further? 

When it comes to glassware for drinks, I am admittedly a bit on the extreme end, having a dinnerware sideboard & hutch jammed with glasses of every shape and color......and many of them were not expensive as a good deal came from second-hand stores. And while new glassware comes in sets, with cocktails it's not always necessary to have everything match.....unless of course everyone is drinking the same drink. So, if you can find a great price on a set of three, two, or even just a single but spectacular glass, why not pick it up? 

I have a one-of-a-kind artsy glass that I love to drink certain cocktails from. I can honestly say, while I love what's swirling around inside, the glass itself just makes me happy. Guests have told Rosa and me MANY times when the drinks come out in color-coordinated and fancy glasses, how special it makes them feel. 

Still, if you're not like me in that regard and are more conservative in the amount and style of your glassware collection, you can't go wrong with plain, clear long as you have the basic shapes at your disposal. Here are two very basic guides:

While there are no errors here, I could make a case for some variation within this collection but they are based on my own personal tastes and drinking experiences.

To be fair, I fully believe a beginner need not own every style represented, and if a novice wanted to start out with just a couple, I think they'd get a lot of mileage out of just a set of martini glasses.....which can work just as well for a basic cocktail as the ones shown, and a set of tumblers (what the top chart lists as "Rocks/whiskey"). But if you are a fan of small after-dinner cordials, you will need a set of those too.

And once you have your special cocktail all poured into a flattering glass and lovingly garnished, you can come up with your own special way with which to serve it. Here are some very adult ideas:

If you can pull this off, go for it, but......

.......even average people in very average homes can still decide to have some fun. While certainly risque, this costume is not too far out for some circles of friends.

And given the proclivities of readers here, how can you go wrong with something like this? 

And in keeping with what I mentioned in my last post, here are a few of your over-the-hill host trying to prove you can have fun even if you aren't a model:

Straight from my antique mantelpiece-inspired stand-up bar (that I made myself). How much fun would it be for some of us guys to be in a CFNM waiter situation with the right friends!?

Oh, I think we have our Christmas card for this year! LOL (not!)

Check in tomorrow......if your vision is restored after that, LOL.........for the recipes themselves, and probably some more naughty fun!


  1. all i can say is watch out for ladies brandishing nut crackers


    1. Hell, at this point I'd welcome the attention. Bring 'em on! ;-)

  2. kd,
    you "crack" me up!
    Good to hear I am not alone in my craving any attention, however seemingly unpleasant.
    CFNM waiter sounds like fun too.

    1. Well there's a week until Christmas and two until New Year's.....maybe one or both of us will get lucky? I would love to do the CFNM thing with Rosa and Nickki & Jean. Unfortunately they have currently taken in a minor in crisis and playing with them has sort of suffered as a result.