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Friday, January 10, 2020

A naughty idea (and offer)

So in my last post I ended by saying that  my mind has already concocted a scenario that not only satisfies the dual criteria I’ve been discussing but is also somewhat grounded in the potential for realization. However, while I have yet said or done anything to bring this scenario to light, the thought has crossed my mind…..more than once. So given that I coincidentally spoke with Nickki yesterday about a lot of things, (including her own recent desire to get back on track with me and a particular punishment that is still owed)............... what I might do is post this idea and then drop a subtle hint for her to consider stopping by the  blog for a current look-around…...and leave it at that. If she does, she’ll see what I’m about to post, and if not…..well then, it’s an opportunity missed. This will be like my "dropping the letter in a mailbox" part of the equation. Once I post and text backing out, and the rest is in her court.

So, to all my readers: here’s a little scenario to enjoy.........
.......... and Nickki, if YOU are reading this consider it an offer of sorts. LOL I’ve not told Rosa anything about the blog post, so if you like the idea, it will be up to you to bring it to life. Knowing Rosa as we both do, I doubt it would be difficult, so just as we spoke about “green lights” in our conversation, consider this a flashing one! What you do about it is your decision. For all I know you may hate the idea....but the offer stands.

The More-Than-You-Bargained-For Birthday Spanking

Since I’ve just had one of those “even decade’ birthdays (60! I'm getting old....or am old, depending on one's view) and since I do have a  certain, select couple of friends who are not completely averse to whacking my butt every now and then, I feel like it would be an interesting 'dare/challenge/offer' to suggest that I would be willing to ‘put myself out there’ for a situation in which I might be subjected to a series of “birthday spanks” from Rosa, Nickki, and Jean… sequence.  

I could not find any shots that really captured the four of us but this gives an idea. You have to love that he's in an apron!

One of the things I think would be ‘fun’ would be to not merely honor the “one whack for every year….plus one for good measure” rule for each participant, BUT add the twist of permitting anyone who wants to engage in this game to NOT be limited to only one turn! Meaning each spanking from whoever wants to do one would indeed be 61 smacks, but nothing would prevent anyone from having more than one turn. In fact the number of turns they took would be totally up to them. So while the upside for me would obviously be getting birthday whacks from my dearest ladies, the 'be careful what you wish for part' would be that instead of a nice, manageable total of 183 spanks for the day, I would be subject to however many rounds and spanks the ladies want to give and my bottom could handle.....essentially the difference between ending up with a pink stingy bottom or a sore, red, and throbbing bottom.........sitting on a tingly bottom or not being able to sit at all!

I know, I know, this is a lovely young lady and not an aging old man like me.....but I loved the way her expression conveys what I'm talking about.

I could envision a situation where the first round would formally start things off but that there might be a nice snack-break in-between. Perhaps with me even serving the ladies who just spanked me with snacks and drinks of whatever nature desired. And then after a bit, another round would be announced.

 Depending on how long the night went on, I could presumably be called up for several rounds, culminating in a ‘round for the road’ before leaving. I could also imagine a round where the ladies might want to experiment a bit and perhaps do team-ups with a rotating pair until all combinations have been explored. There wouldn’t be any restrictions on inventiveness. It would be an “anything goes” situation where I would be honor-bound to submit to whatever devilish twist is desired.

The thing is, while the ‘repeated rounds’ ordeal is somewhat key to MY notion of challenge and fun, I can see how that also may also be the least likely condition to be met, since I think  the enthusiasm for repeated rounds could wane in the relaxation of us all  just hanging out. But since I could easily muster the bravado for the initial round and even look forward to it, I would only feel challenged if the rounds continued past the point that I was still eager for them. Like if I was sitting there hoping to be called again, it might be disappointing if it didn’t happen, but if after a bit I felt like “OK that’s enough for me” and I still kept getting called over….now THAT would be perfect! 

Again, perhaps not a perfect capture of the group I'm imagining, but I love how this shot shows the glee of the three ladies even as it's painfully obvious that it's no mild pat-pat this guy is receiving. Even without seeing his face, given the color he's sporting back there, I doubt he's smiling.

Out of the three imagined participants, I imagine Nickki the most likely to want to have extra turns. And under the agreement, nothing would prevent her from having more turns than someone else, should Jean or even Rosa feel satisfied and just want to kick back. There would be no requirement that the rounds be even among the ladies. Besides, just  being called for more in front of witnesses would be so deliciously submissive..........

I imagine Nickki being quite happy to show off n front of both Jean and my Rosa.

...........especially  if I was already plenty sore…..(as long as there was none of that abrading LOL) The catch of having to comply for as long as someone wanted would be such a power trip for that person and such a challenge of obedience for me, though I would be kind of stuck with no honorable way out with two other witnesses to remind me of whose idea this was in the first place.

This shot of Jean in action is great for so many reason: 1. her expression, 2. the way my feet are raised indicating how I was reacting to her swats, but mostly because...3. as stated above this shot only exists because while Jean was spanking me, a witness....Nickki.... was there to watch, coach, and take this shot!

And as with any imagined scenario, there is a situation that I keep repeating in my head and it definitely involves Nickki since she is the best at being so confidently bossy about having me comply with her orders and that would be to have her not just call me for another round but do so in her “you better be quick and get yourself in the proper position” tone of warning, “Don’t make me wait for your ass!” ( I swear, she makes me blush whenever she acts that way.) 

That look! I told Nickki on the phone the other day that she "scares me" a bit. Not in a bad way, but in the way a kid who loves his mother is still afraid of her when she tells him, particularly if she's obviously pissed, she's going to give him a good spanking. It's a fear born of respect for her determination. (Currently there is still the owed spanking for my comments at Ana's graduation a few months back. It's what she herself brought up in our talk on the phone. And as much as we consider ourselves close friends, as much as we love and respect each other, as much as we love to play and flirt, and joke, and share ideas for projects. In other words, as seemingly equal and close as we may be in so many ways, I have no doubt that when the times comes to deal with that issue, Nickki will confidently shift from 'buddy' to genuine disciplinarian and deal with me quite seriously. She's already warned me that she feels very strongly about my behavior and will not be dissuaded from giving it to me but GOOD..... and I know she's not kidding.)

And I think being bossed around like that in a ‘fun’ situation would also provide everyone with plenty of material to tease me with. “You better listen, she sounds serious.” “It sounds like you’re going to end up with a well-roasted butt tonight!” etc. 

Another apron!  (Mine is black)

But the real kicker behind this little idea is that three of my favorite, strong women would have unlimited, playful power to pretty much be as “mean’ as they wanted, and I, of course would have no choice but to make sure I obeyed each of them without hesitation and pamper the hell out of them by acting as their servant. I can’t see this as anything but a win-win all around……………..even if I’m the only one who’ll end up sore-bottomed as a result.

This was me the day both Jean and Nickki 'paid me' for one of my handyman jobs. 
(Black apron in view!)

And THAT my friends, is what has been swirling around in my devilish little brain for a while now!


  1. A very arousing idea - I hope it comes through for you! Happy Birthday!

    1. Thanks, anonymous. (We do ask that anonymous visitors attach a name of some sort, fake or whatever, when commenting just so we all know who everyone is. Thanks.)

  2. You sure know how to have fun and entertain your lady friends. Thinking of what you wrote i feel all three will enjoy spanking at least once and I'm thinking two of them will spank you 2 maybe even 3 times. Even at that your bottom will be sore. I do have one idea that will get you spanked more is they team up and two spank you at once one on each side of you as you are bent over offering your bottom to them. after they spank you one rests while the third lady joins in then once more until all three of them have doubled up spanking you.
    Once all is done you will have one sore bottom that you are going to feel for a few days. Happy Birthday.
    Ps the last picture is close to how red I was on Friday. It was spanking day and i had 5 rounds of presenting my bottom to her for all the implements. And I still feel some soreness today

    1. Well thanks, archedone. 5 rounds?! Wow! Sounds like a real adventure. And that's way more than this idea of mine. So far it is only an idea with a higher likelihood of remaining that way than coming to fruition. (My imagination always outpaces reality....but I suppose that's true for all of us.)

  3. Your topic hits home for me, I wish I could explain the desire to be spanked by a woman. To have her decide how, when, and if others will see. As I mentioned in the previous post, these times make it hard to share, you just don't know what will come of it. My apartment, I let go of these desires and it is hurting no one. Reading your blog I know there are other males with this desire. I just Thank-You for allowing myself and others to open up, this is a safe place to do. Jack

    1. No problem, Jack. As I've told you from the very beginning, just as with everyone else, follow the rules here, behave, and beyond that have fun.

      Sharing personal fantasies on one's own blog where visitors may come and read or not come and read is very different than being a visitor and sharing fantasies on other people's blogs where it may not be welcome. In fact, since having a Blogger blog is free, and given your desire to share all sots of stuff, maybe you'd find that having your own blog would give you that freedom and outlet. No one could complain about whatever you write there since it's your place and people are free to come or go as they wish. Something to consider.

  4. Okay, so when do you want me to show up?

    Yes, this is a halfhearted tease, but I'm still Mistress Merry, you know...

    I gave a playful spanking to a friend at a play party Saturday night, but oh how I wanted to paddle someone!

  5. I have had this pleasure a time or two, on both ends of this fun. I truly hope you are able to have this happen. Both fun and painful in submission. I was well past nervous the first time. As the evening progressed; deeper into the zone I got. Worth it. Best of luck.

    1. Welcome, J. Thanks for the hopeful wish. It certainly could happen with the trio I mentioned because we have played before so it's not out of the realm of possibility, but the offer would have to be seen and agreed to and so far i don't think Nickki followed through on her promise to check in.