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Monday, January 27, 2020

Hot wings and butts

It's Monday and I have some time to post an update to the events of Friday evening through the weekend. As discussed in my last post, Friday evening saw the use of our homemade securing device for the last installment of Ana's punishment slip for 2019. It was difficult and I was grateful for three things: 1: the device itself and its physical restraining of me, 2: Rosa's determination to spank hard despite the sad state of my sequentially spanked behind , and lastly, 3: a text I got from Ana beforehand that she sent as a reply to my request for a bit of a 'pep talk' I could focus on if things got too difficult to bear. This is part of what she wrote: "...think of having to do this for my feelings and how much it mean to me and how it makes everything we go through better.....". She concluded with a classic bit of Ana's style of mixing the serious aspects with the fun ones as she also observed that my punishment was also another example of the fun ways she can 'torture' me.

I actually DID focus on that text in my head at several points just to get through the spanking.....because it hurt profoundly. But then it was over leaving Rosa and me to have a very nice weekend. On Sunday we did some exploring on a hike to a new location we had never been to before and also spent some quality "personal time" together. 

But prior to that, on Saturday.....with my bottom still stinging....we had dinner and watched some TV with Marta & Wally. It was Rosa's idea to treat for pizza and hot wings and when I returned from picking up the order, Marta turned to me and said that she had discussed her contribution to my 2019 year end with Rosa. She informed me with a grin that Rosa would fill me in later at home. 

According to Rosa, Marta needed quite a bit of numerical guidance because she tends to initially go very low (like "20" low), But Rosa gave her a better idea of what Ana had just ordered and what a perfectly acceptable range could be. A range that Rosa assured Marta would be totally reasonable and neither excessive nor unappreciated by me. Rosa said that Marta, despite her past experience with us, still seemed surprised by the quantities, thinking that such 'high number' paddlings must hurt quite a bit. Rosa assured her they did, but not in any way that would be unwelcome, saying that I liked the 'attention' . As a result? Marta decreed a 500-spank punishment. So............I have another good spanking heading my way.

This morning I caught a glimpse of my butt in our bathroom mirror and was surprised at the discoloration. The redness is gone as one would expect since the last swat fell on Friday and it is now Monday......but BOY did those 1500 leave a mark!

A quick phone shot I just took two whole days after the last installment. Note the purplish patches. They also feel somewhat rough and dry to the touch. This is a butt that took a beating! LOL


  1. Now you can relax until another "slip" comes in and that may be sooner rather then later, depending on when Rosa gives out what Marta decreed. Question does Wally know Marta orders some of your punishment? Like you the redness on my bottom leaves rather quickly but the tenderness under the skin can last for days.

    1. I am not sure when the 500 are coming. That's up to Rosa who will be giving them. In answer to your question, I refer you to the May 24th, 2016 post "Recent Development". I will say he is tolerant but as someone who doesn't fully understand it, not terribly enthusiastic and as such, Marta tends to not openly flaunt the issue and we respect her wish to keep things more "between us". It's like the RenFaire. Marta loves being the "Village Disciplinarian" at the stocks and whacks a lot of butts that day. She LOVES it, and he knows that, but you can tell he's not cheering her on. You also have to realize they are both in their 70s and are at that point in life where there's a lot of grudging tolerance of lots of quirks in both directions.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, they are admittedly more muted and 'bruise-like than a freshly-spanked pink, but as this was two whole days later, I thought it indicated the level of damage done with Ana's 1500.