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Monday, January 20, 2020

Just listen

After a pretty long hiatus from DD in general, and spanking in particular, Rosa and I broke that stalemate with a two-part, get-back-to-basics spanking. The ice-breaker occurred on Saturday evening and Rosa used the time to eschew any personal laundry list of offenses she may have been thinking of in favor of a pretty simple message: "just listen to me. Do what I tell you and you'll be better off in so many ways."

I found her point to be succinct and ........logical. 

DD rules can be complicated or simplicity itself. According to Rosa our arrangement can be reduced to a simple statement: "Just do what I tell you."

The spanking itself started .....kindly. After so long without any OTK activity, my bottom was super-sensitive and I had a very hard time even with pretty reasonable smacks. After a bit, Rosa suggested a break with a second session to be delivered later, but while I appreciated the break, I suggested that the second installment need not be postponed for a lengthy break. I felt a short 'breather' might be all we both needed and she saw my point. So after a few mere minutes, she started in with part 2. It was not long before this second installment morphed into the type of serious paddling a punishment in our home usually entailed. 

This second part left me sore and swollen and feeling very contrite and open to my Honey's recommendation that I just trust on what she tells me and obey. So, we will see how things go from here.

We also discussed Ana's slip and the 1500 spanks she has sentenced me to. We discussed some options and Rosa decided she wants to do a Monday through Friday daily punishment of 300 smacks. This is to happen around dinner time, not in the later evening. However, tonight it will be a bit later since we have a guest coming for dinner. But after he leaves, I will get the first of Ana's lengthy punishment. If we keep to the schedule as Rosa has planned, I envision a very difficult time of it by the time we get to Wednesday and certainly by Thursday and Friday....which was the intent behind Ana's number.

As I stated in another post, this was the year that I had sincerely considered suspending the “year-end punishment”, and it was Ana who convinced me to stick with it, first by saying she would certainly want to contribute and second by suggesting that any perceived reluctance from Nickki and Marta was probably imaginary. Ana said that I tend to always assume the worst in ambiguous situations and she’s right. (in fact that trait is one factor she told me was included in her slip number).

But I’m stubborn and skeptical, so I was still thinking a bit negatively when Nickki called me to tell me she was pondering the owed punishment with a desire to just pop over unannounced and let me have it. It was the perfect opportunity to mention my thoughts about the year end thing and she sided with Ana that she too would like to address more than just the Graduation issue.  That left Marta. I was honestly just not going to bring it up this year, but after the reaction from my other two “committee members” I decided that I would allow chance to determine what happened with regard to her. If some opportunity presented itself, I’d mention it casually, if not, I’d let it pass.

You’d think I was making this up, but during my writing up of the January 10th post about the special birthday spanking marathon, who called me but Marta. It was about getting together but I took it as a sign of sorts and given the odd background noise, asked where she was…..since she didn’t sound like she was home. She told me she was in fact out shopping by herself and I just figured ”OK KD, what else do you need? A lightning bolt from the sky?” So, I took a breath and asked her bluntly about the year end punishment tradition, but did so leaving her plenty of room to demure. Turns out, she had no wish to demure and she too reacted with a bit of surprise at my suggestion that the practice be suspended. She said something like “It’s a tradition”, and expressed willingness to participate once again via slip like Ana does.

So while I was convinced I was alone in my desire for accountability from those around me, over the course of a couple of weeks I got solid reassurance from the main disciplinary ladies in my life, Rosa, Ana, Nickki, and Marta, that each would have no problem holding me accountable and open to punishment and in fact miss the opportunity if it was withdrawn. Go figure!

I should also add that I have spoken to Marta again earlier today at the supermarket and she asked about when we would get together to discuss the amount and my behavior, and I left that totally up to her. So now I am waiting on her to contact me with her part as well.

So whatever dark funk obscured DD here over the last couple of months, seems to have lifted with some widespread interest from my Rosa and my extended group of "Ladies in Authority".


  1. Those long breaks are such a mixed bag. Like you, my sensitivity to pain just sky rockets if it's been a long time between spankings. And, at this point it's been well over a month since I've had one, so whenever the next comes, it will be terrible.

    1. You are correct. I felt like such a baby both Saturday (initially) and then again yesterday with the start to Ana's punishment.

  2. I agree with Dan when not spanked for a bit it does hurt more and quicker as kdpierre found out. Now for the coming spanking session. 300 a day until the 1500 is done is going to leave you very tender and by the third day you will hurt from the first spank as your bottom will not have "healed" from the last spanking. enjoy too bad some other ladies will not be stopping by to witness the 300 and your hollering and kicking.

    1. You are correct, arched! We started Ana's 1500 yesterday and I was already having a lot of difficulty. Today is bound to be worse and we're not even halfway done! As for someone witnessing it all? Well, I doubt Rosa would object, but the interested party would have to ask her.

  3. Dude,

    Like one guy in a million has the cadre of spankers you do. Take a bow. (and I'm glad I'm not you).

    1. I think most people are glad they're not me. I'm not so sure how "I" feel about being me. ;-)

  4. Crimson Kid (C.K.)January 22, 2020 at 6:43 PM

    Well, perhaps you don't overtly "enjoy" such severe spanking punishments, yet you undoubtedly get gratification from them, perhaps only subconsciously in some cases, however still it's consensual--even if you've surrendered any option to resist or refuse, that was done consensually in the past.

    I do agree that a person can become 'out of shape' in terms of getting soundly spanked, just as he/she can get 'out of shape' for exercise if he/she goes without properly exercising for a period of time.

    I'm guessing that you'll be in 'good spanking shape' by the end of this week though... --C.K.

    1. There's definitely a mutually-beneficial aspect that keeps me wanting this....even when it's a bit rougher than usual. Consent is not a big issue here because I don't hold with the 'anything goes' form of pre-consent and Rosa accepts that. Truth is, I go along with a majority of disciplinary decisions, but I do reserve the right to question things that don't feel right.

      I will be in a combined state of soreness, with a big step towards reconditioning. An odd combination.....but I'm not complaining....yet. Tonight was a bit rough in the beginning and I kind of lost it for a second, but eventually settled in for the duration.