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Thursday, January 16, 2020

P is for Practical

I realize that BDSM ‘watersports’ specifically ‘pee-play’ has limited appeal. I suppose there are a few of us who do it, others who don’t mind thinking or hearing about it, but wouldn’t engage in it, and a majority who just say…..”YUCK!” And even within  the realm of pee-enthusiasts, there is also a line between the “golden shower” folks, and the more extreme “golden cocktail” folks, again with the latter being the activity of lesser appeal. So with all of that said, dear readers, this is your friendly disclaimer: THE FOLLOWING POST WILL DEAL PRETTY THOROUGHLY WITH THE SUBMISSIVE ACT OF DRINKING A DOMINANT’S PEE.  Proceed at your own discretion or interest.

I can be a pretty intense submissive. I will not only submit to spankings both playful and disciplinary, but like to explore many other things too. I’ve been pegged, plugged, and even fisted anally. I’ve experimented with urethral ‘sounds’. I’ve been bound, waxed, clipped, rubbed with ointments that burn, given enemas of various kinds, been exposed naked outdoors and to others, dressed in costumes, locked in chastity devices, worn spiked tubes on my penis and been teased, been teased and denied orgasm, experienced ruined orgasms, have been subjected to uncomfortable surfaces to sit on, made to feel cold, been tortured in various ways with ice, been shot in sensitive places with rubber bands and even airsoft pellets, and probably have done some other things I’ve forgotten.  And, yes, I have consumed other people’s pee.

Though not hers.

This is not to say that I have engaged in this activity with just anyone. I may be willing to be spanked by just about anyone I trust and who wants to do it, but I don’t seek just any Top’s pee. In fact, in my entire life’s experience as a sub male, I’ve only done it with three people……..and each were very special. And for me that’s the key. It’s a very intense bonding experience for me and consequently not something to be engaged in casually, although it can be engaged in with a sense of fun and mischief as well as deep devotion. There are lots of folks I’ve loved over the years, but like I said, only three who I have been willing to do this with for real. (There was someone online I ‘played with’ for a while who used to discuss doing this with me as well, but it never happened even though we did meet once in person and played briefly.) The interesting thing is, although my partners in this have been limited it was never a ‘one-time thing’ with any of them, but instead became a regular, though sometimes infrequent activity.

Unfortunate cropping, but what a look!

One of these select three is obviously Rosa. Anyone familiar with this blog must have read a post or two over the years where this topic was mentioned. I still can't believe the ease with which Rosa agreed to play this way. She obviously understood the power of it, but there was no hesitation in her at all. 

Rosa's morning pee in her 'special' glass. Note the amber tone. Later in the day her pee is much lighter as she's an avid water-drinker.

The other two are people I felt very, very close to. In all three cases this act served as much more than just an indulgence of a bizarre kink. And that’s what I would like to discuss in more depth: the ‘why’ of it. And for those who are curious but have never had the urge to try this, I will also talk about the physical and practical aspects (hence today's title). And that may well be the best place to start.

The pee basics:

The first reaction to pee-drinking (after “yuck!) is usually: “THAT CAN’T BE SAFE!” And there is some truth to that. But it’s a relative truth. Drinking the pee of some STD-ridden stranger with a UTI and addiction to meth is probably as safe as a ride down a slide of razors into a vat of dirty, broken glass. But then I don’t think kissing would be ‘safe’ either if the person you’re swapping spit with is carrying something nasty. You’ll also read medical advice that by drinking pee, you are unwisely re-ingesting that which the body chose to excrete. And well, yeah, you are. Urine is about 95% water plus tiny amounts of urea ( a non-toxic molecule of ammonia and carbon dioxide), chloride, sodium, potassium, creatinine and other dissolved ions, and inorganic and organic compounds. But it’s nothing poisonous and nothing in dangerous concentration. (For more on "conventional wisdom" check this LINK )

If they can have "pie charts" why not "pee charts"?

But 'conventional wisdom' aside, to be colloquial and anecdotal, let’s just say that while I have admittedly been as selective as a wine connoisseur at dinner in my pee choices, I have been doing this for decades and never once gotten sick. Never.  And to press that point, let me add that one time, as part of a challenge, I once agreed to drink a Top’s pee every time she ‘went’ for about a 24 hour period. In that time I calculated with a fair degree of accuracy that by the time the challenge ended, I had consumed a gallon and a pint of this lovely lady’s urine. And…….I was fine. Another time, I had a full glass of Rosa's pee every morning for a week......and again...STILL fine. One must be honest about safety if they are an admitted kinkster, because while a reasonable person would not want to risk serious injury, there could well be ‘medical advice’ warning that repeatedly getting hit is not good for your body either…...and that wouldn’t stop us spankos.

A Tale of Two Fountains

So, you might now be thinking:  OK, maybe it can be safe if done with the right person, but….what does it taste like? It can’t be good, can it?  And that is an interesting question, and not one with a simple answer. The fact is, pee, while chemically similar in humans, can be very different from person to person, and even different for the same person depending on diet, degree of hydration, and probably some other factors, though I can't say I've ever noticed a drastic flavor differential among those select three I've engaged with. Taste is somewhat relative too. I also don’t think there’s ever been an extensive study on this, so if you have no experience of your own, you’ll have to once again rely on mine, or accounts elsewhere.

Definitely funny, and not too far from the truth. I will say this chart only relates to color and hydration....NOT a comparison of flavor. 
No pee I've ever had ever had the broader appeal of a good beer.

I would say that average, midday pee from a healthy, clean person who stays reasonably hydrated tastes something like a light, salty/musky broth with a very slight bitterness and followed by what is not so much an aftertaste but rather more of an after-aroma of ammonia. But I’ve noticed that the ammonia-smell is minimal and fleeting and only occurs after some quantity is consumed. I’ve never noticed it after just a sip or two. However, from that basic description, there are other flavor variables, some physical, some psychological:

1: Like with most things we want but only get on occasion, despite whatever flavor drawbacks pee may objectively have (and let’s face it, if pee was universally and undeniably delicious, it would be consumed all of the time since it’s free and easy to get.) when I am clearly “in the mood” those first sips especially, seem…...wonderful and even tasty.

2: It’s definitely better warm.  And not only is it better warm, but it gets progressively less ‘tasty’ the colder it gets. If intentionally chilled to be downright cold….as challenge or whatever…’s almost horrible. Don’t ask me why, it just is. I have even resorted to reheating it in a microwave at those times when it’s gone cold from being left out for me to have later.

3: Concentration is THE most influential factor I have noticed. And if you actually want to experience the full impact of doing this, you might feel disappointed with super-hydrated pee. I know I do. It's practically clear and tasteless and hence a bit ....shall we say, 'pointless'? Morning pee definitely has the most intense flavor. I believe this is simply due to the fact that overnight one is not continually hydrating and therefore the morning pee is darker in color, and more concentrated. This is not to say the intensity makes it bad. In fact, to be honest, if I am just going to be ‘treated’ to just one glass, I prefer it to be one in the morning. [Though there IS a downside to morning pee: if you drink pee in the morning before eating, it WILL act as a laxative. I noticed this on my own a while back and then got curious and decided to research it….and….it’s true. It’s not just me on this one. So, if you want the benefits of a little morning ‘encouragement,’ go for it, but if you’d prefer to minimize or eliminate this side effect, just eat first. Again, not sure why, but it’s like magic. Drink pee on a full stomach: no effect, drink it on an empty stomach and anticipate a run to the bathroom a bit later.]

4: There’s a cut-off range between wanting more and dreading more, so quantity is definitely another factor. If in the mood, I may well look forward to another glassful after the first is gone, and I may even look forward to a third. But somewhere during that third and heaven-forbid  a fourth…..drinking becomes an obligation rather than a treat. Just as with any treat, too much of anything can diminish its appeal.

Namio Harukawa has created many pee-oriented images besides his signature face-sitting stuff.

And that last revelation leads us to where we might now delve into the psychological aspects, because if you take that fourth statement seriously, you can’t help but think, “OK, so even the guy who wants to drink pee, admits he hates it after a while, so why the hell is he doing it at all?” Well, there are a lot of reasons. And we will get into them tomorrow.

So, like this guy on the floor, you'll just have to wait. LOL


  1. I've only had a dominant woman piss directly into my mouth a couple of times, but both definitely rank among my most erotic experiences... that Namio pic sure takes me back :D

    1. Namio definitely strikes a chord with me despite some of the weirdness with size differences.

      As for your experience? It's not a frequency thing. You only have to do with someone once to get that rush.....and you did it twice! (And you ain't dead yet.) LOL

  2. I've never had the desire to drink Pee, and have never been asked or told to. With what you said you have done in the past you are much more educated in kink than I am and I might say I'm a little jealous. Not because I would not do some of what you have but because my dominate will not go there. However that said I'm interested in reading more.

    1. Yes, my ex-wife was adventurous in many ways ....but not this one. It wasn't until after her that I found willing participants that I also felt comfortable enough to want to do this with. Like I said in the piece: it's not something I would seek out with just anyone.

  3. re previous post about things not always being kink hey its normal. life is not all debauchery.

    i am lucky enough to be able to speak to this topic

    when i first met my wife we talked about my kinks quite a bit. i didn't want to spring things on her later in a relationship one of those was drinking pee

    on our second date she went to the bathroom and called me in. she had peed into a dixie cup you would rinse your mouth with after brushing your teeth. i went a little further we had talked about and gargled before swallowing it. she laughed very hard. she told me later she realized then i was serious about things we had talked about. to her the pee was nasty

    we played her peeing on me a few times and she said it was not right that i closed my mouth sometimes. so we got a nose plug. when i wear it i have to keep my mouth open to breath. again she will laugh as i splutter to swallow her pee and breath at the same time.

    you are very correct about who to share thus with . while safe it is still a very intimate thing. the few lady friends that know about how we live on rare occassions enjoy pee with me too.

    it is funny you talk about cold is not as good. we keep a pitcher in the fridge (covered so the smell doesnt get out) my wife and her friends will replenish it. when we host them for dinner the ladies think it very funny that they sip their wine as i enjoy the pee from the pitcher.

    the other thing we have done is to differentiate between i need to pee which is my wife golden shower in the bath tub and i need to piss. Piss has a more vulgar connotation so we have adapted that to my wife or friends will piss on me. we have a high end thick plastic shower curtain in the coat cupboard. if one of them says they need to piss whatever we are doing i get the curtain and in the living room get whats coming. over time we evolved this to me struggling them holding me down wrapping the curtain around me so the pee doesnt get on the carpet.

    a very fun very humiliating experience

    you are right about taste time of day makes a difference. the smell is a lot stronger in the morning. i do find fresh has more smell however.

    i see the act as a humiliation playing to the idea of pee is nasty or taboo

    you are right its a topic that people will say hilarious fun or yuck no thanks

  4. and with previous post in mind these are not every day events aside from the pitcher in the fridge but even that may go weeks not touched by me

    1. I can appreciate what you wrote....even about wording. You'll notice I too avoided certain words in favor of others. Interesting that we both see it that way.....and that it's somewhat significant.

      I'm not sure I'd want to include friends, and I think Rosa would agree. In fact I can't think of anyone besides the three ladies mentioned that I would have wanted to do this with.....even if I'd be happy to do other things.

      Interesting about the enjoyment of struggle. None of the three in my experience seemed to get off on that but rather enjoyed my submissive willingness more. Only in their more devilish moods did any seem to like to see me struggle with finishing what they offered.....but that did occur on occasion. I just think I'd feel bad if I acted.......repulsed? unappreciative?

      Funny how much we see similarly and where we enjoy some differences! Thanks for commenting, SS!

  5. Many years ago (about 25) my Dominant Boyfriend made me drink all his pee, and it was as unpleasant as one could imagine.

    On the other hand, I've also given several golden showers over the years, and it's been pleasurable, almost playful with those people.

    1. I can easily understand the differences here. Shower....especially from the giving end, must be a hoot. A far cry from drinking from someone else.

    2. He was drunk, angry, and a beer drinker. It was NOTHING like play, hence my hatred.