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Wednesday, January 15, 2020


It's the dawn of a new winter's day and things seem to be warming.....inside the house at least.

A winter landscape by artist, Mortimer Smith.

NO! Not THAT Mortimer Smith!

Last night Rosa and I had another very long talk. It wasn't all rainbows and lollipops, but there was progress made I believe on both sides. Rosa is one of those people who in the middle of an argument, leads you think you're not getting anywhere, but then behaves differently the next day so as to convey that the more unpalatable messages were indeed heard. And that's what happened. Rosa has been texting me today in a more lighthearted way.....which is kind of what happens if all goes well.

To be honest, concessions were made on both sides, and I too have re-examined some feelings to see if perhaps I was also overreacting (me? overreact?) So.....we'll see. I am not the type to expect everything to go well, because life has taught me that it just doesn't happen. Nor do I have the emotional energy to try to live contentedly in gloom. It's too draining. So I'm taking a more hopeful but realistic view: cautious optimism.

I saw this and just had to post it because it was too perfect for more than one reason.

The image above is a great lead-in to the topic I was working on prior to the "Sunday Night Showdown & Shutdown". While it may not be everyone's cup of the upcoming days I will be discussing cups of pee, in all of their golden glory. Now, I'm not looking to convince anyone to take up the practice. It's either something you are attracted to, or it's not.....more likely not. But I do think some who might never wish to do it or understand why others do, may find the topic interesting academically. And for those who are into it? Well, be prepared to be showered with information and imagery! Like other topics dealt with here, readers may feel like they are drowning in too much information LOL....but hopefully with enough humor, irreverence, and titillation to hold everyone's attention like an overly-hydrated driver looking for a rest stop has to hold their water.


  1. Glad to hear things are picking up. I can only imagine what you are about to write about. be careful it just might get you spanked by three women that you know and all at once.

    1. Thanks. Yes, after I wrote that it seemed things got even more back-to-normal......but no spankings yet. (from ANYONE. LOL) As for my new topic? Well, part of it should be up soon.