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Friday, January 17, 2020

Urine for a treat

Yesterday we talked mostly about the basics regarding pee. Today we will conclude with more of the psychological and the 'fun' aspects.

Artsy shots always make everything look so easy! LOL

The first time I engaged in this activity was almost 20 years ago with someone I was quite smitten with….and no, it was not my ex-wife. At the time, we started by merely discussing my interest in doing it. She was adventurous and curious and so, the next thing I knew she was watching me as I held…..a bit nervously….a cup she had just filled for me. It was a big moment for us both. A first for us both. I remember it took a moment of determination to actually drink the offering I had just asked for. I was nervous. What if I hated it and gagged or made some face that made her feel bad?

But then I just did it and what I recall as equally as the unique taste and rush of submissive ecstasy was how she made one of those reverse sighs where you suck in air and how, as she leaned in a doorway watching me,  her body slunk with a slight fleeting weakening of her knees. She was about two yards away from me and yet her experience just watching me was intense enough to cause that reaction.

This image captures a little of what I experienced.....even if the mechanics are different.

Neither of the other two people I’ve done this with reacted quite that dramatically, but they DID react in their own ways. I think it’s hard to not indulge in that ‘first time’ moment without a palpable feeling of a power exchange that seems both dramatic and irreversible. (Once you drink someone’s pee, you can’t UN-drink it.) And that is something of the attraction. It is a very simple activity in the mechanics of it all. On the surface it is simplicity itself…..far less involved than spanking, or oral service, or just about anything other than getting off on commands alone, and yet it is extremely powerful in its symbolism. And that presents an overwhelming opportunity: a simple act with extreme psychological impact.

Be careful! Once you convince a Top to play pee games with you, you might end up drowning in it!

Another aspect is the sense of bonding, especially in a D/s power-imbalance sort of way. As the sub, you are literally taking in the essence of your Top, but not in any ennobling way. This is after all their pee you are drinking. It’s not like a vampire drinking blood. Yet, after you drink, it is something of your Top that is physically inside you. Regardless of whether one views it as a duty or a treat, there is no getting around that.

There is a duality to it. Because it’s pee, there’s a degradation to drinking it, but because it’s your TOP’S PEE, there’s an elevation to it as well. If you are deep in thrall, like Keats’ knight, the cup is a chalice and the liquid ambrosia. But, to the dominant delight of that Top, you both know it’s not….so it’s an obvious kick for you to treat it that way. And maybe that’s why the actual flavor is a benefit of sorts. If pee tasted like a fine oak-aged Chardonnay, what power would there be in consuming it?

Now that we’ve discussed the basics, and the psychology, let’s have some fun. Once you decide to go down this yellow (not quite brick) road, what are some interesting routes to explore? Well, since the WHAT has been established, obviously the next variable is choosing HOW. Are you going to drink from a container….or go right up to the fountain? 

I’ve done both and while in one’s head the direct method seems most intense….and it can be… is fraught with several drawbacks you might not anticipate. But since I have been there, let me clue you in. Having your Top pee into your mouth involves getting into a position where you can be beneath her (pesky gravity) and if you are tall and a bit older and stiff like me, that’s not so easy...unless you have plenty of space….and a bathtub is not roomy. You don’t want to be too far away and you want to be able to swallow without choking. There’s also flow to consider. Even if you get the mechanics right, once your Top starts you might not be able to keep up….unless you are a champion chugger. And if she has to stop flow, it can throw off her re-starting. We had a cue to communicate me needing a pause: if I was unable to keep up I’d tap her thigh, and it worked, but also took away some of the Toppy edge.

People also underestimate the things they come to rely upon for everyday activities. (Like most people don’t realize how much they depend on looking down when descending stairs…...until they are carrying something where they can’t see their feet.) You’d be surprised at how much the sound of pee hitting water or the ground tells you about how you’re doing. Without some audible feedback, knowing you’re going or how much is coming can be harder to know than you might think…..especially if a little nervous or in an awkward position… squatting over your boyfriend in a shower. So going into a quiet mouth takes some cooperation, flexibility, and some practice. Getting the aim right or the sensation of a mouth on your privates are all things the average woman might find confusing. For aim, funnels can help, but there is still the issue of flow. I was able to stop the flow for periods but had to be aware of how fast the funnel was filling so that it didn't spill over.

The funnel we used was twice this size.

Rosa and I got around some of this by using some help: a queening chair and a larger funnel, or a commercially available portable peeing device called the Go Girl and a short tube.

I have currently been having a devilish desire to take this little item on one of our hikes. Privacy might still be an issue though.

Even then flow was still a challenge, but I have to admit, the most memorable session that leaned heavily towards the humiliation end of the spectrum was when we used the chair and funnel together. It was very hard to be in that position, looking up through what is…..regardless of material and style….. essentially a toilet seat ring and feel in any way elevated.

When Rosa sat down on it and I got the funnel in place, I felt far less like a sub being given a treat from his Mistress and more like a human toilet…...which in that case I kind of was. I would not want to experience that feeling ALL of the time, but it was something memorable that I’m very glad we did a few times. And let me  just say, while I love seeing my Honey’s butt descend upon me, seeing her lower herself on the seat, slowly obscuring the light from above, knowing that instead of being offered a chance to kiss her bottom that I’d soon be struggling to quickly swallow her pee, was intense.

The view that says it all!

In the case of my other two Tops, a container was always used and after a while of trying and finding the direct method more trouble than it was worth, Rosa and I settled for the container method too. And that can be a lot of fun as well and opens up possibilities the direct method can’t provide.

The advantages, besides the ease a Top has in merely filling a container, include:the ability to regard the offered beverage visually, the ability to make easier eye contact when drinking, pace now becomes the whim of a Top’s will rather than the rate she comfortably pees at, and being in a container means your kink is now portable in addition to potable. You can take your kink out on the road!

......or track?

What you put it in also can add a spin or edge. Drink it from a fancy goblet and you’ve imbued the liquid with an air of finery. It’s no longer just pee, it’s a fine nectar distilled for you personally by your own, private goddess. But drink it from a beaker, and it becomes a specimen of unenhanced urine. Take it a step further and put it in a pet bowl? Well, it’s not something we’ve done, but it’s popular imagery around the internet. It’s kind of interesting to see how the same liquid takes on such different connotation based solely on what it’s swishing around in.

One particular ‘container’ I was handed was a bit different than all of the ones mentioned. The first Top who did this with me was always amused at taking our pee play out in public. One time we were in a Wendy’s in a local mall and midway through lunch, she excused herself to go to the bathroom…... taking her ice-filled but otherwise empty soda cup with her. When she got back with a big grin, she handed me a very full cup, looking so innocent with its no-spill cap and straw, and that little red-haired girl in braided pigtails on the side smiling at me. She then had me drink it through the rest of the meal and as we walked around the mall. And while the ice diluted the pee, it also chilled it to a very challenging and unpleasant degree, making it very bitter and enhancing the ammonia after-aroma. Like I mentioned before, for some reason the colder the pee the worse it tastes. She got a real kick out of seeming like such a normal couple strolling around in public while knowing what was actually going on.

Imagine this with a straw and ice-cold pee inside! Ironic that the cup is yellow.

Other things I have done were freezing a top’s pee in a novelty ice tray and then having a cube each day as a special little reminder of her. Another was using that same Top’s pee as a substitute for hot water in making my morning instant oatmeal. THAT was very interesting! Other times pee has been left for me to enjoy while doing an O-less session of self-teasing and even as the conclusion to an o-less tease. Leaving pee for me to consume later in their absence is something all three ladies have done because it’s an ideal way for them to be there when they weren’t there. And what a way to BE there!

So that concludes my exploration of kinky pee-play. For those who made it through the whole thing: congratulations! You've earned yourself a drink.......what ends up in your glass though is up to you and your dominant partner! LOL


  1. AS Sgt Schultz used to say....Very interesting. I can see where the direct method could cause a problem as a woman does not have the external hose that a man has. But I would think the closer she got the better her aim. I can only imagine how submissive one must feel doing something like that. I know that is something my dominate (wife) would not do so not even going to ask her.

    1. There are a lot of variable factors with ladies. And yeah, I think most people have a 'yuck' response built-in.

      (And just to be a trivia pain-in-the-ass, LOL, Sgt. Schultz's tagline was: "I know nothing." It was Arte Johnson's, cigarette-holding Nazi character on Laugh-In that said "Verrrry interesting." But hey....they ARE both Nazi's, so the mix-up is quite forgivable! ;-) )

    2. OMG you are right. Darn memory is fading in my old age.

  2. i like the innocence of the wendy cup. creative !