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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Happy Leap Day!

It's Leap Day......when the women get to chase the men and propose marriage!

It's a tradition that is rumored to have started as a deal struck between St. Brigid and St. Patrick. (Though it's never been proven, and neither Brigid nor Patrick are saying anything on the matter.)

As for what it entails? Well.....think of it as "Sadie Hawkins Day" only on a different day and only occurring once every four years.

Or think of Stephen King's MISERY:

Of course the outcome need not be THAT extreme. Instead, it could just reflect the situation of many guys in a willing FLR.

But if it's the woman who pursues and proposes, she may have some other proposals in mind besides just marriage!

And once she has you, you may not be able to get away.

But then, if it's the right woman and the right sort of may not want  to escape!

Friday, February 28, 2020


I like when a kinky cartoon transcends the expected......even when it's silly and subtle. I was looking through some pegging-themed cartoons......which were as predictable as you might imagine. Here's a typical one:

Not horrible in execution, but nothing exceptional.

And then amidst a dozen similar images, I came across this:

Nothing crazy, but kind of cute and human. I love it.

Thursday, February 27, 2020


Over the weekend Rosa and I went on another of our hikes on a trail in the Watchung Mountains. It's a trail we had never taken before and at the end of one turnaround, there is a landmark water tower. Given our playful mood at the time and what was written on one side, Rosa and I took the opportunity for an unusual photo op for a nature hike:

That's Rosa using visual aids to express her feelings to me. 

Things have been up and down around here lately. We have engaged in some stuff a couple of weeks back, but then had setbacks when life got in the way of where we want to head. For example, a while back Rosa and Marta privately discussed the "traditional year end punishment" of which Marta said she would like to once again contribute to. I was to get 500 smacks. And about a week ago Rosa said she would do 250 one night and the rest the following night. I got the first 250, but then stuff just kept getting in the way. Then we had planned to do them the morning of "Asian Night" so that Rosa could potentially let Marta know what happened before she got there for dinner so she could tease me. Not only did that not happen due to the business of the day, but it STILL hasn't happened.

Even on Sunday, during the hike I mentioned earlier, we literally planned a very nice night of "play".......including the second installment from Marta......but we ended up arguing over something quite trivial just before bedtime which ruined the mood entirely for me. In fact, Rosa still seemed willing but I was so far out of that mindset by then that I declined.

We are better now and last night Rosa even asked for a pedicure and  so I gave her a deluxe one......but then it just got late and she ended up falling asleep before we could do anything else. So, that's where we're at: a sort of limbo of both chance and our own making. I am not sure why it seems we have lost our 'steam' but I do know I am enviously amazed at the regularity with which some people live this lifestyle. 

Monday, February 24, 2020

Asian Night

On Saturday we hosted a culinary trip around the Asian Peninsula from China to the Philippines, with several tasty stops in-between. I had this set of carp-motif dishes in a cabinet here since I moved in and had never used them. Until Saturday. Here are some shots:

The menu included:

A "Thai-inspired" soup, with lemongrass (grown in my own garden), shrimp, chili, coconut, and pineapple.

Appetizers of Japanese sushi, Korean kimchee, Vietnamese spring rolls, and homemade Chinese sesame noodles.

The main courses were a basic Asian stir-fry with chicken, black fungus, and mixed vegetables and a Philippine dish "escabeche"....cooked fish and vegetables pickled with vinegar and served room temperature or even cool.

Drinks included a good, cloudy sake, Japanese shochu made into various cocktails, and a couple of suntory whiskeys. I wished I had something boozy from somewhere other than Japan, still didn't suck. LOL

The table set with the first round of appetizers and soup. (BTW, that's Wally in the upper left hand corner.

Everyone had a really good time and no one even complained about the Japanese flute music playing incessantly through dinner. The reason for making the menu so ethnically varied is because not everyone on our guest list likes everything from one particular cuisine. So rather than an entire Thai menu, or entire Vietnamese dinner, it was just better doing a mix. was great to finally use these plates in this house!

Friday, February 21, 2020

Bottomless exception

After some heavier thought-exploring topics, and today being Friday, I spent a free, freezing cold morning, looking for something fun to post.  As sometimes happens, what I was thinking instead led to a completely unexpected photo trend. I started out looking for images of cute ladies flashing outdoors. (A topic near and dear to my heart and rather currently-frustrated groin.) And initially I found this:

What made this appealing was that based on the crowd in the background, this does not seem to a nude vacation beach. So.....WTF?

But what struck me as odd was the inexplicable willingness to bare one's privates while keeping one's top on. I mean.....isn't it usually the opposite? So I started down this trail and found this:

I began to see this as some bizarre twist on the old "what's missing in this picture?" puzzles.

But, then pursuing this "only one bottomless" theme led to a bonanza of images! Who knew???? Here are a few that I found within just minutes of searching:

I am so baffled by these! 

Is this a "thing"? "Hey, let's pose for a group shot and one of us won't be wearing bottoms!"

How do they decide who it will be? There doesn't seem to be a pattern.

Is the girl on the left upset that she isn't the one chosen to flash? LOL

Again, this doesn't seem to a clothes-optional event. What's with the missing bottoms?????

And this seems the perfect place to 'end'. 

If anyone knows anything about this just one person with  'top on/bottom off' , please comment! I'm fascinated by this.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020


No, not "rest & relaxation" but "Realizations & Rationalizations". I had initially suggested this topic for Dan’s blog topic for the week in an email exchange we had Saturday morning that started on that kinkiest of topics: quantum physics. However, I figured this topic is actually very close to my heart and although it’s one I’ve discussed aspects of before, it is always fun to go back and see how I feel now versus how I used to feel. And in that regard I will be posting an abridged version of this on Dan’s blog and the full version here:

Dan used the quote from this scene in The Big Chill to start off his post. It's all about rationalizations being more important than sex!

I guess the best way to explain how I feel now is to recall how I used to feel when I first began exploring aspects of FLR in general and being spanked specifically. I was 19 when I first asked another person to spank me. It was a difficult and risky conversation to have at that age and at that time, since the subject was nowhere near as prevalent as it is now. It was definitely more of a fringe activity with more than its fair share of stigma. But I refused to live a lie and decided that I needed to keep taking risks being honest with people until I found what I needed.

Interestingly, this person, whom I would later marry and even later divorce, did not run away screaming. She said she would indulge this kink with the understanding that regardless of the reason, once it was settled that a spanking would take place, it would be a spanking in the true sense of the word. She wouldn’t try to kill me or injure me, but she would also not indulge the then common (and still recommended in BDSM circles) practice of warm-ups and coded feedback to ensure the experience was what “I” was enjoying. In her mind, a spanking was not something to be enjoyed….at least not in the moment.

At 19, I was simultaneously thrilled that someone seemed interested in taking the spanking reins and a bit disappointed that the controlled, moderated, sexier method of spanking that seemed to be de rigueur for everyone else was not going to be how things would go with me. And so the very first spanking I got as an adult was much closer to what I remembered as a punished kid than the more recent self-spanking episodes that permeated my pre-dating years.

And, while I appreciated getting some of what I wanted, I found myself struggling with rationalizing a male ego (kinky though it was) with what turned out to be very ‘real-ish’ spankings from a girlfriend who was very much equal to me in age, intelligence, economic background, etc. And she was struggling a bit too, especially since she wasn’t quite sure how dominant she wished to be. It was awkward going. And one solution that worked well for us was using chance, bets, and other non-behavioral excuses for her to spank. 
In my head  I was able to rationalize my submission as just ‘being a good sport’ and honoring the roll of the die (sometimes literally) rather than admit to any need for correction, or desire to be led.

Over time that shifted. It shifted by virtue of maturity and self-acceptance. It also helped that she also came to understand she had a dominant streak that liked being obeyed. Still it wasn’t a smooth fit all of the time and we both still struggled with our roles and rationalized them with further delusions or focus on selectively chosen truths. To be honest, we might just have not been as well-suited as we once thought, or perhaps we just grew apart. Or maybe she just went crazy. But just as it seemed like we hit a sweet stretch of each of us accepting our roles as appropriate in the 90’s, things deteriorated and eventually our relationship ended by 2000.

Other experiments with other people followed. But even then I can’t say that I learned anything significant. Not until Rosa. It was with her that I came in direct contact with some deep realizations which sprung out of ultimately trading in our earlier experimentation with BDSM for a genuine living contract of DD as an additional aspect to what we were already playing with.

In my past marriage we dabbled in genuine punishments and I certainly got a handful, but so few were of this variety that even now I remember what each was for due to their exceptional nature. But Rosa was not nearly as reticent and I was soon getting spanked genuinely and regularly. And to be honest, I appreciated it, but struggled with it as well. What made it more challenging was that at the time of my acquiescence to her authority, I saw it as some subs say, “a gift of submission”. I rationalized my role as this huge concession I was making as a tribute to her and as proof of my devotion. But Rosa didn’t see it that way. She would look at me quizzically whenever I waxed poetic over my role and acceptance of hers and responded with a much more simple view: each of us was merely being what we were meant to be. Each of us was in our natural and proper state…….period. No fancy rationalization, just a statement of blunt fact.

After pondering this, and during discussions with others I came around to a new rationalization: we were merely in the roles we were best suited for. Essentially this was the “My Honey knows best” philosophy. But even this rationalization chafed at the times when I realized that my Honey…...wonderful as she is…...didn’t always know best. Sometimes I knew best and she couldn’t see it. But, here we were: she being in charge  and me being subject to her authority.

Now I have sort of given up on trying to settle on the one, true, rationalization that justifies why a person like me submits to DD with someone like her. Instead, if I need a rationalization, I just pop one into my head for the current situation, even if it doesn’t hold up for the next one. Disposable rationalizations. Use them as needed. Toss ‘em away when you’re done. Some current favorites:

"I need this (a spanking) now, so whatever gets me there….fine."

"This is the way I  am."

"She was right several times when I thought I was, so maybe this time is the same."

"She needs this to feel empowered. Challenging her will thwart her growth."

"I brought this up and agreed to be accountable, so I’m just honoring the terms of the agreement."

"It’ll be over soon, so just suck it up."

"This will be good for me."

In making these up I toyed with a couple more, but those got me thinking that perhaps they weren’t really rationalizations….although they could be:

“I deserve it”

“She wants this and she’ll feel better if I go along with it.”

Each of these address DD as a need to one party or the other and is used to cover up some other less comfortable realization, these can be used as a crutch to get around a stickier wicket.

I’ve mentioned before that I had two long conversations with my mother  about my lifestyle prior to her succumbing to cancer. One was a sort of ‘coming out’ and the second was very detailed. In that second conversation, I confessed some of my struggles with my role and my mother, rather than giving credibility to my occasional difficulties, advised me instead to embrace my role fully rather than resist it. That conversation had a big impact on me and converted several ‘doubts’ that required “rationalizations” into honest, personal realizations. Realizations that like Rosa had said from the outset: “this is just who you are”. When my mother sort of confirmed that, it made it harder to ignore or meander around. It was something I had certainly considered, but it is not something that is easily embraced in a society such as ours.

So now I wish I could say that I am fully secure in my role and never need to rationalize my lifestyle having come to full realization of its appropriateness and efficacy…...but I’d be lying. I still sway back and forth from self-acceptance to self-doubt made palatable with rationalizations and I doubt I will ever be free from the need for them.

Others might be thinking , “what’s the problem? What’s with all this angst over realizations, struggles and rationalizations? If this is you just be you.” And I would ask that person just how many people, particularly male acquaintances or even co-workers, who show no sign of being open to Femdom situations, have they candidly come out to? And if the answer is very few or none, I would ask, “why not?” And if they said, “well that’s something private between me and my wife. It’s none of their business.” I would conclude, “good for you! You just made your first rationalization.” 

"Ya know you'd never get a crowd this big at my funeral."
"I'll come.........and I'll bring a date."

Monday, February 17, 2020

New setting

Last week we finally managed to get our friends, Nickki & Jean here for a special dinner. I asked Jean what their ideal menu would be and she said they'd love a blend of tortillas and tacos from fish to chicken and so that's what I did.

A while back Rosa made an innocent comment regretting that so many people have given us enough different Peruvian tablecloths to fill an entire drawer in our server while we really didn't have any plates that would look good with them. I took that as a challenge and managed to get an incredible deal on a set of Pfaltzgraff 'distressed' plates. I then took some old metal chargers my mother had that over time lost their finish. I picked up a can of hammered bronze spray paint and converted them into something fresh that matched the new plates perfectly.

I then made a new arrangement using a ceramic pitcher I usually reserve for Halloween and picked up some sale and clearance fake succulents as a sort of 'southwestern' bouquet.

But enough explanation. Pictures speak louder in this case so, here is the table as set for our friends last week. 

So, using a combination of stuff we had and some stuff we picked up economically, we now have a completely new look that we want to use. While this look worked for a Mexican meal, how much better will it be for a Peruvian-themed dinner? I will definitely post about that when it happens. For now though we are in the process of prepping for an Asian-themed dinner this Saturday.

The menu will be "pan-Asian" with elements coming from all around the Asian Peninsula and we will be using a set of blue carp plates I've had since the late 80's but have yet to use in this house. I will post more about that when it happens!

Friday, February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine's Day

Like I said yesterday, I have quite thoroughly exhausted much of the kinkier or adult imagery associated with today, and that made me think that maybe, just maybe, what Valentine's Day needs is a modern update so that the ladies could see Cupid as something other than a  cute, corny cherub in a diaper. Perhaps something a little grittier and more age-appropriate? So......... Ladies, may I introduce........

CUPID 2020


Thursday, February 13, 2020

Valentine's Day tomorrow

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day but Rosa and I have agreed beforehand to postpone OUR Valentine's Day until next week so we can go out without crowds and jacked-up pricing. It has also been very gloomy here in NJ with drizzly rain going on for days with just brief breaks in-between. So I'm trying to rally some spirit in the face of it all. In the meantime, since I've practically exhausted the Valentine imagery out there over the past years, today I'm going for humor.

Here are a few images that made me snicker:

Given my own interests, this one was very clever.

Sometimes nothing can fix a no-win situation.

Seems like Cupid fucks up a lot!

And it seems the kid is simply not the innocent cherub he seems to be.

No wonder he frequently ends up spanked......and not only by his Mom, Venus.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

More about clips

A mere day or so ago, I wrote about a "clip adventure" that transpired between Rosa and me. And frankly, writing about it got me reminiscing about some of the crazy "clip games" I've participated in over the decades. So for the entertainment of my readers and maybe as a thought-starter for the more adventurous among you, I'm going to try to briefly recap some of the ones that stand out as a bit more involved than just attaching a clothespin to a nipple.

One of the things I noticed very early back in the early 80's, was that not all clothespins are created equal. Shape and bite vary greatly and what might be better suited for laundry often turns out to be too harsh for sensitive body parts. I found one particular brand of plastic clothespins to be the best suited for kinky games and they are the ones you can see in the image from the other day.

Anyway, let's get to some stories:

No discussion of my past clip-adventures would be representative without bringing up the "penalty-pedicures" that were a regular feature of my D/s relationship in my first marriage. This old illustration is very nearly a complete depiction of something that played out nearly weekly:

You will note that the dangling clips are further enhanced with lead fishing weights. My ex always said she liked the way the weights would pull my clipped penis straight down and even stretch it slightly with their collective weight. And yes.....weighted clips definitely hurt more than unweighted ones.

Another way to make clips hurt is to have them bounce and jangle with certain types of motion. One spanking game we played revolved around this unpleasant aspect. It was ostensibly a timed 'race'. We had a long staircase and so my ex sat in our living room with a watch to time me as I raced up the stairs and back naked.  That time was recorded, I would then have clips attached to my penis and then have to try to beat the time. Each time I did not beat that first record I would be spanked with one swat for each second the lap took. The first round was never that bad, but the idea was that the game wouldn't end until I either beat the first unencumbered record, or my ex decided I had enough. I never could beat the score even though I tried.....and that was the point of the game: to get me feeling desperate to succeed and enduring the pain of the clips flailing about as I ran the steps only to hear that I failed yet again and had to present my bottom for more and more spanks. 

A similar game that we did once was more of a dare. I had to put out recyclables on our front curb at night wearing nothing but shoes and clips. There was no time limit, so I could use stealth, speed, or both to avoid being seen. I did it and no one ever mentioned seeing me so I think I managed it....even though my ex and I both laughed the next day as we were walking along the lengthy driveway and saw a plastic clothespin that obviously flew off as I ran.

But the worst had to be when I listed a bunch of game penalties that could be selected by chance. Each revolved around me getting an orgasm as a reward but with different conditions of varied intensity with the idea being that I would list things from the almost kinkily enjoyable to things I hadn't experienced but was honestly afraid of. We played this a few times when one night a dice roll decreed that I would get my orgasm by means of a vibrator applied to my clipped penis. The pain of the final inescapable orgasm was so intense it ruined the orgasm completely and hurt beyond belief. I still recall how the clips moved with the twitching of my penis as it wanted to pump larger with ejaculation only to be discouraged by the pain so that the result was more of a series of weak, rhythmic spurts with ejaculate oozing with each painful, yet unstoppable pulse.

Besides my ex, I played clip games with others too.....including an online friend who was fascinated with this Waldo illustration and asked me to reconstruct it and send her the photo:

I did and I have the proof somewhere on a disk that I have not been able to find. If it turns up I will post it. This same person was also the very first person who (by command) had me experience the excruciating sensation of having penis clip yanked off. But no one can beat my Rosa with this. She took to this early in our relationship and did it with sizzling .....though painful....panache! She still does it occasionally and it still is a very intense experience.

Another fun clip game was described in detail in the August 1, 2017 post, "Private Playtime".

I have also had clips on my nipples, but to be honest, being a guy, they don't really hurt the way penis clips do.....even weighted, and even yanked off. However, there are definitely ways to crank things up so that they do. Repeated pulling them off and then reattaching is one.....especially if re-applied at different angles. Ouch!

Anyone without their own blog who has a great clip adventure and maybe a picture to go with it should feel encouraged to send it to me via e-mail and if I think it would work here, I'll post it!

Tuesday, February 11, 2020


When I was a young Polish kid growing up in a suburban part of NJ heavily populated with my own ethnic compatriots, I often heard this joke:

Two Polish  bear hunters were stalking their prey along a wooded path when they come to a fork in the road and a sign that read:

So they went home.

Over the years that I have been doing "Collected Submissions" I have often heard that the spotty  participation I routinely whine about is because I too often diverge from the expected tales of butt-whomping and adult kinkiness that readers come to blogs like this to enjoy in favor of politics or social commentary. And I used to think that true but decided that "damn the torpedoes" I would write what I felt like and let the chips fall where they may. I came to the fork in the road and opted to explore BOTH paths, and maybe even a few more along the way.

Recently I have observed an interesting trend though. When I have bared my kinky soul (sometimes with pictures) with revelations of adventures past, I have gleaned fewer comments than when I post something political. And this trend flies flat and full in the face of the conventional "kinky blog" wisdom that the result should be the opposite.

Now, I'm not a staunch advocate of either position. Personally, I would like to keep this blog just as it has always been: a bit of this and a bit of that....all in a naughty adult, and hopefully clever enough guise to keep "thinking deviants" amused and intrigued. But I did think this seeming trend was worth noting.

Collected Submissions has certainly seen its share of controversy. Hell, my post about "playing for stakes" with my stepson drew criticisms I never expected and even resulted in someone leaving.  And as such I have become much more selective in revealing certain aspects of my personal adventures. I never thought I would succumb to censoring my own revelations that way, and yet I find that I have. I am not quite sure how I feel about that either....though part of me feels a bit like a sell-out. This is not to say that I have never withheld stories before. I have. And stories that were true, and had the potential to enlighten and titillate. But were also tales that would......reveal too much, even betray confidences. And that I will not do....or feel guilty over.

It's an interesting thing to host a blog. And I feel enriched by the experience. But WOW! It is a venture that is as surprising as it is sometimes gratifying. It is a challenge not only to glean new material and present it in a somewhat entertaining form........but the choosing? The decision of what warrants a post and what should be kept in a private journal? That's a challenge that never ends and is never predictable.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Clip job

Before I get into today's post, I would like to thank all of the participants in the last two political topics....regardless of their views. I found the comments to be thoughtful and varied and it was refreshing to debate opposing views without any apparent bloodshed. Maybe a little unease at times...but you all know the eggs/omelette saying. So thanks, folks! It has long been my goal that this blog be a place where kinky people can come to debate ANYTHING. No comment that is pertinent and relatively civil will ever be censored or deleted here, regardless of my opinion on its validity.

Now onto some fun stuff.....a personally-illustrated tale of adult tease & denial:

This weekend Rosa and I had some privacy but neither of us were in the mood for anything overly DD-esque, yet we are not very vanilla in our sexual leanings, so what we ended up doing was still kinky, even though no buns were whacked.

The day started early with Rosa having herself a little "o" with my assistance. Then we went on an outdoor adventure at a State Park that featured historical buildings, some lovely nature trails, and......cranberry bogs!

But after we got back and had a nice meal, we discussed some adult-fun options. I asked my Honey how she'd like to see the evening go, and she was pretty specific about her interests. She wasn't up for another "o" for herself, and she didn't want me to have one either. Instead, she thought she'd enjoy me at her feet as she relaxed....but with me being a bit humbled and a bit uncomfortable while savoring her toes. She suggested a few options, including a plug and penis-clips. 

We talked a bit about how to string her ideas into a theme or 'game' and what we came up with was simple......but fun. There would be two parts. The first would be my challenge. The second part would be my reward. 

The challenge involved her repeatedly teasing me with a vibrating massager until I was just about ready to explode. It was up to me to go as long as I could but to warn her if orgasm seemed imminent. Normally when we do this, I am at her feet, but this time her tootsies were not part of my teasing menu.....since they would be my reward if I managed to remain horny but O-less. But before any teasing I was instructed to insert a glass plug! 

She edged me three times before stopping. I was probably a reflexive clench or twitch away from a forbidden orgasm by the time the vibrator was retired to the nightstand.

He was soooooooooo close to eruption!

Then, still plugged, I attached several plastic clothespins to the ridge around my glans.

You think this looks uncomfortable? You're correct!

Once adorned, it was off to my treat! 

Rosa has beautiful feet (and yes, these are hers) made practically perfect by my constant attention to them.

She kept me there for about 30 minutes before letting me stop and remove the clips......which hurt like crazy coming off.....and de-plugging. 

I went to bed emotionally content, but sexually frustrated. Ah the life of a kinky sub!

Friday, February 7, 2020


In the First Century, there was Cicero and his orations against Cataline.....

Then there were Shakespeare's inspirational speeches in Henry V..........

And where does one even begin to choose among all of the stirring words spoken and written by these guys.........

During one of the most divisive times in our Nation's history, Lincoln spoke at Gettysburg....

And then, yesterday.....2/6/2020...... we had THIS:

You must all be so proud. Given the cheers and laughter, it certainly seems so.

In a response to archedone in yesterday's post, I inserted an excerpt from a letter from John Adams. It's worth re-posting here: 

“I do not say that democracy has been more pernicious on the whole, and in the long run, than monarchy or aristocracy. Democracy has never been and never can be so durable as aristocracy or monarchy; but while it lasts, it is more bloody than either. … Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. It is in vain to say that democracy is less vain, less proud, less selfish, less ambitious, or less avaricious than aristocracy or monarchy. It is not true, in fact, and nowhere appears in history. Those passions are the same in all men, under all forms of simple government, and when unchecked, produce the same effects of fraud, violence, and cruelty. When clear prospects are opened before vanity, pride, avarice, or ambition, for their easy gratification, it is hard for the most considerate philosophers and the most conscientious moralists to resist the temptation. Individuals have conquered themselves. Nations and large bodies of men, never.”

(Hey, America, I think your wrists are bleeding.)

Thursday, February 6, 2020

A view from the middle

I haven’t posted anything political in a while but in light of recent events I do feel some sort of comment is reasonable. But before I make my feelings known, let me preface my comments with a few facts that I have alluded to before:

In general: I am not a Democrat, or a Republican. I did not vote for Hilary or Donald. I am not a 100% liberal or conservative but rather a blend based on the topic on the table. In a room of tribals from either side, I am the oddball…...which means I am rarely if ever in a situation where I have a tribe of my own. I am a fan of our history but not a rose-tinted acolyte of anything in a powdered wig. And lastly, I may not be a genius, but I am certainly no idiot, despite what some either-side tribal might want to think.

This young lady represents our current situation. Her 'red, white, & blue' goes from far left to far right. But wouldn't it be so much better to head towards the middle?

With regard to the current events of our day: I watched nearly every minute of the impeachment proceedings with my own eyes and ears. I have not had to rely upon the slanted media coverage from either polarized tribe to instruct me as to what I should think I heard. I clearly saw and heard for myself. So, I am not parroting anyone.

And now onto my reaction to the proceedings: I have never seen such a travesty of what should be a non-partisan proceeding. But despite many evasive and nonsensical defense arguments throughout the 'trial', let me say that I do not feel the second charge of obstruction was handled properly in this case. In fact, a LOT poor decisions were made by the Democrats. If a charge of obstruction was to be pursued, it would have behooved the House Democrats to conduct their pursuit of documents and witnesses more in line with precedent, even as I admit that such precedent is not a Constitutional requirement. Still, by not doing so they handed a defense over on a silver platter. I also think the Democrats botched the potential for a stronger obstruction case with regard to the Mueller report. Ignoring that report was a huge, tactical error that I could write about for way longer than this post.

As for the first charge? I cannot fathom how anyone could watch the entire process from the House to the Senate as if they were a juror and not see a clear abuse of power. It’s clear even without Bolton. Obviously Romney agrees.

A candid image, shot from a forbidden cell phone, of a Republican Senator listening to the House Mangers' arguments.

I will say that as an Independent who leans “small L” libertarian, there are not always third party candidates on the ballots that I vote on. As such I have sometimes had to make decisions on whether I will go with the Democrat or the Republican on the ballot. In the past I have voted for both. Going forward, however, I cannot see myself ever doing this again. If a legitimate third party whose platform aligns with mine is not an option, I will vote Democratic from now on, not because I love them (because I definitely don't) but because I simply cannot vote for a member of a party that has no intention to ever act as a reasonable check on the executive branch regardless of the evidence presented. In other words, while I could share certain views with the Republican party of the past, I no longer see anything of that party in that body now. Whatever was left got buried in John McCain’s casket.

Hypocrisy however, was rampant on both sides. That's the weakness with both parties. Neither one has substantial integrity.....but from what I heard, the Republicans have none at all. 

But while I have unprecedented disdain for this Trump-Party, my real disgust still remains firmly directed at a public that condones it. I’ve said before that I am no fan of Mike Pence, but I can easily discern that a Pence presidency would pursue a nearly identical agenda to that of Trump, but without the corrupt, rotting baggage. I would have respect, though maybe not agreement, with voters who would see things for what they are and replace the corrupt mafia boss currently violating every law and precedent without even a modicum of decency with their white-haired choir-boy of conservatism. But to look at this self-serving, and lying piece of shit and see a savior renders anything these sorts of people say, suspect.

What I DON'T buy into: I am sick of hearing from Democrats that the Constitution has been somehow irreparably destroyed because Republicans would not vote for witnesses or conviction even though no party whose president was in office has ever voted for conviction in the past. Nonsense! Until legislation is enacted to amend the Constitution, it will stand as it always has. The issue is not that the Constitution is in danger or worse, broken. Integrity is what is broken, and has been long before Trump or McConnell. The Constitution works just fine, it's the folks selectively ignoring the parts they find inconvenient that aren't working properly. Saying the Constitution is broken is like blaming the car instead of an incompetent or impaired driver when there's a collision.

It doesn't look destroyed to me. Ignored? Well, that's a different story.

Going forward, the Constitution is still there to protect us from tyranny. It hasn't gone away. It just has to responsibly used. 

And I am sick of hearing from Republicans that this was all about overturning an election and the will of the people. Hogwash! First, the evidence is damning. Second, if removed from office, Hilary Clinton would NOT become president. Pence would, and as stated earlier, he would undoubtedly pursue an identical agenda. Third, Trump won the election without the popular vote, so even if removing Trump reversed the presidency towards a Democrat, it would only be overturning the election, but NOT "the will of the people". Let's try not to forget that little inconvenient truth.

I fear several potential outcomes:
-I fear 4 more years of an empowered Trump with a Republican Senate or House. Checks and balances only work when there are checks and balances.

-I fear 4 more years of stagnation with a Trump rendered impotent by a Democratic House and Senate, and they in turn rendered impotent by him.

-I fear 4 years of a revenge-oriented far left Democrat who would now have carte blanche to violate everything reasonable since Trump and his party have opened the door to that. Socialism via executive order anyone? You asked for it! 

-I fear almost anything that follows because of what has become the "new normal". Any party with unlimited power, which is what they will now have with any majority and the inexplicable support of voters who are fine with it all, will function one step closer to the kind of authoritarianism past Americans have claimed to disdain. Like I said, the Constitution is still there. Conniving politicians are nothing new. But that "We the people" part? Now THAT'S what's broken.