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Monday, February 10, 2020

Clip job

Before I get into today's post, I would like to thank all of the participants in the last two political topics....regardless of their views. I found the comments to be thoughtful and varied and it was refreshing to debate opposing views without any apparent bloodshed. Maybe a little unease at times...but you all know the eggs/omelette saying. So thanks, folks! It has long been my goal that this blog be a place where kinky people can come to debate ANYTHING. No comment that is pertinent and relatively civil will ever be censored or deleted here, regardless of my opinion on its validity.

Now onto some fun stuff.....a personally-illustrated tale of adult tease & denial:

This weekend Rosa and I had some privacy but neither of us were in the mood for anything overly DD-esque, yet we are not very vanilla in our sexual leanings, so what we ended up doing was still kinky, even though no buns were whacked.

The day started early with Rosa having herself a little "o" with my assistance. Then we went on an outdoor adventure at a State Park that featured historical buildings, some lovely nature trails, and......cranberry bogs!

But after we got back and had a nice meal, we discussed some adult-fun options. I asked my Honey how she'd like to see the evening go, and she was pretty specific about her interests. She wasn't up for another "o" for herself, and she didn't want me to have one either. Instead, she thought she'd enjoy me at her feet as she relaxed....but with me being a bit humbled and a bit uncomfortable while savoring her toes. She suggested a few options, including a plug and penis-clips. 

We talked a bit about how to string her ideas into a theme or 'game' and what we came up with was simple......but fun. There would be two parts. The first would be my challenge. The second part would be my reward. 

The challenge involved her repeatedly teasing me with a vibrating massager until I was just about ready to explode. It was up to me to go as long as I could but to warn her if orgasm seemed imminent. Normally when we do this, I am at her feet, but this time her tootsies were not part of my teasing menu.....since they would be my reward if I managed to remain horny but O-less. But before any teasing I was instructed to insert a glass plug! 

She edged me three times before stopping. I was probably a reflexive clench or twitch away from a forbidden orgasm by the time the vibrator was retired to the nightstand.

He was soooooooooo close to eruption!

Then, still plugged, I attached several plastic clothespins to the ridge around my glans.

You think this looks uncomfortable? You're correct!

Once adorned, it was off to my treat! 

Rosa has beautiful feet (and yes, these are hers) made practically perfect by my constant attention to them.

She kept me there for about 30 minutes before letting me stop and remove the clips......which hurt like crazy coming off.....and de-plugging. 

I went to bed emotionally content, but sexually frustrated. Ah the life of a kinky sub!


  1. I've had clothes pins on my sac but never on my cock head. I'm sure it was painful and when i seen the picture i could feel the pain. I think I'll pass on that part.
    and I agree i loved the last post.

    1. Interesting, I too have had them on my scrotum and really hated it more. Not sure why, but just a very different sensation and one I found difficult to eroticize. Hmmm.

  2. Lucky you!

    I went to a dungeon party and was on the receiving end.

    Sunday night, I started a tease and denial of the gentleman who beat me so deliciously Saturday night. It was cut short, but enjoyable.

    1. Well, I'm happy for you too. We all need some fun and relief in this life.

      It's interesting to hear about "turn the tables" situations. Back when I was switching with one particular 'pre-Rosa' person I was quite smitten with, I recall the amazing power of the tide turning.....not much different than the actual turning of tides. On one hand as predictable as a lunar cycle, and on another extremely powerful and influential.

      My guess is though, being the polyamorous switch you are, I'll bet you've sanded the edges a bit with some relief from someone somewhere......whereas I'm kind of in a state of unending frustration.

    2. Oh and as I know you are an admirer of Ana's delicious feet, I was curious if you shared that appreciation for Rosa's as well? As a mother/daughter team I find the similarities and differences between their feet quite intriguing.

    3. I'm jealous!

      I wish I could find someone I trust to do my feet. I can't al;low just anybody near my feet because I tend to orgasm. LOUDLY! when my feet are tended to.

    4. Oh my! That's........intriguing. >sly grin<

  3. Replies
    1. >blush< Thanks. I haven't been told THAT in a long time.

    2. Merry: .blushing again< Really not used to compliments like that. Thanks.