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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

More about clips

A mere day or so ago, I wrote about a "clip adventure" that transpired between Rosa and me. And frankly, writing about it got me reminiscing about some of the crazy "clip games" I've participated in over the decades. So for the entertainment of my readers and maybe as a thought-starter for the more adventurous among you, I'm going to try to briefly recap some of the ones that stand out as a bit more involved than just attaching a clothespin to a nipple.

One of the things I noticed very early back in the early 80's, was that not all clothespins are created equal. Shape and bite vary greatly and what might be better suited for laundry often turns out to be too harsh for sensitive body parts. I found one particular brand of plastic clothespins to be the best suited for kinky games and they are the ones you can see in the image from the other day.

Anyway, let's get to some stories:

No discussion of my past clip-adventures would be representative without bringing up the "penalty-pedicures" that were a regular feature of my D/s relationship in my first marriage. This old illustration is very nearly a complete depiction of something that played out nearly weekly:

You will note that the dangling clips are further enhanced with lead fishing weights. My ex always said she liked the way the weights would pull my clipped penis straight down and even stretch it slightly with their collective weight. And yes.....weighted clips definitely hurt more than unweighted ones.

Another way to make clips hurt is to have them bounce and jangle with certain types of motion. One spanking game we played revolved around this unpleasant aspect. It was ostensibly a timed 'race'. We had a long staircase and so my ex sat in our living room with a watch to time me as I raced up the stairs and back naked.  That time was recorded, I would then have clips attached to my penis and then have to try to beat the time. Each time I did not beat that first record I would be spanked with one swat for each second the lap took. The first round was never that bad, but the idea was that the game wouldn't end until I either beat the first unencumbered record, or my ex decided I had enough. I never could beat the score even though I tried.....and that was the point of the game: to get me feeling desperate to succeed and enduring the pain of the clips flailing about as I ran the steps only to hear that I failed yet again and had to present my bottom for more and more spanks. 

A similar game that we did once was more of a dare. I had to put out recyclables on our front curb at night wearing nothing but shoes and clips. There was no time limit, so I could use stealth, speed, or both to avoid being seen. I did it and no one ever mentioned seeing me so I think I managed it....even though my ex and I both laughed the next day as we were walking along the lengthy driveway and saw a plastic clothespin that obviously flew off as I ran.

But the worst had to be when I listed a bunch of game penalties that could be selected by chance. Each revolved around me getting an orgasm as a reward but with different conditions of varied intensity with the idea being that I would list things from the almost kinkily enjoyable to things I hadn't experienced but was honestly afraid of. We played this a few times when one night a dice roll decreed that I would get my orgasm by means of a vibrator applied to my clipped penis. The pain of the final inescapable orgasm was so intense it ruined the orgasm completely and hurt beyond belief. I still recall how the clips moved with the twitching of my penis as it wanted to pump larger with ejaculation only to be discouraged by the pain so that the result was more of a series of weak, rhythmic spurts with ejaculate oozing with each painful, yet unstoppable pulse.

Besides my ex, I played clip games with others too.....including an online friend who was fascinated with this Waldo illustration and asked me to reconstruct it and send her the photo:

I did and I have the proof somewhere on a disk that I have not been able to find. If it turns up I will post it. This same person was also the very first person who (by command) had me experience the excruciating sensation of having penis clip yanked off. But no one can beat my Rosa with this. She took to this early in our relationship and did it with sizzling .....though painful....panache! She still does it occasionally and it still is a very intense experience.

Another fun clip game was described in detail in the August 1, 2017 post, "Private Playtime".

I have also had clips on my nipples, but to be honest, being a guy, they don't really hurt the way penis clips do.....even weighted, and even yanked off. However, there are definitely ways to crank things up so that they do. Repeated pulling them off and then reattaching is one.....especially if re-applied at different angles. Ouch!

Anyone without their own blog who has a great clip adventure and maybe a picture to go with it should feel encouraged to send it to me via e-mail and if I think it would work here, I'll post it!


  1. I'll wait patiently for that picture.

    1. I've really looked. The thing is, it's with a whole bunch of good stuff....even though from several years ago. But that might be a good thing since I was younger then! LOL But it's all moot unless I remember where they are.

  2. the only playing we have done with clothes pins is putting them on my sac until no more would fit. I'll have to check the net and see what kind of photos i can find.

    1. Cool. That adventure sounds .....uncomfortable. That must have been a lot of clips.

  3. Strangely enough, my nipples seem to be more sensitive than my other parts. Wooden clothespins have caused soreness that lasted at least a day, and clover clamps have resulted in sore/tender nipples for several days. Now, if she puts clamps on my penis or balls, it hurts intensely, but no more than on my nipples, and once she takes them off, the pain goes away quickly, unlike the lingering soreness I experience with any sort of nipple clamps.


    1. I have always marveled at the similarities and differences among us humans and how we experience everything from flavor to sensation. I have heard about guys with sensitive nipples but can't really relate. I feel like mine are just accessories. LOL