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Monday, February 17, 2020

New setting

Last week we finally managed to get our friends, Nickki & Jean here for a special dinner. I asked Jean what their ideal menu would be and she said they'd love a blend of tortillas and tacos from fish to chicken and so that's what I did.

A while back Rosa made an innocent comment regretting that so many people have given us enough different Peruvian tablecloths to fill an entire drawer in our server while we really didn't have any plates that would look good with them. I took that as a challenge and managed to get an incredible deal on a set of Pfaltzgraff 'distressed' plates. I then took some old metal chargers my mother had that over time lost their finish. I picked up a can of hammered bronze spray paint and converted them into something fresh that matched the new plates perfectly.

I then made a new arrangement using a ceramic pitcher I usually reserve for Halloween and picked up some sale and clearance fake succulents as a sort of 'southwestern' bouquet.

But enough explanation. Pictures speak louder in this case so, here is the table as set for our friends last week. 

So, using a combination of stuff we had and some stuff we picked up economically, we now have a completely new look that we want to use. While this look worked for a Mexican meal, how much better will it be for a Peruvian-themed dinner? I will definitely post about that when it happens. For now though we are in the process of prepping for an Asian-themed dinner this Saturday.

The menu will be "pan-Asian" with elements coming from all around the Asian Peninsula and we will be using a set of blue carp plates I've had since the late 80's but have yet to use in this house. I will post more about that when it happens!


  1. Looks like my eating arrangements; NOT. Sometimes I eat standing over the sink.

  2. Joe2 here,

    I really like that you added the while table cloth. I think it adds a touch of class while putting the focus on what is above it.

    1. Thanks, Joe. I did it for a couple of reasons because, believe me we have several elaborate cloths that cover the entire table that I could have used.....I used this because of the color but mostly because it was just four of us and I liked the 'plate on each corner' idea.

  3. What a lovely tablecloth! I actually have a serving set from the 60's that would fit in nicely.

    1. Thanks, and I don't doubt it about you set. I love looking at retro sets for our tables.