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Monday, March 16, 2020

A week locked

So, in the course of having a good weekend, Rosa and I took the opportunity to have some fun and more. It all began with her wanting some very personal attention on Sunday morning after our wonderful St. Patrick's dinner on Saturday. She was very aggressive and made it clear that she wanted me deep between her cheeks for some heavy tongue action. 

All that led to a strong O for her and nothing for me but some post-o toe kissing while being lightly teased. Instead of an O....which I was very ready for.....she instead kept slapping my genitals and then sent me off to make breakfast. My bossy Honey!

Well all that had me wrapped around her finger.....or crushed underfoot.

We went hiking again on Sunday, followed by an evening that incorporated a punishment spanking to start things off. Then she demanded a pedicure which I performed while sitting on a stinging bottom. 

Afterwards she had me lock up and then she watched a show she likes while I literally worshiped her feet for well over an hour!

I am locked still and the idea is that I stay locked until Friday evening. I am also going to help her change after work each day and kiss her feet each day. She has the option to have me unlock and present myself for more genital whacking and then lock back up.

So, hopefully this will jump start some more DD around here?


  1. That is such a fantastic first picture! I think my partner's arse might be getting a good worshipping when she gets home...

    1. Thanks. I loved it as soon as I saw it. Though I do admit to altering the settings a bit. The original was a bit harsh. Hope you and your tongue had a nice time ;-)

  2. Yes that first picture is fantastic. I'm sure someone is feeling very submissive about now and hopefully with a sore bottom. I know you'll enjoy the DD play I sure would.

    1. Agreed. A recent favorite.

      I am feeling the subby vibe. Being locked tends to accentuate my situation. Rosa did a decent spanking, and certainly not a play one....but it wasn't severe and I recovered quickly, so no lingering soreness this time.