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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Another crossbow

Back in February of 2018, I constructed a crossbow that looked real and functioned, but only worked on the low level of a toy. I really don't have the space to fire a true 300 lb+ draw weight weapon capable of killing and wanted the piece as both wall decor and prop for our annual RenFaires. You can refer back to those posts: Crossbow Project & Finished Crossbow, if you wish. 

Now, with time to indulge in more hobbies, I am planning to make another, but I want this one to be smaller and look more like a museum piece rather than a re-enactment weapon. I started to research some genuine pieces and am trying to decide which one......or which combination of designs.......I am going to attempt to make. Here are the candidates:

1: mostly wood but with an elegant profile.

2: Ivory and wood arbalest......but difficult to make out the detail.

3. Beautiful but intricate carving...... this would take some time.

4: Very nice but a bit too reminiscent of the one I already made.

5. A bit stocky, but still nice.

6. A strong contender......but not a definite.

7. A beautiful, but mostly ivory, piece.

8. Again a lot of carving, I particularly like the shape of the butt.

9. A nice blend of wood and ivory......the side design would be very difficult to replicate, but worth the effort. I don't like the exaggerated hook to the trigger mechanism though.

Each has a charm I appreciate, and each has its own set of creative challenges, but overall I feel like a "kid in a candy store" with these possibilities and have bounced from one to the next with equal enthusiasm......only to go back to another, and then another. I can't even claim a leading contender because as soon as I think I have one, I see something in another that lures me away.

One departure that is definite is that those shown which are true 'arbalests' (having a steel rather than wooden 'bow') would only be used as inspiration for the body of my weapon, since I am not going to use steel. I also find myself leaning to designs with both ivory and wood.....but almost all have that to some degree.



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    1. Yeah, that's the problem. I am getting closer to a decision though......which is something of a hybrid of favorite patterns on favorite shapes. Probably a #8 shaped piece decorated like #6, with a trigger like #3.