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Friday, March 27, 2020

Beleaguered conservatives

On Dan’s blog a reader brought up something I have heard many times: "In today’s world, as long as you’re bashing Trump…then it’s okay to make any nasty, mean spirited, inaccurate comment you want…simply because it’s him. If anyone wants to test that premise, T fan or not, just as a fun exercise to illustrate my point…..just start inserting “Obama” into some of the PERSONAL attack comments (not policy or “job related”) that are so welcomed these days. The world would implode."

That would have gone over really well.

Or imagine I suppose this type of treatment for Trump?

Classy, right?

Or here's a nice one. Very pro-Obama and so respectful. 

If what is in that quoted assertion IS the case, then I would say, while legal under the First Amendment, it's not particularly fair or nice. it true?  What’s interesting is that it is simply not my experience and I even have a fairly quick and revealing exercise to prove my point. I actually offered a slightly different version of this exercise in my "Experiment" post on June 14th, 2018.

Now, since that post dealt more with the antagonism between left and right and this is more focused on Trump, I changed the parameters to meet that distinction. In thinking of the two extremes one side could cruelly mock with regard to Trumpian politics, ‘Conservative vs. Liberal’ is a pretty solid pairing. So go to Google search, specifically “images” and type in “conservative Trump memes”. Observe the results. Now type in “liberal Trump memes” and observe the results. Now, tell me that there is this huge anti-conservative imbalance. 

An example of a "liberal" Trump meme?

One would have expected "conservative Trump memes" to be pro-Trump and anti-liberal.....and they are. But you would then think that "liberal Trump memes" would be anti-Trump, and they're not. The memes are a repeat of what one finds on the other search. Why? If everything is so predisposed to being anti-Trump, why is the search not more balanced, or even imbalanced in favor of the liberal view?

Since Trump vs. Obama was the main example given, I then decided to use that. Searching "Trump vs. Obama memes" yielded a far more balanced result, BUT it was definitely balanced. There was no preponderance of pro-Obama material. But search "Trump vs. Obama cartoons" and it's heavily weighted towards anti-Obama pieces. Interesting.

Where I will concede an imbalance in opposition to Trump is on "late night" TV shows. But when you look at where these shows are produced and the people hosting them, that isn't surprising. In contrast, talk radio in my anecdotal experience seems slanted the other way. So, I would say that at the very least, things are balanced. 

Now, in real life things change drastically depending on where you live, what you're doing, and who you are talking to. I live in a very "blue" state, but I can easily locate fanatical pro-Trump people just by realigning my targeted audience. In fact, here's something that can occasionally be seen in parking lots all along our highways:

I took this shot from my cell phone. This thing is legit and makes the rounds regularly.

I have seen no such anti-Trump travelling side-show. Among my circle, there is also balance. I know all kinds of people. However, the ONLY ones who ever send really nasty, almost hateful crap via email are the conservatives. In fact, this is kind of my usual experience. I see strong anti-Trump people and some are admittedly a bit crazy, but the really ugly commentary almost always comes from the right. 

One frustration my conservative friends have is their inability to use their usual anti-liberal/anti-Democrat tropes on me. I am no fan of the Democrats as a group. I have not voted for a Democratic presidential candidate in decades. I didn't vote for Obama and I didn't vote for Hillary, and I only voted for Bill once. In fact, I have often said that one of the main reasons I hate Trump is that because of him, I have had to back away from my criticism of woke-liberals, hypocritical Democrats, and incompetent media coverage. He has forced me to take sides with people I would rather be criticizing. 

Whenever I have nodded along with a pro-Trumper's attack on Hillary or some of the hypocrisy in the Obama administration, or some far-left woke nonsense, they lose their steam. Then, when I confront them on the factual issues I have with Trump, things that came not from slanted media coverage but his own mouth, they sort of slump. Several times they have mumbled things like, "yeah, I wish he wouldn't say/do stuff like that."

So, let's put on our big-boy pants here. Conservatives are the ones who popularized the derisive epithet "snowflake". Doing so was brilliant. An effective strategy is to accuse the other side of whatever you feel most insecure about yourself. Trump does this so frequently it's almost funny.  But while I know plenty of liberal snowflakes, I also have seen conservatives cry 'foul' way more often than these self-proclaimed stoics of 'saying it like it is' and to stand tough would like to admit. 

In want to say Obama abused the office in international policy? I'll agree. You want to call Hillary a crook? I'll agree and probably chuckle as well. You want to say that a woke liberal getting riled over someone wearing a Native American costume for Halloween is ridiculous? I'll pat your back. But, if you then start to feel a bit more comfortable around me and say something like 'marriage is between a man and a woman only' or 'it's supposed to be Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve', I'll probably tell you to extend the same entitlement to living as you want for yourself to these know, the American way. And, if you tell me......with a straight face......that Trump is sincerely putting America and the planet above his own needs, always tells the truth, and is a very moral and religious man? Well, sorry. You've just traded in your credibility for mindless adherence to the tenets of your tribe. So please spare your tears over how shamefully your hero is being treated. I have no sympathy, he is a name-calling bully who will say ANYTHING. Remember, nobody admires a snowflake.

And that truth swings left and right like a pendulum in a tornado.


  1. Great post. That second meme gets distributed to all my conservative snowflake friends -- perfect summary of their total hypocrisy.

    FYI, I'm sure that readers of my current post assume I'm a hard core liberal Democrat. Hardly. I began political life as a Reagan Republican. I voted for Bush I on the first round, then voted for Clinton, twice. I cast very unenthusiastic votes for Gore and Kerry. I voted for Hillary over Obama in their Democratic primary and still think I was right on that one. I anticipated casting an enthusiastic vote for John McCain, right up until he picked the Alaska Airhead for VP. I'm fairly ideological and fairly low when it comes to partisanship, meaning I care about issues and about institutions and will vote for whomever best matches my position on those issues, recognizing that it's always going to be a mixed bag because I'm always in that middle ground of being too pro-defense and too fiscally conservative to fit well with the Dems when they go far left, but I'm very libertarian on most social issues, way too much so to fit in with a Republican party that's increasingly hostage to the evangelicals.

    1. Thanks, Dan. I hate hypocrisy as you know....and it doesn't matter to me what color flag it occurs under. No 'tribe' is immune.

      Also, I knew some of your political bio from past conversations, but this was a bit more detailed. It was interesting seeing where our independent circles overlapped and where they didn't. Interesting that you voted for Clinton twice but also voted for Reagan. I never trusted Reagan. I supported Clinton somewhat suspiciously the first time and not the second. Agree on Palin.....loved "Alaska Airhead". Socially we same identical: be humane and fair but not fashionably 'woke' over every whiny-bitch issue.

      In fact, I now have ANOTHER idea for a post! ;-)

    2. es, the "woke" crap is almost as annoying as Trumper hypocrisy. Check out this clip from the 2019 Democratic Socialists of America convention. I bust up every time I listen to this guy whining about being "triggered" by noise -- at a convention!

    3. I don't think you included the link in either post. Please try again. I would definitely give it a view.

    4. Oops. Here you go:

    5. Good lord. I think I have an appropriate non-gender specific reply to that guy at the end.

  2. I'm just very disappointed in the (United States of)America(n) people as a whole. Their totally blindly following an unethical person "just because" and not seeing through the lies, and accepting the sexism and racism as well.

    Morality? There is none! Kindness is seriously lacking, and we now live in a world where martial law is a distinct possibility. I'm not an alarmist, the writing is on the wall, and WE ARE FUCKED!

    1. Hey there, dear. Don't fall prey to being too despondent. There is a lot of decency out there. In fact, one of the hardest things for me to sometimes deal with is the frequent pairing of decency and stupidity. So often we see stupidity resulting in cruelty, but it is amazing how often it flips positively.

      As a pragmatist, I don't care much where decency or kindness originate as long as it manifests.

      And I disagree on morality. It exists. You just have to look harder to find it because too often 'morality' is misused as a synonym for "xenophobic traditionalism" even when it expresses itself in immoral ways. It's almost as if immorality that comes out of a traditional, white, patriarchal traditionalism is preferential to many to truly honorable behavior in people who don't fit that mold.

      And don't underestimate how ugly people have always gotten from the beginning of human interaction, when things got scary. It's just part of our survivalist programming. The 'better angels' are still there though.

    2. And I'm doing my best to be a beacon for others.

      It's just hard, I avoid the TV news because Trump is all I see, and it's discouraging, and the people I encounter when I'm out seem to have no concept of how important it is to stay healthy. I got to the grocery store during "senior Time" and arrived at 7:30, and what so I see? A man coughing everywhere, not bothering to cover it, and a young couple with an infant and toddler in tow! Tell me what's wrong with this picture...

      I'm responsible for three other people besides myself, each of them at high risk. Let's just say that depending on others to follow instructions is discouraging.

    3. You are in a more difficult position than most. Do what you need to to protect both your mental and physical health.

      Rosa tells me 'hospital horror stories' on a regular basis. People are idiots......but that's nothing new.