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Monday, March 30, 2020

Covid-19 goes viral

During the week of the 16th through the 20th my honey, Rosa, kept me locked and frustrated as she had me change her after work and see to her needs and wants. On one of those days, she sent me this:

That Celtic Knot locket around Rosa's neck discreetly houses the key to the chastity device I was wearing for her.

My honey works at a hospital as a billing person in the E.R. She deals directly with patients but thankfully is protected by a glass window and hospital-issued masks. Dealing daily with this somewhat scary reality has prompted us to strive to find things to enjoy in the midst of it all. 

NJ is struggling as the 'other NY'. We are right behind them in cases, with double to triple the number of cases in any other state. 

State &  Total Cases         
New York        59,648          
New Jersey      13,386  
California         6,358
Michigan          5,486
Massachusetts 4,955
Florida         4,950
Washington 4,896
Illinois         4,596
Louisiana         3,540
Pennsylvania 3,419
Texas         2,808  
Georgia      2,683  
Colorado    2,307  
Connecticut 1,993  
Tennessee         1,818  
Ohio                 1,653   
Indiana         1,514  
Maryland         1,239  
North Carolina 1,167   
Wisconsin         1,154  
Nevada            920  
Arizona            919  
Missouri            903  
Virginia            890  
Alabama            827   
Mississippi            758  
Utah                    719   
Oregon            548   
Minnesota            503  
Arkansas            449   
Kentucky            439  
Oklahoma            429  
District Of Columbia 401  
Iowa                    336   
Kansas            319  
Idaho            310
Rhode Island    294  
New Hampshire    258
Maine            253
New Mexico    237
Vermont            235
Delaware            232  
Hawaii            175
Montana            161
West Virginia    124
Nebraska            120
Alaska            102
North Dakota         98
South Dakota      90
Wyoming              87
We are in a Governor-mandated curfew and self-isolating. Non-essential businesses are closed. Yet you rarely hear anything about us. It's amazing. The news talks about NY, which makes sense, but then you hear about California, Florida, and others but we are like the forgotten ugly step-sister.

But that's OK, we're used to it.


  1. Yeah, but you guys will always have Springsteen and the Sopranos!

    1. LOL....Great. We get an incoherent mumbler and a watered-down Godfatheresque telenovela as our claims to fame? Why not toss in "Jersey Shore" to twist that knife? ;-)

      Not a fan of Springsteen or the you might have guessed. ;-) And don't suggest Bon Jovi either. Applejack was invented in NJ though.....and we do grow some kick-ass corn and tomatoes!

    2. Here are likes we really disagree on! LOL. I think the Sopranos still sets the bar for every cable series that has come since.

    3. Interesting. I couldn't even get through one episode without rolling my eyes and giving up.

      For me? Best "series" ever: I. Claudius

      More recently, I found Breaking Bad to be practically perfect with about two or three momentary 'lapses' in its entire 5 seasons.

      Currently, Mindhunter is pretty well-written, and I was fairly surprised at how well-done "The Watchmen" series was for a 'superhero' story.

      Several other series amused me for a time and then didn't know how or when to call it quits. Probably the single most admirable theme in most of the series I enjoy is: having a solid story to tell, doing so with great writing and acting, and then being done with it. Have an end in mind when you begin. Don't just milk it until the teat runs dry.

    4. I recently rewatched Breaking Bad. I rate it #2 behind the Sopranos. Season 4 was incredibly boring, but other than that it was great. The Netflix "sequel," El Camino, is pretty good.

      The Crown is also worth a look if you haven't seen it. Even has some pretty strong D/s themes.

    5. El Camino was pretty good. I was particularly impressed with the use of "Skinny Pete". I'm sure The Crown is well done, but the subject does not appeal to me.

      BTW, wondering if you viewed Maron yet? I just watched a third one from a few years ago, 'Thinky Pain'. (One thing I caught in this old one was his optimism for his third marriage, when in his more recent one he refers to himself as being three times I guess that didn't work out as planned.)

  2. Is Rosa smiling under that mask KD , teasing you with that darn key ?
    Hang in there will get better.

    1. She definitely enjoyed the teasing and I ended up with an earthquake of an O when it was all over!

  3. Well....

    It can't be easy. Consider the density of population when it comes to those numbers, and it's not counting the ones that haven't been tested or reported either.

    Just stay safe!

    1. You are correct. Everyone keeps talking about California and we have way more cases in a space a fraction of the size.

      And we're trying.

  4. I have to admit that in "upstate" NY we do cast a disparaging eye on NJ license plates "invading". Any time, not just during this crisis.
    My wife is a nurse, but she provides in home IV care, so her patients are very sheltered from virus contact.
    I heard from a niece who is a nurse in Washington and it is very bad.
    Using the same mask for 5 days until it just wore out and broke. Her husband is a security guard in the hospital, moving stretchers on the elevator wearing a construction dust mask. They have a 47 year old friend, was healthy, now likely to not live to the end of the week.
    Things could be worse, and likely will.

    1. When it comes to license plates, we do the same......but to be honest, it's mostly due to 'city drivers' from NY who feel things like alternate merges do not apply to them. ;-)

      You are lucky with your wife's situation. It would be way more scary for her in a hospital situation. I feel a little lucky that Rosa is behind glass.

      That story on your 47 year old friend is both tragic and.....frankly scary.

      Stay safe. Stay healthy!