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Sunday, March 15, 2020

Early St. Pat's

Saturday we held our annual St. Patrick's Day dinner for family and one friend. I know I've done this 'look' before, but each year we do tweak both the table setting and menu a bit. This year I used a different runner and of course we used our new distressed plates.

The next shot is the offering of Irish whiskeys that I put out. I should mention that our friend added a bottle of Powers to this collection so the choices were varied. The quality of this ensemble though is beyond reproach. I also picked up some Innis & Gunn limited edition Irish stout aged in Irish whiskey barrels. It was a little sweet but the whiskey note was quite pronounced, giving the ale a satisfying balance.

I didn't make too many changes to the usual dinner fare. The meal began with an Irish pub recipe for an offering of mustardy/vinegary eggs and beets on a toast. The soup course followed with the traditional potato and leek soup that has become a favorite. The next course was new: another pub appetizer of little pastry-tarts filled with smoked salmon in a quiche-like mixture of sour cream, horseradish, dill, capers, and egg yolk. (It was AMAZING!!!!) The main course was traditional corned beef and cabbage along with colcannon and honeyed parsnips. Soda bread was available on the side with my own seasoned whipped butter (I use a mix of fresh chives along with a bit of celery salt and celery seed) to lend some character to the otherwise dry, bland loaf.

My daughter is pregnant and cannot drink and her husband never does, so I also made an array of special and interesting non-alcoholic cocktails which they loved. (one was a variation of homemade ginger ale and the other was a concoction of a 'syrup' made from steeping citrus zests and rosemary sweetened with honey and water and then adding the concentrated result to club soda with a garnish. The garnish was my own idea of a little floating 'island' of orange slice with a little rosemary-sprig "tree" in the center.)

Our theme movie was "The Commitments" and there was pool playing afterward. Of course Irish music spanning several decades was played throughout.....except during the movie LOL.

As get-togethers go, this one was practically perfect all around!


  1. Such elegance. I'm inspired to sit down at the table when I have my next meal instead of standing over the sink.

  2. It really is a beautiful table. Genuine art-in-living.

    1. Thanks, Tomy. That was very nice of you to say. I shared your comments with Rosa and she was very appreciative. We both liked your last phrase because it is kind of one of our life philosophies.