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Wednesday, March 11, 2020


In just about a week, it will be......Spring!!! And the traditional harbinger of said season is the robin:

Little Robin Redbreast
Sat upon a rail;
Niddle noble went his head,
Widdle waggle went his tail

They are already all over my yard. And I'm hoping they use the special birdhouse I built just for them. (Robins won't use a traditional birdhouse, preferring more of a lean-to design.)  And in less than a week it will also be St. Patrick's Day........which calls for a Redbreast all of its own:

Forget the cheap stuff, THIS is the way to enjoy the 17th!

Granted there are even better Irish whiskeys out there ( Bushmills 21? ) but if you are on a budget and are going to have several guests over, at $55 -$65 a bottle, Redbreast 12 is a mighty fine choice.  But lastly, as the host of an ostensibly kinky blog, I would be remiss if I didn't conclude with one more 'redbreast' image:

Stimulating on several fronts....(with at least two you can see)....but probably burns way more than the very smooth Irish whiskey I just recommended.

Of course, for this version you need not wait a week to indulge.


  1. ive always been parial to tits / chickadee over robins myself

    the lady in the picture appears to have an anguished look on her face. real as you tend to like or do you think staged?

    1. I like the 'tits' pun.

      To answer your question, I honestly assume ALL photographed expressions are fake....even amateur ones. As humans in a technical society, we have been learning to 'mug' for camera lens from earliest childhood and for generations!

      The only time I assume an expression is genuine is if the situation seems truly candid or if the action depicted overwhelmingly supports the emotion a person crying at a funeral. Anything with models I assume always to be faked to some degree.