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Thursday, March 12, 2020

Secret project

Among the myriad of indoor/outdoor projects I have been working on, like this outdoor potting table I just made from leftover pressure-treated lumber from the chaise lounges I did last year.....

The legs are from the old deck I took down for Nickki & Jean.

......there is one that would be of more interest to readers of a kinky blog. It is not spanking oriented though. Instead it involves 'pegging'............mechanical pegging to be precise. 

Unfortunately machines of the type shown here are ridiculously expensive.

So what I am doing is re-purposing a rather basic mechanical tool I already own:

My plan is to take this tool, turn it upside-down, replace the blade with a secure, safely-attached dildo, and securely mount it under a kind of scaled-down queening chair. 

This is not exactly what I'm attempting, but you get the idea.

I have experimented with some of the various elements, but have not completed the entire ensemble. What I have determined is that this will I just need to make it solid and simple. I will post updates as the project nears completion. But for the sake of explanation, what I'm after is a set-up wherein I would be seated on a 'stool' of sorts ( re-purposing an old 'torture seat' for this.) and the modified jigsaw would be under me. The jigsaw would be preset to an appropriate speed. The downside of my design is that the speed would only be open to adjustment prior to use. However, the ability to turn the machine on and off would be controlled by a switch extension cord. 

Rosa would be able to sit across from me and turn the machine on and off according to her whim. Given my nature I am looking for the experience to not be excessively torturous, but not really enjoyable either. That's the purpose in using a machine rather than doing this like we used to. Rosa can easily tun the thing on and leave it on way past the point of comfort. The goal is to go from stimulating to a state of worn-out rawness.....kind of like the difference between an erotic spanking and a punishment.

In looking for images for this, I came across the following GIF. I am not a big fan of gratuitous motion for an image, but I do appreciate when the movement is crucial to the 'joke' as in this one:

Not particularly realistic, but quite amusing.


  1. Great job on the potting table. I think the other project is very interesting and had similar thoughts using a sawzall but thought that might be too powerful. The gig saw could be just right a reostat could be used to control the speed.

    1. Thanks.

      I looked into rheostats and they are not recommended for motors....but I'm not expert. I can adjust the speed with the tool itself but it would be hard to change it once it's in use.

  2. Very nice table. Are you planning to do any more of those miniature stage sets you did before? I loved those.

    1. Thanks.

      I have an outdoor set planned but it is a project down the probably late Spring at best.