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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Who are you? Who who who who

Internet anonymity is a mixed blessing from the outset, but when tainted with dishonesty it is a troubling area with the potential to betray trust. It is a common theme in psychology that even in real life, we all wear masks. But the anonymity of the Internet allows that 'mask' to become an entire identity, and fake identities can hurt the feelings of real people.

About twenty years ago or more, there was a blog/forum/website "Patty & Ron's Chastity" ostensibly run by Patty. It included personal anecdotes, advice, interaction with visitors, and even photos of the two. After a while two things happened. Naturally guests like myself and others who were engaged in chastity play in RL became a 'family of friends'. But at the same time, there was a troubling series of inexplicable inconsistencies. Every time Patty & Ron went on a vacation, they would post very sexy, even racy photos of the two of them. And there were always pictures of Ron in his chastity cage. But what you never saw was Patty in any of the chastity pictures, not one, not even holding a key.

With all of the pictures of Patty and  Ron published on that forum, you'd think something as simple as this would be routine.......yet even after being requested, it was an image never to be seen.

Some visitors challenged this and were promptly beaten down by Patty's more avid...even rabid... fans. "Patty" also had a friendship with me, with private emails, exchanges of photos, anecdotes and advice. But after a while, even I said to 'her' privately that she should just quell the doubters with a simple shot of her with Ron in his cage. She always had an excuse and eventually her excuses and refusal to do this simple thing made me suspicious as well. So I pulled back and did not participate like I used to....even feeling  foolish for having trusted this person. 

A short while later, I found out from one of the 'family of friends' that things eventually hit a crescendo and Ron confessed to having been "Patty" all along, and that as wild as the couple seemed, and while really a couple, Patty had no chastity interaction with Ron at all and so he was using the website forum as his outlet. One couple I knew.....a very nice husband and wife....were so devastated that they not only quit the site, but the Internet itself. They disappeared from everywhere they used to post feeling that they could no longer trust anyone anywhere.

I tell this story because it is one personal to me......but certainly nothing unique. To say Ron was some rare anomaly would be foolish and naive. The "Rons" of the adult internet circuit abound. And while I understand them, I also despise them. After the things I discussed and shared with Ron, thinking he was someone else, I feel I could easily, guiltlessly bludgeon the fucker if I ever met him.

How many Rons are out there?

I also tell this story as a warning. It's a warning to my fellow cyber-friends to be ever-vigilant lest you be betrayed one day as well. And it's a warning to the Rons out there: You may think what you are doing is helping you, or is fun for you, and is hurting no one. But it is. As Merlin said in EXCALIBUR:

 So stop. And if you come here, come as who you really are and be welcome for who you are, because if I find out you aren't what you say, I will expose you to everyone.

There is another lesson here. Even if you are who you say you are, be careful not to present fiction as fact. Don't even lie about silly stuff for some whimsical reason, because if you lie about one thing, how can anyone trust you about anything?....especially things that seem somewhat unbelievable in the first place? In fact, if you visit an adult blog that posts adventures, I would say that if the adventure is fairly 'out there', adopt the philosophy of one of our regulars here, Merry: "Pictures, or it didn't happen." There is simply no reason in this day and age why a cell phone shot can't be used to confirm the most outlandish of stories....even if heads are cut off for anonymity. And if those shots aren't there? Don't believe the story. The world has enough mendacity, and while it's easy to perpetrate lies anonymously online, the practice is not welcome. At least not here, not with me.


A special image for Danielle:
Aristotle & Phyllis
(there's also a sculpture of this that used to be on exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.)

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Spring cocktail

So far in NJ the warm, sunny days have been rare even as the trees are in full bloom and the earliest bulbs have already faded. It seems as though we are paying for each nice day with a 3 to 4 day run of gray, chilly drizzle. But, I am optimistic that the sun will eventually come out it seems to be doing right now. 

When I am feeling the vernal season in me, my tastes turn to lighter, more aromatic and herbal libations. I stop buying porters and stouts and seek out hoppy IPAs and most especially, saison ales. And when it comes to cocktails, I retire the ones with whiskey bases and turn to gin.

Last year I went through a period where I became fixated on Vesper Martinis. I made sure to keep a fresh lemon handy from which to shave curled fragrant peels to drop into the gin and Lillet combination. Recently I have been tempted by the popularity of elderflower liqueur and decided to give it a try. My only fear was that it might be too floral for my tastes. However, one reviewer stated its character was more akin to lychee than rose petal, so I boldly picked up a bottle and tried it straight......and they were precisely correct.

St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

There are several elderflower-infused cocktails out there but none quite checked all of my boxes, so I experimented and ended up with my own recipe......a variation of that classic Vesper I mentioned earlier. I call it "Vesper the Elder"......even though it is much younger than the Vesper, LOL. Getting the ratio right was the biggest challenge once I settled on the ingredients, and switching the garnish from lemon to orange just made sense with the elderflower element. 


1 part Lillet
1 part St. Germain elderflower
2 parts gin

garnish with an orange peel

As I've stated in other gin-based drinks, I rarely use 
ice and I NEVER shake them. Instead I keep my gin in 
the freezer, and many of my mixers, like vermouth and Lillet,
in the refrigerator. This way everything is quite chilled 
from the start and requires merely the gentlest of
swirled stirring.....but you do need to stir it since the elderflower
is very heavy and will otherwise just sit on the
it deceptively did for me when I thought my pour was sufficient agitation.

It has rapidly become a favorite for me and so I wanted to share the recipe here. If you are unsure about the St. Germain, you can purchase it in a smaller size, and even in those little "airplane bottles" for around $4. This way you can try it and not commit to a $30 purchase that ends up covered in dust.

The drink is somewhat herbal, but not perfumey. It is also a bit sweeter than what I usually prefer, but again, not anywhere near as sweet as most cocktails. It just has a nice "Winter's over but it's still not baking hot Summer" vibe, with the hint of the garden mixed with the refreshment of gin. Let me know if you try it!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Not so trivial trivia

It's been a while since I related an adventure, not because none have happened, but because, while they were personally enjoyable, none seemed noteworthy. Recently however, I have been in the midst of an ongoing one that ended last evening and resulted in some fun pictures.

What made this particular adventure interesting was that it had several aspects that spread out like tickling tentacles in different directions. Here to keep things brief are some related issues that all contributed to it:

- Ana had mischievously promised to make sure to 'get me in trouble' on a planned trip home from dental school a while back. 

- Covid-19 intervened, and the trip never happened.

- As movie fans, Ana and I were keeping in touch with an energetic exchange of movie quote trivia questions for several weeks. 

- One day, in a particularly playful exchange about missing each other, I reminded her that she never got her chance to get me in trouble but under the circumstances had an idea. Further discussion ended with a playful solution. She would send me 10 movie quotes. For each one I missed, I would earn 50 spanks. After my turn, I would send her 1 quote, and if she got it right, whatever tally I accrued would be doubled. She would then text her mom, my Rosa, to execute the sentence!

-All throughout, Rosa seemed like she sort of wanted to get me over her lap, but seemed somehow stuck in a rut of hesitation.

So, about a week ago, I believe it was Thursday, Ana sent me the 10 quotes. Several were easy, others familiar but not definite, and a few that I had a strong feeling were from things I had never seen. I texted my Monster and asked for what I thought was a fair renegotiation: if I got a quote wrong from a movie I never saw, I'd get no penalty, but if I got one wrong from something I did see I'd get 100 instead of 50. She agreed since the total would probably come out about the same and seem more earned and fair.

Somehow I confused this Braveheart quote with Bladerunner.

I got several right, didn't know a few movies she thought I had seen and got two wrong that I should have known. I also got one wrong from Twilight, a movie she said I technically saw the beginning of...... but I found that a stretch. So I made another deal with her. She had not yet been given her 'doubler' question, and I said if she insisted on counting Twilight I would make it hard and I'd end up with 300 smacks, but if she let me slide on Twilight, I would make her quote easy and I'd end up with 400. She naturally went with the latter and aced her quote.

The other quote I am ashamed to admit I got wrong.

So, now here it is Thursday night. I had just had a couple of nice cocktails and was texting with my Monster who was in a particularly playful mood. I had just conceded that my total penalty would be 400 spanks and now we were engaged in some teasing banter. A lot of Ana's comments were suggestions over potential treats she should get for going through the trouble of making up the quiz, mixed with teases over how I have spoiled her. So, in that daring mindset one sometimes finds oneself in, I told her that she would not only get the treats she wanted but I would give her the chance to add any bonus amount to my total she wanted and I wouldn't complain......kind of a token concession to her whim. I had figured she'd say something like, "add on another 100" or something like that. So what was my wide-eyed surprise when she texted back "300"! What a MONSTER!

This was the 'softball' I pitched to Ana, which took my 200 to 400.

The next day, Ana texted Rosa, who was home, to give me 700 HARD spanks as my earned penalty for a movie trivia game. Rosa naturally agreed immediately. Ana then texted me that my fate was sealed and that Rosa now knew about my penalty and agreed to execute it. So that gave me the lunchtime opportunity to tell Rosa all about how the game came about and my surprise at her daughter's ease in arbitrarily adding 300 to my earned total. She naturally didn't seem surprised that Ana would do something like that. Rosa then informed me I would get two installments of 350 each on in the morning and the other later in the day.

Since I knew I would probably write this up for you all, I asked Rosa to snap an after shot while I was still over her lap. She gave me a rare warm-up........something she hardly ever does.....but she told me after was intentional because she wanted to condition me for a hard conclusion. And that was exactly what she did! The last 200 were blistering! Here are the shots:

Under those sheets are Rosa's legs. I was surprised that they didn't show and was a little disappointed by that. Rosa said she'd make sure they were visible after the second installment....but it was a chilly evening.

A better shot she took of the swollen patches. You can see that telltale white dusting in the centers. And again.....her legs are indeed under me.

Later that day, something came up postponing round 2. Sunday was another series of circumstances that also postponed things though Rosa seemed eager to finish. It wasn't until yesterday that Rosa insisted that there were be no more postponements. She was in another very playful but aggressive mood and was very determined to redden my butt. And it was she that informed me she would use her own cell phone this time to take the shots and made sure her legs and feet were visible so that I post them here for all to see. Rosa isn't usually that exhibitionistic, but she repeated that she was happy to show off her power to take me across her lap!

Despite starting off with a bizarre pre-spanking laughing fit, the second spanking was equally blistering with no warm-up. In fact I even popped up involuntarily after a particularly vicious volley! She wasn't angry with me, but just enjoying the situation. Here are the shots from last complete with Rosa's legs and feet!

It was Rosa's idea to have her socks off and the paddle she used in the picture frame. She was in fact the one to place it there!

I tried to play with the setting to show how well-spanked my butt was, 
but this was the best I could get.

I cropped one shot to show off my Honey's beautiful feet.

So I am admittedly pretty tender right now as I type all of this, and Rosa did indeed text me to tease me about my butt AND about my posting this.  I know some of the more dedicated DD folks might not appreciate this adventure as much as a serious punishment.....but you all know we do those too.......just not this time.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Makes you wonder

When you consider:

1: Covid cases have been shown to disproportionately affect minority communities ( From the Washington Post: "A handful of states report coronavirus cases and death by race and ethnicity. In Illinois, black people are 14 percent of the population but account for 30 percent of the confirmed cases and 41 percent of the deaths. In North Carolina, where African Americans represent 22 percent of the population, they make up 37 percent of cases and 22 percent of deaths. Data from Louisiana, where black people make up 33 percent of the population, shows they represent more than 70 percent of covid-19 deaths.")

2: A lot of the states looking to reopen without widespread testing and without any demonstration of curve flattening are in the South.

3: Minorities in these states are concentrated in urban areas where infection rates are higher than in rural areas.

4: The businesses opening first in Georgia are nail salons and hair salons, nonessential businesses that are very popular with minority culture. Why not start with Starbucks?

......doesn't this at least have the appearance of traditionally racist states figuring that they may once again have a legal way to kill minorities on a pretty impressive scale all while being able to innocently claim "it's about the economy, dummy"?

Could Covid-19 accomplish the same goal on a much larger scale, more efficiently, and without getting one's hands dirty?

It's a terrible question to ask, and I certainly hope it's all just a series of terrible coincidences, but if one looks very coldly at the facts and the relative impact of bolstering a flagging economy while also eliminating a good portion of people that have historically been undesired at best, is it not frighteningly possible that it's intentional? And while I accept coincidence as part of the mathematical flukes in random chance, a lot of believers feel there are no coincidences. So........who knows? 

I have had similar thoughts about Trump and his coronavirus approach with New York and California. I have a hard time not thinking he'd like to reduce the overall urban numbers in these states, black and white, and maybe try for a popular vote win in November.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Dumb & Dumber

Today, as promised, I am going to take a look at American stupidity. And I'm going to do it through the eyes of the late, great George Carlin.

My point in this was that I felt it takes a degree of intelligence to compromise and therefore to erase lines of division. And only through reason and logic can viable routes to general happiness be found. Dan posited that I might be too naive in my belief that people essentially want the same things at a primal level, and he may be right. But before banning all the ills we think are plaguing us, why not start with a ban on stupidity? Even if it doesn't help to the degree I would hope, it couldn't hurt. 

An intelligent public could still have their own views, but they would be harder to trick, harder to mislead by a disingenuous and self-serving "tribal leader". Emphasis could shift to solution rather than mere emphatic declarations of position.

And when it comes to voting I personally would like to see a return to something like the old literacy tests, and to avoid any immigration issues, I would have no problem if they were available in multiple languages.  My issue is not so much English literacy as competence......the actual ability to think and reason. 

So perhaps we should have some sort of basic intelligence test? (Frankly, maybe there should be a device installed in babies that renders them temporarily infertile, until they grow up and pass a competency test, and then it can be turned on and they can breed?) We make people take driving tests, and yet we let anyone vote. Why? If we see the wisdom in not letting incompetents drive, why do we let them vote or breed?

"If you have selfish, ignorant citizens, you're gonna get selfish, ignorant leaders." -----George Carlin

"Proponents of tests to prove an applicant’s ability to read and understand English claimed that the exams ensured an educated and informed electorate. In practice they were used to disqualify immigrants and the poor, who had less education. In the South they were used to prevent African Americans from registering to vote. The Voting Rights Act ended the use of literacy tests in the South in 1965 and the rest of the country in 1970."---National Museum of American History

And if you think about it....things really started going to shit not long after. But like I said, these were 'literacy tests' and that's not really what the issue is. I don't care if you can read like Evelyn Wood..........if your understanding of what you read is infantile.

In conclusion, if you think stupidity isn't a threat.......

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers."------George Carlin

[ In researching this I found a few other Carlin gems. Perhaps I'll post them at a later date. ]

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

King Donald

I wasn't going to post today, since it's nice out and I want to do stuff in the garden. Besides, I just posted yesterday, and so far only Dan has weighed in. As stated, my next post was going to be a humorous look at American intelligence.....or the stunning lack thereof. However, I can't seem to just let yesterday's news, it wasn't a news conference. Hmmm, what was it? Not the more typical campaign rally disguised as Covid-19 virus update. Nope. I guess it was sort of a declaration of monarchy.

So, as is befitting a king, today I will salute the new monarch with a short cartoon montage appropriate for the occasion and this particular emperor himself. Enjoy.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Unity & Division

"We must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly, we will all hang separately"
-Benjamin Franklin

In a recent comment, our good friend, Tomy mentioned that the division we are experiencing as a country/society is weakening us from within. He suggested that it is better to seek a level of harmony than foster discord, adding that he prefers to try to avoid conflicts that would cause more division among people than there already is…….and admittedly there is quite a bit. However, I feel that while division is usually regarded as undesirable, there are pros and cons to both unity and division. 

Unity is certainly the ideal but it does require particular conditions for it to be efficacious. The best situation is naturally where unity exists because a group is in agreement. But there can be unity among differing parties if there is an underlying mission which supersedes the differences. The quote above is a prime example of this situation. Sure, there were arguments about what sort of government should be implemented after achieving independence, but achieving independence was still the unifying priority.

Rosa and I have long speculated that had Spain not appointed viceroys for its holdings in South America, once independence was achieved, the continent, perhaps with the exception of Brazil, would have ended up comparable in power to the United States. Simon Bolivar wanted this but was unable to convince those like Jose de San Martin to unite. Think of the richness of that continent united under one government constructed in a manner similar to our own and far less (though by no means immune) to petty corruption. Instead South America is a continent of individual countries, none of whom have the resource and power they would as one entity.

Jose, you should have listened to Simon!

Fast forward to 1861. The Civil War is fought primarily over the Federal government's assertion that a confederation of states could not secede from the aggregate of what was our unified nation. What better example of the concept of division compounded? The goal of keeping the country unified was so unyielding that we were willing to battle over it. In some ways you could say it was like when a woman wants to leave her husband and he beats her to make her stay. It was division and unity all rolled into one bloody conflict. But, given some of the ideological and financial differences, what alternative was there?

" 'A house divided against itself, cannot stand.'*  I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other. Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become lawful in all the States, old as well as new — North as well as South."- Abraham Lincoln

*This quote-within-a-quote is from Matthew 12:22-28

And that's kind of my point now. While unity would be great, which side is going to give in to the other? Should one side just give in to the other? Are there times when people should stick to their principles even if it means going separate ways? In some situations it would seem so. I think that if I was in a survival situation with a random group of people and a portion of them adamantly clung to strategies I felt would get me and my family and friends killed, I think I'd rather go our own way.....even if it meant a smaller number.....than risk being brought down not just from outside threats, but from danger within. I gave an example of how division in gardening is sometimes a good thing. You take a large clumping plant, like a hosta or daylily that has grown crowded and weak, and  fork-split it, and replant the smaller portions. Soon you have two thriving plants where you used to have one struggling one.

However, we are not plants, and not every situation is the same. As a country our strength can come from numbers. The political concept of divide et impera or "divide and conquer" is as old as it is effective. And if anyone thinks it is not being utilized today, think again. We will split over the most minute issues and in the process, trade in our strength ......which for a population is in numbers....... for impotence. As a country we wield enormous power both through our votes and our dollars spent. We could change ANYTHING. But we are far too preoccupied over bickering over minutiae to succeed, and our individual goals seem to be perpetually at odds. But are they?

What do people really want? What is important to them? Are these things radically different from person to person? Are the divisions we find ourselves facing more about method than goal? I think so. And there is a solution to 'divide & conquer' that is just as ancient: compromise and unite......with each word being of equal importance. Unity is the goal because that is what gives strength, but to unite without agreement is a fragile relationship. Compromise is also key.  But there is a tragic requirement for compromise that is sadly lacking in people: intelligence. One needs to be able to think, evaluate, and then reason. Unfortunately, people seem far more inclined to follow someone else whose motives are likely not as altruistic as one might hope, than think independently so they can unify collectively with conviction.

[ In the next installment, we are going to take a humorous look at the serious issue of stupidity and how it keeps us weak. ]

Sunday, April 12, 2020


While I found this meme pretty darned funny, here it's not a joke. I did formally cancel Easter for our usual crowd for this least for now. Many of you know we usually do quite a table each year along with a traditional Polish menu and annual backyard egg hunt. None of that is happening this year. ( I even added two sets of pretty pink Depression glass candlestick holders to our collection, and now they aren't even going to be used.)

Besides the candlestick holders, I also bought gold flatware for this year to match my mother's antique china. Oh well.

An old shot of a past Easter Table. Since these were taken, the table setting has grown to include matching chargers.

I suppose I could have just canceled visitors and still decorated and then done the traditional meal for just the four of us here, but that just didn't sit right with me. So I just called everyone a while back, made the announcement and then proceeded to do nothing I usually do. The house is not decorated at all. No eggs have been colored. I didn't bake a lamb cake, and we will not use the usual china for tonight's dinner.......although we will be having the ham I bought......but not with anything else I usually make it with.

The weather is pretty nice here in NJ today, so I have been re-potting some of my succulents, and Rosa is not feeling well either, though she has no fever. Still, I am a little concerned. But if whatever is coursing through her is the virus, she seems to be in the very, very mild end of the spectrum.

To be honest, all of this has taken a bit of an emotional toll on me, but I know it was the right decision.....especially given how my Honey is right now. Had we had guests......including my pregnant daughter, this would have been horrible.

Thursday, April 9, 2020


"Trump Derangement Syndrome"

Typically clever and sophisticated right-wing commentary.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing with real causes, behaviors, and perceptions. For more on the specifics, including how the term originated not for Trump but with George W. Bush, click here: ( LINK )  However, I feel like TDS is a lot like "Nazi", "facist", "libtard", or any other term sloppily applied to whatever target seems deserving of dismissive association to something generally considered bad. I have had arguments with people who have cavalierly tossed fascist around for anyone they didn't like, while having no clue as to what fascism actually means. ( LINK )  But, despite the term almost constantly misapplied today, fascism itself IS a real political ideology and real fascists have existed and still do.

I actually think this is pretty funny and not entirely detached from the truth. 

And just as with other pejoratives, I have seen both tribes launch their favorite catch-phrases at the other in their war over...................hmmmm, what IS the war over? I don't think it's land since we all occupy the same turf. And I don't think it's ideology, because when pressed the average person I talk to seems to have no great grasp of any particular personal ideology......other than just wanting to be able to live well, provide a better future for their children, and enjoy a fair share of contentment and reasonable amount of personal freedom. And just about everyone, regardless of their tribe color, seems to agree on that. So, what I believe it comes down to is simple tribal warfare. The blue warriors and red warriors are just fighting over the dictated ideologies of their tribal leaders and the anti-otherside propaganda fed to them by their tribe's primary news source. 

Maybe. At least certain news commentators would. But personally, I would be happy if he could just provide enough needed medical supplies for THIS crisis right now.

The problem with using "Trump Derangement Syndrome" as a dismissive tactic is that it reflects a kind of mutual derangement, a kind of 'derangement hypocrisy' in which each side accuses the other of being unhinged in some way. But there is a problem in dong this: by dismissing the person, you don't have to address their argument or accusation.  Or, if you do, it's only in the superficial reasoning of a child who when confronted with some misbehavior, retaliates with an accusation of his accuser's behavior rather than take responsibility for what he did. So this exchange:

Dad: "Son, I told you not to play ball in the house, and now you've broken a lamp!"

Son: "Yeah, but you said you were going to take me to the park and you didn't!"

....can be reduced to this:

Dad: "You are disobedient"

Son: "Yeah, but you are a liar."

Neither address the issues at hand which in this case are both actually true. The son did play ball in the house, and the father did break a promise. But when using derangement accusations, the problem worsens as there doesn't even need to be a discussion over the real issues at hand, because the argument has now been reduced to confronting not the issue but the accuser's inability to see the issue correctly. It would be as if the son in the previous example responded not with a counter-accusation but by telling the father that he is crazy, the window is not really broken, his irrational hatred towards his son only makes him think the window is broken. 'Don't believe what you see. Don't believe what you hear......believe what I tell you, or otherwise you might be deranged.'

A nice example of 'derangement hypocrisy' at work.

In a few of my past posts I have brought up certain issues, albeit coarsely, that have irritated me about Donald Trump. Each issue was something he actually said or did. None were hearsay or propaganda, even though there is certainly plenty of that around. No, these were direct actions....facts as it were.....(as if facts have any significance anymore). No one explained why the actions I found reprehensible were actually good things, but instead I was accused of TDS. Well, given my vehemence, I can see how I would be an easy target for such an accusation. But, as they say in the law, "truth is a defense".  If Trump was NOT a "Lying Shitbag" I would certainly be deranged to think he was. But his words and actions speak for themselves. As I've said before I don't need some right wing or left wing 'talking head' to do my thinking for me.

You can definitely toss religious leaders into that mix, George.

I also question the validity of substituting accusations of insanity for a serious debate on the issues at hand. Not only is this disingenuous on an intellectual level, but it is sullied by the mere fact that pro-Trumpers have delighted and bragged over the seeming success of the tactic of saying or doing things that drive the other side crazy. 

If your goal is to drive your opposition crazy rather than debate them, then how can you gloat over when they react? There truly is a grade-school meanness to this "I'm not touching you, is this bugging you? I'm not touching you"- style of conflict resolution.

I thought the whole point behind 'checks & balances' was for neither party to ever have to feel this that we as citizens never have to feel our president is out of control. 
ANY president from either party. When this system breaks down it is not irrational to be concerned.

Attacking sanity and ability to reason is muddy terrain for a tribe of idol-worshipers. I have posted this before, but take another look and tell me that the person or people behind this are sane:

Score one 'insanity point' for the Red Team.

In conclusion, while I recognize that TDS does exist and that there are definitely some for whom it accurately applies (I know one in particular that could well be the poster child for it.)  Becoming irate over statements and policies that violate not merely political ideologies, but the very essence of decency, is not the reaction of an unreasonable or deranged person. Rather it is the duty of someone who cares about our country, government, and people to call out such garbage for what it is. So don't evade the uncomfortable facts with Fox News catchphrases. If you disagree, state your case.....if you have one. Otherwise, unlike Cheech & Chong, I don't need to TASTE the dog shit to avoid stepping in it.

[ In an upcoming post I will be addressing a topic inspired by Tomy concerning the relative benefits and pitfalls of unity versus division. Spoiler: neither is always good. ]

Monday, April 6, 2020


Like any human being, I can't take an unlimited amount of crap before exploding. A short while back I did a few politically-themed posts and then took a break from that to post some project stuff. And just as I take breaks from political writing, I also sometimes need to take a break from listening to or reading too much news. At bare minimum I always read enough each day to stay current, but unless I feel overwhelmed I frequently pursue much more than just the daily 'need-to-knows'.

A couple of days ago I went on a short news break, but it wasn't long before I felt confronted by one inexplicable outrage after another, until I literally felt like lifting my replica mace off the wall and SMASHING things......just to let off steam. 

This mace-wielding 6" plastic knight made by Marx back in the mid-60s was among my favorite toys as a boy. I even purchased a re-issue of this set and have them in my collection room. He's ready to smash and so am I.

Here is a short list of the most recent affronts to my sanity:

1: Trump uses his news conference not to inform us on Covid-19 updates and progress, but to brag about a renewed push to battle illegal drugs. What a transparent act of self-serving misdirection! First, THIS is NOT a priority right now. Second......if you really want to shut down the cartels, just legalize and stop the nonsense. Third, I couldn't listen to anyone else speak on the topic without noticing that at least half of their podium time was devoted to sycophantically thanking the president. I wondered if it would have been more time efficient to just have Trump bend over the podium with his pants down so that Barr and the others could just line up and take turns licking his crack as he rambled on. It was so apparent to me that this was such a blatant publicity stunt that I was amazed at how little was written about it. I think that's because very few want to come out and criticize anything that "fights drugs". It's a political waltz to a song out of tune. So......


2: Then he fired Michael Atkinson and defended it in a typically Trumpian trash-mouth shit-shower of insults and lies. To be honest, there was a certain inevitability to this, but the timing? The need? The mendacity coating it?


But the one that really got me was #3: In an act of pure deadly, cruel, petty spite, President Shit-bag refused to re-open the enrollment for the Affordable Care Act  coverage. Even his own party supported this. Yeah, one could say, "oh you should have thought about that before the pandemic." But is this who we are? Now? During this? I mean, who would it hurt? With Easter so close one could say that if Jesus was willing to be crucified and die just to open the gates of heaven, why wouldn't that paragon of morality we have staining the White House furniture open these "gates"? He doesn't even have to suffer to do it. Is it because people refer to it as "Obamacare"? 

It is just so.............shitty. It's the act of a petulant child.....who is as I said before....also a walking shit-bag. This one was so unnecessary that I felt the rage of Daniel Plainview (played by Daniel Day-Lewis ) from "There Will Be Blood" confronting the hypocrisy of the poster child of the Evangelicals with a bowling pin:


"I'm finished."

Friday, April 3, 2020

Leather work

In the midst of quarantines, curfews, and lock-downs, I suggested to bored, house-bound readers to go beyond their TV screens and indulge or discover a hobby. I offered to post pictures of anything folks sent to me as examples of the talent among us and as inspirations for others.

Tomy from the blog Tomy's wife sent me some shots of wood and leather work he has done. It is an impressive combination of shaping, stitching, AND embossing! Enjoy:

A balsa wood carving.

A wistful princess embossed into leather.

The inside of a wallet......

....and the embossed outside of said wallet. 
That eagle harkens back to the designs of heraldry I enjoy so much.

Thank you for sending these in, Tomy. I hope they inspire someone to try something during these challenging times. And if you want an idea for another leather project, I offer this for inspiration: