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Wednesday, April 1, 2020


This past weekend, Rosa cheerfully informed me that she wanted my help in the kitchen. I smiled because I know by now what this sounds like versus what it means, and what that innocent declaration translates into is: "I have an idea for you to make something I want.....and I'll watch and clean up."

Rosa took this shot of me in my apron (an Alcatraz apron my daughter gave me) at the beginning of our adventure.

This time it was a Spanish version of the Italian 'zeppole' called 'churros'. It is essentially fried dough sprinkled with sugar. To make these though, you need to end up with a soft dough that you then extrude from a piping bag into the hot oil. Unfortunately our initial dough was more of a batter despite following the recipe precisely. Once in the bag, it just dripped out rather than needing to be squeezed. I knew we had to thicken it, but Rosa said, "no let's try it first."

Reluctantly I indulged her, and after the batter dripped into the pot like .....well I'm not going to say what it looked like, we ended up with this:

It looks like burnt goose shit.

After we got this result I just looked at my Honey and said in a calm, droll tone, "I still can't figure out how you thought that would be a good idea?" For some reason my comment affected my Honey more than I expected and Rosa just started to laugh uncontrollably for quite a while before she was able to resume.

I thickened the remaining mixture with more flour (quite a bit more actually) and then we tried again. We worked together with me squeezing the bag and Rosa snipping the dough every few inches and letting the piece drop into the oil. As a result the next batch turned out OK, even though they didn't end up straight. But, it WAS our first time.

Rosa made 'cinnamon sugar' and we shook the churros in a paper bag to coat them. Here are the finished treats:

A little curvy. (Like my Honey)

Rosa told me how vendors in Peru would routinely sell these on the streets of Lima. So for her, this was a throwback to her past. For me it was a fun exercise, but even though I had a couple, I am not a 'sweet dessert' person. Still, they came out fine. 

So, if you're home and bored? Try a new recipe! I can't imagine anyone not having the needed ingredients for churros already in their pantry.'s April 1st, so lighten up these trying days with some levity. Just don't do something like telling someone you tested positive for Covid 19 and then when their eyes go wide say, "April Fools!" You might get your ass kicked.......and you'd deserve it!


  1. You are a man of many talents! Like you, I'm not that into sweet dessert person, and I'm trying to avoid sugar to take off some extra pounds. But, those still look very tasty.

    1. Thanks, Dan. In grad school at Pratt I had a good friend who used to say: "Specialization is for insects." She was pretty cool. I eventually learned she moved to Florida and ended up being a high priestess in the Satanic Church.

      Anyway, I like to try a lot of things.

    2. It is a good thing to have an eclectic set of friends. And, I agree with her on specialization. Highly over-rated.

    3. I think even our crowd here is eclectic.

  2. The curvy ones look YUM!

    I decided no jokes today. Life is NOT funny at the moment

    1. Thanks, Merry. They are exactly like zeppoles with a different flavor of sugar on top.

    2. Never had zeppoles, but I've been eating churros since I was a teen.