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Friday, April 3, 2020

Leather work

In the midst of quarantines, curfews, and lock-downs, I suggested to bored, house-bound readers to go beyond their TV screens and indulge or discover a hobby. I offered to post pictures of anything folks sent to me as examples of the talent among us and as inspirations for others.

Tomy from the blog Tomy's wife sent me some shots of wood and leather work he has done. It is an impressive combination of shaping, stitching, AND embossing! Enjoy:

A balsa wood carving.

A wistful princess embossed into leather.

The inside of a wallet......

....and the embossed outside of said wallet. 
That eagle harkens back to the designs of heraldry I enjoy so much.

Thank you for sending these in, Tomy. I hope they inspire someone to try something during these challenging times. And if you want an idea for another leather project, I offer this for inspiration: