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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Not so trivial trivia

It's been a while since I related an adventure, not because none have happened, but because, while they were personally enjoyable, none seemed noteworthy. Recently however, I have been in the midst of an ongoing one that ended last evening and resulted in some fun pictures.

What made this particular adventure interesting was that it had several aspects that spread out like tickling tentacles in different directions. Here to keep things brief are some related issues that all contributed to it:

- Ana had mischievously promised to make sure to 'get me in trouble' on a planned trip home from dental school a while back. 

- Covid-19 intervened, and the trip never happened.

- As movie fans, Ana and I were keeping in touch with an energetic exchange of movie quote trivia questions for several weeks. 

- One day, in a particularly playful exchange about missing each other, I reminded her that she never got her chance to get me in trouble but under the circumstances had an idea. Further discussion ended with a playful solution. She would send me 10 movie quotes. For each one I missed, I would earn 50 spanks. After my turn, I would send her 1 quote, and if she got it right, whatever tally I accrued would be doubled. She would then text her mom, my Rosa, to execute the sentence!

-All throughout, Rosa seemed like she sort of wanted to get me over her lap, but seemed somehow stuck in a rut of hesitation.

So, about a week ago, I believe it was Thursday, Ana sent me the 10 quotes. Several were easy, others familiar but not definite, and a few that I had a strong feeling were from things I had never seen. I texted my Monster and asked for what I thought was a fair renegotiation: if I got a quote wrong from a movie I never saw, I'd get no penalty, but if I got one wrong from something I did see I'd get 100 instead of 50. She agreed since the total would probably come out about the same and seem more earned and fair.

Somehow I confused this Braveheart quote with Bladerunner.

I got several right, didn't know a few movies she thought I had seen and got two wrong that I should have known. I also got one wrong from Twilight, a movie she said I technically saw the beginning of...... but I found that a stretch. So I made another deal with her. She had not yet been given her 'doubler' question, and I said if she insisted on counting Twilight I would make it hard and I'd end up with 300 smacks, but if she let me slide on Twilight, I would make her quote easy and I'd end up with 400. She naturally went with the latter and aced her quote.

The other quote I am ashamed to admit I got wrong.

So, now here it is Thursday night. I had just had a couple of nice cocktails and was texting with my Monster who was in a particularly playful mood. I had just conceded that my total penalty would be 400 spanks and now we were engaged in some teasing banter. A lot of Ana's comments were suggestions over potential treats she should get for going through the trouble of making up the quiz, mixed with teases over how I have spoiled her. So, in that daring mindset one sometimes finds oneself in, I told her that she would not only get the treats she wanted but I would give her the chance to add any bonus amount to my total she wanted and I wouldn't complain......kind of a token concession to her whim. I had figured she'd say something like, "add on another 100" or something like that. So what was my wide-eyed surprise when she texted back "300"! What a MONSTER!

This was the 'softball' I pitched to Ana, which took my 200 to 400.

The next day, Ana texted Rosa, who was home, to give me 700 HARD spanks as my earned penalty for a movie trivia game. Rosa naturally agreed immediately. Ana then texted me that my fate was sealed and that Rosa now knew about my penalty and agreed to execute it. So that gave me the lunchtime opportunity to tell Rosa all about how the game came about and my surprise at her daughter's ease in arbitrarily adding 300 to my earned total. She naturally didn't seem surprised that Ana would do something like that. Rosa then informed me I would get two installments of 350 each on in the morning and the other later in the day.

Since I knew I would probably write this up for you all, I asked Rosa to snap an after shot while I was still over her lap. She gave me a rare warm-up........something she hardly ever does.....but she told me after was intentional because she wanted to condition me for a hard conclusion. And that was exactly what she did! The last 200 were blistering! Here are the shots:

Under those sheets are Rosa's legs. I was surprised that they didn't show and was a little disappointed by that. Rosa said she'd make sure they were visible after the second installment....but it was a chilly evening.

A better shot she took of the swollen patches. You can see that telltale white dusting in the centers. And again.....her legs are indeed under me.

Later that day, something came up postponing round 2. Sunday was another series of circumstances that also postponed things though Rosa seemed eager to finish. It wasn't until yesterday that Rosa insisted that there were be no more postponements. She was in another very playful but aggressive mood and was very determined to redden my butt. And it was she that informed me she would use her own cell phone this time to take the shots and made sure her legs and feet were visible so that I post them here for all to see. Rosa isn't usually that exhibitionistic, but she repeated that she was happy to show off her power to take me across her lap!

Despite starting off with a bizarre pre-spanking laughing fit, the second spanking was equally blistering with no warm-up. In fact I even popped up involuntarily after a particularly vicious volley! She wasn't angry with me, but just enjoying the situation. Here are the shots from last complete with Rosa's legs and feet!

It was Rosa's idea to have her socks off and the paddle she used in the picture frame. She was in fact the one to place it there!

I tried to play with the setting to show how well-spanked my butt was, 
but this was the best I could get.

I cropped one shot to show off my Honey's beautiful feet.

So I am admittedly pretty tender right now as I type all of this, and Rosa did indeed text me to tease me about my butt AND about my posting this.  I know some of the more dedicated DD folks might not appreciate this adventure as much as a serious punishment.....but you all know we do those too.......just not this time.


  1. 350 plus 350 that is a total of 700 spanks. I've had a few all day spanking with the spanking broken up into 3-4 sessions but I don't think any of them ever came to 700 spanks. I know you had one sore bottom and the pictures prove it. when the purple turns to white you have one sore bottom. Between Ana and Rosa you got one beautiful spanking.

    1. Thanks, archedone. Your observation is indeed correct. I was pretty tender all day yesterday, but not too bad today.

      (And Rosa teased me yesterday that she wants to do a round of her own!)

  2. Nice! I can tell that was a very well spanked bottom. It's frustrating when the photo does not show the same thing as your eyes. It's why pros use all those lights and stuff, I guess.

    1. Thanks, Julie. Yes, it takes some experience....which you understand that weird way a camera will show a much paler tone than what we see in the mirror......let alone feel! LOL

    2. I haven't tried to take a post-spanking picture of myself in years, but largely because they just never came out as impressive as I thought they would. I also just mark so little these days. I get that "white dusting" KD references, but not much else other than temporary redness, and by the next morning it's usually gone.

  3. Crimson Kid (C.K.)April 23, 2020 at 2:58 PM

    Obviously, you wanted plenty of playful "punishment" from Rosa, given how things were stacked in Anna's favor to start with.

    Then you 'served up a softball' that anyone who's seen "Cool Hand Luke" could hardly miss, for her single question, to double the swats to 400, and finally you gave Anna "carte blanche" to add as many extras as she felt like--which she took full advantage of.

    It's clear that all three of you had a great time with that trivia competition, especially the two-part 'payoff.' If we ever get our privacy back at some point, perhaps I can convince my darling wife to play a similar type of contest, with the same basic 'payoff' for the loser (98% that would be me).

    The "lollipop" lexan paddle, it's a good choice for that long a walloping--lots of sting and redness, but no bruising... --C.K.

    1. True. If I played it straight, I would probably have only gotten about 200 smacks. Hardly worth taking one's pants down. LOL

      You are right about the paddle. It's homemade and Rosa's #1 choice 90% of the time. It can be whatever a spanker wants it to be, just by altering the force.

      I hope you get to have some fun eventually. Everyone deserves some fun.

  4. You missed two quotes that I was so disappointed that you did. You see, i tried to give you a fair chance and even get less but you missed your golden ticket.... or did you. Who knows anymore with that mind of yours!!, maybe you missed them purposely! Only you can truly know! Until the next round...

    1. Actually I can't believe I missed them either. It's funny, I am so torn when it comes to stuff like this. On one hand I naturally want you to 'win' and impose your penalties......otherwise what's the point? But I am also very prideful of my movie knowledge and I also want to get them all right. So it's a real contest between my own issues of self-identity.

      So, sadly no. I did not miss any on purpose. But had I not missed any at all, no fun outcome could have ensued. So am I disappointed that I got those two wrong? Yes!.......

      .....and NO!

  5. as we have agreed in the past sometimes the severity of discipline for made up silly reason is better / more fun than real transgressions.
    fun was had by all parties. that's what counts

    personally I've endured 1000 but not all were severe. lighter spells allowed me to take more like you it was a well disciplined bottom by the end. the glow afterwards felt so nice

    1. Same here. Rosa varies her attack in all sorts of ways. So no, not every single smack out of 700 is delivered to send my eyeballs out of their sockets......but some come close. LOL She will do rapid flurries that are lighter but feel horrible, and slow hard ones, and everything in-between.

  6. I'm actually impressed Ana got the Cool Hand Luke quote. It's one of my all-time favorite movies, but I'm sure none of my kids have seen it or heard that quote.

    1. Ana is a huge Paul Newman fan, and......she was raised for a decade by me, LOL. But I think Ana has probably seen a very impressive number of Newman's films from the early days to just before he died. So, there was no way she was going to miss that one!

      Of course, there are other great moments there:

      "Still shakin' the bushes, Boss."

      "Luke, why'd you say 50 eggs?"

    2. While a totally different genre, I still think Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid is one of the top two or three movies of all time.

    3. That's actually Ana's favorite! (She likes The Sting too)

    4. Yeah, I like The Sting, though I find it doesn't wear as well for me over time. If it is playing on cable, I'll easily take a pass though I may watch it every couple of years. If I see Butch and Sundance on the schedule, I'm probably going to watch it. I'm also a big fan of Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, Hud (though I look the book more than the movie), and The Color of Money.

    5. Oh, and of course, The Verdict. When I look up his list, he really has had a shit ton of great movies.