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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Quick mix

The other day I when I was looking for pool pictures, I somehow came across this following image: 
There's a serendipitous mix of things going on here that take a picture that I would normally not gravitate towards, (since I usually don't go for group sex imagery) and make it very appealing.

I just finished the server Rosa challenged me to make. It came out pretty well. Recycling material, kept the price tag for new material reasonable. Here is a very short timeline:

Early on. The center unit is the original server that Rosa thought needed more space.

The next day.

The finished product.

A close-up of the tiled top.

Today I have a mix of things, starting with a trip to Nickki's for a look at some pool issues she's having. I'll be heading out soon. But before I go, here's a candid image I found that I thought Dan would appreciate:

It's a campy illustration of stages of undress.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Pool's open

.......and clean! (BUT pretty freaking cold.) So the weekend is upon us and Memorial Day is here, but if anyone thinks they're going to blithely take a refreshing dip, they're likely in danger of hypothermia. 

My cabinet project is well underway, but I didn't take any WIP pictures, maybe today.

When I went searching for cute pool-oriented pictures the other day, I found that the preponderance of images split between very predictable Playboy-esque posed nudes, like this one:

Admittedly attractive.......but boring.

The other main type of shot, is the very graphic crotch-shot set in a pool setting. 

Equally boring.

However, mixed in with these typical images, one can find the occasional interesting pool-themed shot. They are rare. Here are a few that appealed to me: 

I found this to be a sexy, yet amusing take on the traditional "pool-pose". 

This is an Abby Winters photo, so it is posed.....yet not TOO posed. (Plus, she's adorable!)

A very fun candid. With that flash on the cell phone camera, it may as well be noon for that daring skinny dip. And is that odd hand pose the follow-through of a playful butt-slap? I don't like to read spanking into every image I see from some innocent with an unfortunate sunburn to the Mona Lisa, but unless that blonde is doing a "whattsa matta you?" I think my suspicion is plausible.

A view with a view.

And as I've said before........"the end".

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Where it's at

I am currently pondering the various plans and projects that lie ahead. It's a rather long and varied list. 
I found this Frazetta piece back when I did my Smash post and saved it. That's one luscious bottom!

As a general update of sorts, here's where I'm at. The deck is done. It was completed yesterday. Behold the finished product....though it will remain unfinished (not stained)  until next season.

Rosa and I have been compiling an agenda for projects. She has asked me to make a custom cabinet for our Summer dinnerware and glasses for our enclosed porch. This is a project I will really enjoy. 

I still have a stained glass window to finish, a door to stain, another door to paint, some minor outdoor fixes, and that elaborate crossbow to do. But the most exTensive and exPensive project will be remodeling our main bathroom. I have put this off for years due to cost, but this year is the year. Cost be damned.

On the kink front, there have been some serious and playful spankings but nothing so extraordinary as to warrant a post. Likewise Rosa and I have had our adult moments together as well, though I do find myself feeling a lot less sexual than usual. I'm not sure if it's age catching up with me, or the insidious tension of quarantine, but I know I'm not depressed or anything like that......yet still not quite my usual self. (The non-sexual nature of recent posts here have probably attested to THAT.)

I have gone out fishing once.....more as a "let me see what's out there" thing than any serious attempt to land the big one. The water level was exceptionally high at my usual spot making angling a challenge. But it's early and I suppose I could take my little two-seater out on some other water around here.......and probably should. We'll see.

Today it's time to open the pool......even though the weather is cooler than usual. Memorial Day is ridiculously early this year. But, I think we all need a backyard break to grill and chill......even if the pool is more of a visual reminder of things to come rather than an actual watery playground. And on that note here are a few pool shots to get your blood flowing:

If the water is too cold, you don't HAVE to go IN.

You can ride the wild dolphin!

Or just strike a pose poolside. This young lady is just adorable! And while the rest of her is delectable, I have actually noticed her smile.....which is just so fresh and  playful.

And what can I add to this other than "the end"?

Friday, May 15, 2020

Deck progress

It's Friday and I'm taking a break from the deck project. However, I am very pleased with the rate of progress. Here's a pictorial timeline:

As you recall, this was the progress at the end 'Day 1'.

Here is how 'Day 2' concluded.

This was midday yesterday (Day 3).

And finally, this is how it looked when I left at the end of yesterday (Day 3).

As you can see, only the stair rails and the spindles remain to be done. That last top rail would have been done yesterday if the piece ordered wasn't warped beyond usefulness. As I told Nickki, ordering wood from Home Depot is like what Joe Pesci's "Leo Getz" said in Lethal Weapon: "They fuck you at the drive-through!" (LINK) I always hand pick my lumber, but in this case that wasn't possible.  So today Nickki is returning the crap we got and picking up the replacements we need. Work resumes on the first decent weather day next week.

I will say that this project is highlighting some disturbing facts. I am definitely not 30 anymore. My arthritis is getting to be more of an issue. The chronic back pain I have learned to just live with is worsening. It was very hard to bend and crawl and stand and then bend and crawl some more. The spirit was way more willing than the flesh!

And speaking of flesh, here is a reworked meme I took from Dan's blog. When shopping is risky, it's important to get everything you went out for.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Do something!

I've said it before and I'm going to quickly to touch on this again. Covid-based isolation can be harmful to your mental health and you can safely do things despite the pandemic. I didn't get to post yesterday because from morning until around 3:00, I was working on this:

I managed this.....with some one day. If you recognize Nickki on the're right!

In about ten minutes I'll be heading out for another round of work and hopefully start laying some decking after mounting the joists. The thing is maybe anyone feeling glum and inactive needs to get out in the sun, shake off the doldrums and, like the title says, "do something!" It need not be a deck......but I suppose it could......but SOMETHING. Hell, make a potting table. Move some plants around to better locations. Start some seeds. Paint the eyesore in your yard. 

Once you get moving and feel the adrenaline of industry and accomplishment, enthusiasm becomes as contagious and the virus. Use a mask when needed, keep your distance, and use your head, but otherwise.......get out there! LOL. Opportunity awaits.....and you'll not only accomplish something but very likely FEEL better.

Friday, May 8, 2020

More refreshed comics

Now that I have the feel for this......and since it's been raining most of the day, I decided to do a few more. I even changed one to how I originally intended it to be.

I always liked this one, and the issue has never really quite gone away. Just think of every depiction of a BDSM couple in a movie.......from 50 Shades, to Secretary, to Exit to Eden. I also finally corrected two spelling errors that I am embarrassed to admit got past me.

If you're a fan of my work and you're looking at this thinking that something is very're right! The person on the left used to be a guy. Back when I was producing work for Mitch Kessler of  "Adam & Gillian's", he always wanted me to make more same-sex couples. But when I first came up with this idea, I envisioned it as you see now, but since Mitch was cutting the checks, I changed the lady to a guy.  In fact, this was not the only time I sex-changed a character due to demand from Mitch or Gerry. Now that transsexual issues are at the forefront, I find it sort of  topical to let the individual on the left live as they were meant to.

The last offering of the day is a piece that Mitch turned down but which I have always considered to be one of my best, and one of my personal favorites. Granted the subject is one close to my heart, and admittedly not for everyone,'s my blog. LOL

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Freshened up

I was looking at the difference between some of my newer cartoons and some of my older ones and realized that with the technologies available today, it actually isn't too difficult to give the older classics a new look. Here are a few I recently refreshed. Sorry, no new ones this time.) This particular batch covers different issues facing lifestyle people:

(click the image to see it larger)

I always liked this one, which takes in the psychology of what many of us can relate to.

What spanko can't relate to THIS? It's a simple idea but certainly a somewhat timeless truth.

This one is loosely based on something that actually happened to me many years ago. I always tried to make my cartoons about things lifestyle people could relate to rather than cliches meant to titillate.

The relentless ability for kinky people to assume their own quirks are much more rampant than they are is what inspired this one. I did several cartoons back in the 90's in this 'wide head' style but soon dropped it for the one you see most often.

And I made sure to add this based on some comments that were made on the Who are you? post about male power and female power. (Check out that 90's phone! LOL)

I know I've talked about cartoons before, and so I won't go into that again. ( Anyone who missed that discussion can scroll back to September of 2019. There are three separate posts on Cartoon Peeves and Criticisms.) However, I will reiterate an appeal to my readers who I know cruise all around and may have found things I've missed. If you know of any kinky cartoons out there that actually touch on lifestyle ironies, idiosyncrasies, etc. in a humorous way, please let me know. I'm so bored with cartoons that are just implausible scenarios for spanking with no other issues wryly commented upon.

However, I am going to ask something else. If anyone out there has a clever and novel lifestyle (it doesn't have to be solely DD or spanking stuff) cartoon idea but doesn't have the ability to draw it up, send it to me via email ( through my Blogger profile) and if it tickles me, I might just do it and share the credit with you! Most of my best ideas came from taking things that I actually experienced and twisting them in some way, so if you have a personal story you think is funny, send it. But PLEASE!!!!! NO GRATUITOUS CLICHES. NO SPANK-FANTASIES. NO H.R./LEGAL NIGHTMARES. (Think of it this way: if what you're thinking of actually happened in the real world.... would it definitely result in a lawsuit, 911 call, or murder? If so, don't send it. LOL)  I will admit this isn't easy. It's the main reason I haven't done a lot of cartoons after having done quite a few back in the past. There simply aren't that many relatable funny situations that haven't already been done. But I have hope! 

Monday, May 4, 2020

Turtle heads

Eastern Box Turtle. Box Turtles are the only testudines with a hinged plastron so that the head and limbs can not only be withdrawn, but shut tight.

There are many kinds of turtle heads, which may seem obvious because there are certainly many kinds of turtles. And sometimes turtles themselves are not satisfied with having just one head!

Cheer up gals, maybe Sarah Paulson will portray you in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel?

But you don't need to have a shell and scales to be a turtle head. You can have roots, leaves, and flowers:

The pink Turtle head of the genus Chelone. Native to North America.

Or you can have a few guitars instead of shells or blossoms.

The Turtle Heads performing in South Jersey. (LINK)

But I think the most whimsical type of turtle head is the kind I learned about many years ago from a female co-worker who was complaining that she had been too busy to get a bathroom break and was now being plagued with a "turtle head". I had not heard that particular bit of slang before and she explained that just like a turtle who can't quite decide to keep its head in or out, the same things can happen when faced with insistent poop at an inopportune time!

The turtle version.....

.......and the poopie peek-a-boo version.

I suppose the notion of the poop turtle head is amusing enough to people to take it to a celebratory level. What could be more amusing, though less appetizing, than a turtle head cake?

Admittedly gross, yet hysterical.

So, as you can see, there are all sorts of turtle heads. And sometimes you can even combine a couple to get a sort of turtle head hybrid:

A turtle head that is simultaneously reptilian and fecal!