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Friday, May 15, 2020

Deck progress

It's Friday and I'm taking a break from the deck project. However, I am very pleased with the rate of progress. Here's a pictorial timeline:

As you recall, this was the progress at the end 'Day 1'.

Here is how 'Day 2' concluded.

This was midday yesterday (Day 3).

And finally, this is how it looked when I left at the end of yesterday (Day 3).

As you can see, only the stair rails and the spindles remain to be done. That last top rail would have been done yesterday if the piece ordered wasn't warped beyond usefulness. As I told Nickki, ordering wood from Home Depot is like what Joe Pesci's "Leo Getz" said in Lethal Weapon: "They fuck you at the drive-through!" (LINK) I always hand pick my lumber, but in this case that wasn't possible.  So today Nickki is returning the crap we got and picking up the replacements we need. Work resumes on the first decent weather day next week.

I will say that this project is highlighting some disturbing facts. I am definitely not 30 anymore. My arthritis is getting to be more of an issue. The chronic back pain I have learned to just live with is worsening. It was very hard to bend and crawl and stand and then bend and crawl some more. The spirit was way more willing than the flesh!

And speaking of flesh, here is a reworked meme I took from Dan's blog. When shopping is risky, it's important to get everything you went out for.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, dear. I was wondering where you've been. It's been deader here than a Covid-19 morgue trailer parked in a hospital parking lot.

    2. Busy week. Let's just say the insanity got REAL.

  2. I like the reworking of the meme.

    I am kind of craving an outdoor project like your deck. Probably landscaping of some sort. But, I'm afraid right now the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Getting old sucks.

    1. Thanks.

      Projects, especially outdoor ones, are invigorating. Just ignore the pain, or appreciate it as a reminder you're still alive. It's what I do....though as I said, it's getting tougher to ignore at times. Still.....I'm not stopping.