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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Where it's at

I am currently pondering the various plans and projects that lie ahead. It's a rather long and varied list. 
I found this Frazetta piece back when I did my Smash post and saved it. That's one luscious bottom!

As a general update of sorts, here's where I'm at. The deck is done. It was completed yesterday. Behold the finished product....though it will remain unfinished (not stained)  until next season.

Rosa and I have been compiling an agenda for projects. She has asked me to make a custom cabinet for our Summer dinnerware and glasses for our enclosed porch. This is a project I will really enjoy. 

I still have a stained glass window to finish, a door to stain, another door to paint, some minor outdoor fixes, and that elaborate crossbow to do. But the most exTensive and exPensive project will be remodeling our main bathroom. I have put this off for years due to cost, but this year is the year. Cost be damned.

On the kink front, there have been some serious and playful spankings but nothing so extraordinary as to warrant a post. Likewise Rosa and I have had our adult moments together as well, though I do find myself feeling a lot less sexual than usual. I'm not sure if it's age catching up with me, or the insidious tension of quarantine, but I know I'm not depressed or anything like that......yet still not quite my usual self. (The non-sexual nature of recent posts here have probably attested to THAT.)

I have gone out fishing once.....more as a "let me see what's out there" thing than any serious attempt to land the big one. The water level was exceptionally high at my usual spot making angling a challenge. But it's early and I suppose I could take my little two-seater out on some other water around here.......and probably should. We'll see.

Today it's time to open the pool......even though the weather is cooler than usual. Memorial Day is ridiculously early this year. But, I think we all need a backyard break to grill and chill......even if the pool is more of a visual reminder of things to come rather than an actual watery playground. And on that note here are a few pool shots to get your blood flowing:

If the water is too cold, you don't HAVE to go IN.

You can ride the wild dolphin!

Or just strike a pose poolside. This young lady is just adorable! And while the rest of her is delectable, I have actually noticed her smile.....which is just so fresh and  playful.

And what can I add to this other than "the end"?


  1. I can never quite decide whether I like Frazetta? The bodies are certainly luscious, but women walking naked through a jungle always seems so incongruous. Though, it guess it IS fantasy after all. FYI, for female butts (and male dicks, btw), I really have to go with Paulo Serpieri. I absolutely love his art and just wish there was more of it.

    1. I checked out Serpieri. It didn't overly impress. It's competent, but uninspiring for me.

      Frazetta was something of a pioneer not only in being one of the first to do this sort of fantasy art (he was before Boris)...but he used a very rare method of using oil almost as watercolor.

  2. "Midnight Moonshine," that's how I'd describe this artwork--that's one beautiful bottom.

    So is the wet derriere described as "the end" in the final photo, of course... --C.K.

    1. Somehow I missed this comment. Sorry. I like your title and agree with your assessments.