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Monday, June 29, 2020

Sandy Nook

If you're finally venturing out to enjoy the Summer, keep in mind, Covid-19 is not the only thing to watch out for. 

If you are going to dare to bare.....remember: sand can be pernicious!

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Indoor flash

Before the days of these super-sensitive cell phone cameras that seemingly never need a flash except in the darkest situations, "indoor flash" was commonplace. Before starting our fun, let me ask my readers if they remember these?

They illuminated relatives, made eyes look albino, and for Jimmy Stewart even worked as a kind of weapon against a murderer.

Last time we explored the photo world of ladies flashing in various situations outdoors. Today we will move inside and see the various ways.....from sexy to which interesting parts are put on display for all the world to see. And to Merry in particular: 'Sorry, dear, I tried. But every picture of guys in similar situations ALL focused on the dangly bits you specifically wished to be excluded.....usually in a pretty excited state. I will include one guy whose bits are......well, 'obscured'. However, as for butts?  If I come across something down the road, I will post just for you!' Now onto our show......

Flashing at home is relatively safe and fun.

But not everyone appreciates being photographed while doing it.

And some are so embarrassed by it, they'd rather cover their face than other, more modest places.

And speaking of embarrassed!!! I would pay money to know the real story behind this seemingly amateur home candid.  I love this shot because I can actually relate to it! Though I've never worn stockings under my jeans, I HAVE honored an unanticipated game dare with a Lesbian couple my ex and I were playing with that resulted in me removing my clothes for them.........and exposing not just my body, but the chastity device I happened to be locked into at the time that they were completely unaware of. Boy did THAT result in an interesting conversation! (If anyone thinks I can't be embarrassed, you should have been there that day when my boxers came down.)

But if you aren't shy, why just 'flash' for a moment? Make a night of it.......with food and friends!

But for the really brave, put on that obligatory raincoat and take your show on the road! (I always wondered what became of Betty Garrett.)

Maybe do a little shopping?

If a supermarket seems too plebeian, pick up a copy of Lady Chatterley's Lover at Barnes & Noble.

Or there's always the library if you're short on funds. (Just stay out of the children's section.)

But wherever you are, have fun with it!

Use the Force.

Be the queen of the scene! ( Given the tent top and sunshine, I wasn't sure whether this counts as indoor or outdoor, but it was too cute to leave out on some technicality.)

Then go back home, take a shower......

....... and relax a bit. You earned it!

You little devil!

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Couldn't resist

In looking for pictures for my next feature, I stumbled upon a shot that was just crying out for a caption:

Monday, June 22, 2020

Outdoor flash

One of the standard techniques of taking portrait photography outside on a sunny day is to use the flash feature to eliminate dark shadows around eyes and under noses and chins. The practice is referred to as "fill-in flash", as opposed to the usual use of flash to illuminate a subject in the dark. But, today's post is not really about photography's about exposing oneself in the wide open outdoors. Let's look at a few I found that appealed to me:

Very cute and solid butt exposed in a pretty safe and semi-secluded mooning.

A quick flash between lay-ups.

Ah if the guy behind her only knew!

A bit more of a public mooning, making things a bit more risky.

This course just added another hole.

And speaking of holes......

......pretty daring to fill one in such an open setting! Still it seems like it's her idea and she seems pretty pleased with herself.

I could be wrong but that seems like a face that says "OK I'll take your dare.....but this wouldn't be my first choice for how to spend my hike."

And it looks like her dare was two-sided!

And then of course you have an outdoor flash that wasn't part of a plan or dare.....just an accidental wardrobe malfunction.

And I'm going to conclude with this indoor/outdoor hybrid as a bridge to the next upcoming feature which will be about flashes that are somewhat public and risky......but indoors!

Thursday, June 18, 2020


After that refreshing Friday dip, Rosa and I settled in for a weekend of privacy. Prior to this, Rosa had shared her desire for a change. In the past she and I used to occasionally switch roles, not for genuine discipline, but for brief but intense sessions of what the vanilla world calls "rough sex". After a pretty long lapse, that interest came back to my Honey in a persistent way and luckily for us both, despite my usual inclinations, I can take an aggressive role with just a reasonable amount of time to readjust my mindset. And that's what happened and I gave my Honey one helluva run on a safe but scary sexual thrill ride.

One concern I had was that Rosa's need for this flipped dynamic would last for the entire weekend and that our rare privacy would not provide a chance for some F/m action. I needn't have worried. After a wild Friday night, Rosa woke Saturday orgasmically-sated and with no interest in continuing to be the subordinate partner. She got her fix, enjoyed it immensely, and had settled back to her usual mindset. And what that meant for me was one intense couple of days!

It started with me asking for a spanking. I had no disciplinary issues in mind and was thinking more in terms of her just reasserting her authority. Rosa liked that idea.......but had some actual issues she wanted to deal with as well. The result was a weekend of intense D/s interaction interspersed with three separate installments of very hard, adamant spankings. 

The first spanking occurred just before a late breakfast and after running an errand and taking a very nice nature hike (where Rosa saw a fox). Once home, we had a long talk about certain issues and an overall mutual desire to get back to DD as previously practiced: more immediate and more consistent. Rosa declared that I would get three sessions of 250 spanks each. Now 250 can be bad, or not so bad......depending on how Rosa does them. THESE were bad! And after installment #1, there was some apologetic toe-kissing and then I was instructed to plug up, LOCK up, and wear some frillies as I made breakfast.

The aftermath of a the first 250 along with the add-ons of plug, CB, and panties.

A better view of the large glass plug.

Sore behind, frustrated in front.

A close-up of my hidden but easily noticeable chastity cage.

Coffee brewing while dicing peppers for breakfast. 

During a later-in-the-morning breakfast which we had on our back porch with me in the outfit shown above, Rosa explained her goals for the day. They were a blend of practical chores, relaxed pampering, playful fun, and punitive spankings. For the practical chores, I would either be leaving her alone while doing other things, or act as her assistant. But the important part was that I would be on my best behavior as her assistant: obedient and helpful. As for the spankings? The next would occur after lunch.

So, we did everything I mentioned. And at some point later on I was allowed to remove the plug...which being glass, we are both reluctant to leave in for spankings with a paddle capable of breaking it. Then it was time for lunch.

One thing that amused my Honey was that during lunch, I was sitting on our faux wicker porch chairs. I commented on the sensation, but what really made her snicker was how I looked when I got up! But it did NOT deter her from delivering a BLISTERING second installment of 250 nasty spanks to my already tender bottom. I was uncharacteristically vocal. I was allowed to remove the cage portion of my CB for the spanking itself, but back it went immediately after.

How I looked after the second 250.  And yes, Rosa took this with her cell phone and yes those are her legs under me. Rosa teased me as I was walking in front of her about the combination of color and ribbed texture, saying i looked like I had been grilled on a barbecue.

Originally Rosa wanted to give me the last 250 before bedtime, but the day was SO eventful, we were just both too tired. (I was also fairly terrified of getting another installment on top of my VERY sore behind.) Instead Rosa called me across her lap early Sunday morning, just before taking another hike in a different location. I was still pretty raw, but that did not deter my Honey. She spanked just as hard as she had for the first 500. I could barely stay in place, and practically shouted aloud with each barrage.

All done. Hot, leathery, and feeling like fire. (You can see how Rosa tends to concentrate her attention to the same spots where Nickki tends to like to spread the color around.)

Afterwards, Rosa eschewed plugs, chastity devices, and even panties in favor of plain boxers. We went for our hike and even hit the pool.....again with me suitless. (sorry no pictures of that dip) It all went brilliantly. I took proper care of my Honey, while honestly trying my best to avoid anymore trips over her lap. I simply couldn't imagine another installment given my condition and the unusually harsh application Rosa had been smugly employing. And......before the boys returned home from visiting their sister in Pittsburgh....Rosa gave me a powerful O. I needed it! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Daytime skinnydip

Even nowadays not everyone is comfortable skinny-dipping. Which is unfortunate. It's a simple, and by most reasonable standards, a natural and not terribly naughty thing to do. Still, when one thinks of skinny-dipping, it is usually a nocturnal adventure.

Woo hoo! All I need is a snorkel and waterproof headlamp!

An aquatic re-enactment of Matisse's "Dance"?

But what of the more daring daytime excursion? Sure it's a bit more risky, but you do have the cover of water......which is like Nature's own pixelization.....

See what I mean? Or hardly see?

to a degree......

It only works from the surface. Once underwater, the view is pretty clear.

And it won't help if you aren't actually in the water.......

No matter how nice the water is, she would certainly entice me to follow her out.

But this weekend, I certainly partook of the opportunity and while not nearly as interesting as the lovely ladies preceding this image, here are a couple of shots Rosa took of me on Friday, having a beer, and checking out the lilies currently blooming in my garden:

Maybe not sexiness personified......but so damned comfortable!

Hedonism redefined.

In these shots, you can kind of see a fairly recovered bottom on me. In my next post, you'll find out how that changed drastically on Saturday! But for now.......


Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Biden is a pedophile

It started as a joke. I was frankly getting a bit annoyed at the very small number of responses to what I thought were some pretty enticing posts lately, and so, when I was going to post a sort of personal update for a bunch of things that happened over the weekend, I decided to lead in a with a misleading 'click-bait' title just to fuck with everyone.  The title I came up with was "Joe Biden is a Pedophile", and as I usually do, I figured, 'let me search some images and see if I can put a photo to go along with the title before I go into the actual post'. I had NO intention of writing anything political in the post itself. Nothing about Biden, nothing about Trump, just personal updates. The joke was going to be that the outrageous title would have zero to do with the post's content.

But with one quick search, the joke was on me! There were SO MANY memes and images of Biden being portrayed AS an actual pedophile, that I was flabbergasted! The first I saw, (which already has become difficult to find) was a shot of him kissing a terrified flutist at some game. I did manage to find a small shot of it, but like I said, the main one, which was everywhere earlier, is now a needle in a haystack:

But as I kept looking I found more and more images of him kissing kids, then men, then you name it:

And as you can see, it's all the same pose......taken from this actual shot:

And which someone quickly altered to this variation:

And so, with this little life lesson I decided to change my post from its original update format to one of socio-political observation, since recently I found myself in an exchange  where I was accused of having a nasty streak. Now, that bothered me. I was born with a nasty streak..........but I've spent decades widening it into a four-lane highway. To still be accused of possessing merely a 'streak' makes me feel like all that work was for nothing. But until this Biden-barrage I was just going to let it go. 

"Nasty" is a lot like shit (maybe that's why 'nasty shit' is such a common coupling?)  because everyone appreciates when shit is going out, but no one likes it when it heads back towards them. Similarly nasty nowadays only seems unappreciated by those on the receiving end of it, but not so much if it's being utilized by that person.

As readers here know, my main source of wry amusement comes not from clever wit in others, (that's #2), but real life hypocrisy. That's humor you can't put a price on. And there's nothing more amusing than hurt feelings remarks coming from a staunch conservative. (keep in mind, I am a 'fiscal' conservative and social liberal, making me that odd thing rarely seen today: a moderate. If you're not familiar with that word, it means "someone who thinks rather than follows".)

But when you see the nastiness of conservative memes and couple that with their assertion that anyone who'd be offended by them are "snowflakes", how can you not LOVE when a cutting remark lands exactly as intended, only to be labeled as "nasty"? Imagine the mindset it must take for someone who loves the style, policies, and words emanating from their hero, Trump, behave as if 'nasty' is even a thing anymore. (But of course, even he has routinely accused others of being nasty, so maybe it's part of the tribal order?) LOL

You can't falsely equate the opposing side with extreme negative stereotypes on an hourly basis and then expect that 'nasty' is only a tool for red or blue toolboxes. Everyone can use it. And it's very much like a hammer, or very good screw gun.....perhaps not good for every situation, but a fairly reliable 'go to' in many.

So, if you hate PC, culture, and have managed to make it through the last few years, no matter whether you consider yourself left, right, or intelligent, LOL....please get used to the idea that there is just no longer an actual meaningful definition for "nasty". At least not by its old connotations. "Nasty" in 2020 is merely another adjective meaning "normal". ;-)