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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Daytime skinnydip

Even nowadays not everyone is comfortable skinny-dipping. Which is unfortunate. It's a simple, and by most reasonable standards, a natural and not terribly naughty thing to do. Still, when one thinks of skinny-dipping, it is usually a nocturnal adventure.

Woo hoo! All I need is a snorkel and waterproof headlamp!

An aquatic re-enactment of Matisse's "Dance"?

But what of the more daring daytime excursion? Sure it's a bit more risky, but you do have the cover of water......which is like Nature's own pixelization.....

See what I mean? Or hardly see?

to a degree......

It only works from the surface. Once underwater, the view is pretty clear.

And it won't help if you aren't actually in the water.......

No matter how nice the water is, she would certainly entice me to follow her out.

But this weekend, I certainly partook of the opportunity and while not nearly as interesting as the lovely ladies preceding this image, here are a couple of shots Rosa took of me on Friday, having a beer, and checking out the lilies currently blooming in my garden:

Maybe not sexiness personified......but so damned comfortable!

Hedonism redefined.

In these shots, you can kind of see a fairly recovered bottom on me. In my next post, you'll find out how that changed drastically on Saturday! But for now.......



  1. I think you should have done one of yourself imitating the pose in the last photo in this post.

    1. LOL, where I was standing, I was facing Marta & Wally's property. A pose like that would have given Marta an unusual view for sure. And her kitchen window faces right in that direction.....and she spends a lot of time in the kitchen!

  2. I do enjoy looking at women, but my personal preference is men, so there ya go!

    Thank you!

    1. Well, I hope my shots were more fun for you than scary. LOL