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Thursday, June 25, 2020

Indoor flash

Before the days of these super-sensitive cell phone cameras that seemingly never need a flash except in the darkest situations, "indoor flash" was commonplace. Before starting our fun, let me ask my readers if they remember these?

They illuminated relatives, made eyes look albino, and for Jimmy Stewart even worked as a kind of weapon against a murderer.

Last time we explored the photo world of ladies flashing in various situations outdoors. Today we will move inside and see the various ways.....from sexy to which interesting parts are put on display for all the world to see. And to Merry in particular: 'Sorry, dear, I tried. But every picture of guys in similar situations ALL focused on the dangly bits you specifically wished to be excluded.....usually in a pretty excited state. I will include one guy whose bits are......well, 'obscured'. However, as for butts?  If I come across something down the road, I will post just for you!' Now onto our show......

Flashing at home is relatively safe and fun.

But not everyone appreciates being photographed while doing it.

And some are so embarrassed by it, they'd rather cover their face than other, more modest places.

And speaking of embarrassed!!! I would pay money to know the real story behind this seemingly amateur home candid.  I love this shot because I can actually relate to it! Though I've never worn stockings under my jeans, I HAVE honored an unanticipated game dare with a Lesbian couple my ex and I were playing with that resulted in me removing my clothes for them.........and exposing not just my body, but the chastity device I happened to be locked into at the time that they were completely unaware of. Boy did THAT result in an interesting conversation! (If anyone thinks I can't be embarrassed, you should have been there that day when my boxers came down.)

But if you aren't shy, why just 'flash' for a moment? Make a night of it.......with food and friends!

But for the really brave, put on that obligatory raincoat and take your show on the road! (I always wondered what became of Betty Garrett.)

Maybe do a little shopping?

If a supermarket seems too plebeian, pick up a copy of Lady Chatterley's Lover at Barnes & Noble.

Or there's always the library if you're short on funds. (Just stay out of the children's section.)

But wherever you are, have fun with it!

Use the Force.

Be the queen of the scene! ( Given the tent top and sunshine, I wasn't sure whether this counts as indoor or outdoor, but it was too cute to leave out on some technicality.)

Then go back home, take a shower......

....... and relax a bit. You earned it!

You little devil!


  1. In addition to my fetish for barns and woodsheds, you have reminded me that I used to have a thing for libraries. In yet another example of things I've fantasized about but never done (have to change that ratio up before it's too late), I used to get really intrigued by stories of people having sex in the college library. Based on my reaction to the above, flashing in libraries and bookstores has a similar attraction.

    1. LOL, my friend from college I still see regularly was notoriously 'caught' getting a BJ from a female fencing teammate in our college library's third floor study area!

      I never had sex there but on a dare I did once run up to the top floor window to do a somewhat aerial 'moon' to those meandering through the college "quad" down below.

      I like that my choices today gave you an added thrill. Now go out and indulge a fantasy! ;-)

    2. Well, hell! That's pretty daring......and chilly. ;-)

    3. It was in summer, so no chill and only the fear of discovery that led me to shrivel. ;-)

  2. Thank you for your sweet attempt. I really DO enjoy men in chastity devices.

    1. No problem. You would have enjoyed the dare I was telling Dan about! After that day, once the pair knew about the practice and our involvement in it, my ex was more encouraged to have me in one when they came around......resulting in several skinny-dipping adventures where I'd be locked up as we all hung out together.

  3. that was a fun unveiling. i will note hes also wearing a locked collar so they likely knew his predicament before hand

    1. Yeah it seems that way. I am thinking that if I had to guess.....with a gun pointed to my head.....that this was a pre-prom dress-up among friends and he was their "strange" possibly Gay or Bi friend who was supposed to get ready with them.

  4. Thanks for once again providing a wonderful array of photos of lovely ladies. I also greatly enjoyed the one photo with the humiliated young man in chastity and stockings. That sure is a great fantasy for me!

    1. That photo certainly is special in a lot of ways.