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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Overdue but not underdone

Covid 19 has been an inhibitor for a lot of things. And in the case of Nickki & Jean, their generous taking in of a needy teen, has been another. It has been a long time since Nickki took me to task......either as true punishment or as chore payment. But that changed today.

It all came about as I realized that if Nickki was home from work, and willing, there was no reason she couldn't come here and finally take care of some long overdue comeuppance when my gang was out at work. I presented the idea to her and Rosa and of course, neither had any objection. Conditions? Yes, but no objections.

The reason for today's spanking started out initially as the punishment Nickki insisted I get for making disparaging remarks about certain things at Ana's graduation way back in May of 2019......over a year ago! (talk about overdue?) However, along the way, another issue was added by Nickki: a criticism I made about her habitual lack of punctuation when texting me. (Not something she isn't guilty of, but obviously not something someone in my relative position to her should sarcastically point out.)

So, with a date set, permissions obtained, and conditions observed, I mentally prepared myself for a punishment spanking that from past conversation I knew Nickki was VERY serious about and which she promised me that uncomfortable sitting would be a guaranteed outcome. Before today, I took some time to put together some thoughts for her and today I asked her if I could read them to her before we began. She agreed. This (with extremely minor editing) is what I said:

I wanted to write this down so that I could be both concise and honest about what I wanted to say. If left to just talking in the moment, I could very easily chicken out and change what I want to say now to some lesser admission due to embarrassment or fear or whatever. And since I know you don’t like things too long, here it is as best and short as I can put it.
 Every one of our past encounters has had its own flavor and while I have appreciated every single session with you in different ways, I am sure from our talks and my blog that you know the punishment one where you were serious and took stern control of the situation, while not playful fun for me, had the biggest impact on me, forever changing how I view you.

Proof that your authority is real and respected by me is when you texted me to expect extra for my texting comment. Although, that comment of mine was made in jest, I completely support your decision to punish me for it. Not because it isn’t true… don’t use punctuation, and not because it was intentionally disrespectful because it wasn’t meant that way, but because you feel I deserve it. When you mentioned it, I was initially surprised, but very quickly felt a wave of pride that you felt no hesitation in adding that in. Instead of thinking it unfair, I couldn’t help but think to myself, ‘shit, she’s right! Given our roles and arrangement, why shouldn’t she punish me for that? She has every right.”

 As for the main reason we are here today, I know you feel very strongly about my graduation day behavior. And while Ana herself does not feel quite as strongly about what happened, she is genuinely touched that you are acting on her behalf and is very much in support of your decision. She flat out told me that, knowing us both, that this outcome seemed perfect and that even though she isn’t upset with me, she is pretty happy about you giving me a serious spanking for it.

And that’s the thing I’m getting at. Today is about at least two things I did that I did not intend to be hurtful to you, and yet were. But my intention is not more important than your feelings. A punishment does not have to be only for a clear cut violation of a specific rule. It can be a teaching method and a way for the person in authority to assert themselves. Believe me, given recent events in the news, this notion of respect for another experience perspective is not lost on me.

So given how things can be with people, how cool is it that we have this arrangement? How empowering must it be knowing you have the ability to address any issue like this? And how deferential that someone of my age, experience, ability, and even gender…... and yes, even color (since color seems to be a big issue for some people) has no problem submitting to what I’m sure from what you yourself forewarned, is going to be a pretty uncomfortable experience?

 Submitting to you for a punishment is no joke to be taken lightly. You have proven repeatedly that you have no reservations about spanking like you mean it…...even more so when you REALLY mean it. But I intend to submit to my utmost. Not because it’s easy, or expected, but because I too feel this is as deserved as you do. I don’t like that I upset you and I feel bad about it. 

So like with that first major punishment you gave me last year, today you have my sincere apology, my full cooperation, my own willingness to pay dearly for my behavior until you are fully satisfied, my respect, my trust, a bit of fear, a big chunk of admiration for your confidence, and since you are here, some extra options at your disposal to make as intense an impression as you wish.

All I ask is the usual. A few good photos for the blog, and when you are satisfied with the main punishment, I would again like to be able to have that semi-maternal experience of going across your lap so you can scold me until you are satisfied and I can apologize to you again, while you finish me off with a spanking of whatever duration you decide. At that point, being sorry, sore and devoid of arrogant pride, repeatedly saying “I’m sorry” as your words and paddle encourage me seems like a powerfully appropriate way for you and I to conclude, making for a pretty strong symbol of what our arrangement means in reality. Who you are, who I am and what you can always do when you are unhappy with me.

And of course after that a simple cooling down time to hug and reconnect would be nice, and maybe …...only if you want……. once it’s all over, you can have me say thank you with a kiss to your feet, a humble gesture of deference, appreciation, and respect? But that is something I’d rather have come from you if you find it appropriate. In other words, if you like the idea I’d rather you tell me to do it rather than me pestering you by asking.

She loved it. Like really loved it.

We talked some more, covered some basics, and discussed the "options" mentioned above. They included using our bench, and access to some alternate paddles and switches, and lastly..........the bar of mouth soap Nickki once expressed interest in for times when my mouth was the root of the misbehavior at hand.

Nickki seemed very determined to make an impression today and perhaps felt as though this was all way too overdue for her own liking as well, so she readily embraced every option offered in her own way and time. Soon I changed into my 'conditional' apron and climbed onto the bench, whereupon my dear friend and trusted mentor, secured me in place. Then I was told to insert the soap, and otherwise remain quiet while she lectured and paddled away.

Nickki embodied the amazing but real duality of a disciplinarian who was simultaneously serious about punishing while obviously pleased and amused by her position and mine. Meaning that punishing me genuinely.....and pretty severely.....did not stop her from enjoying herself. She lectured me throughout about both offenses leaving no doubt about the sincerity behind her swats. When trying the switches, she quickly appreciated how they made me react, and employed them with gusto, changing back and forth from paddle to switch. 

For my part, I was securely strapped in and could only grunt out replies though my soapy saliva. However, despite a lack of any bitterness or spite in Nickki's tone, I knew this was no play session. Her words were right on the mark a my bottom was being beaten with obvious intent and determination, and consequently burned like fire!

When satisfied, Nickki stopped and took these two shots before letting me up:

If  anything can add to the punitive aspect of a good spanking........mouth soap might well top the list. There is simply NOTHING pleasant about keeping a bar in one's mouth
 while ouching through a spanking.

For some reason, possibly the lighting, with only a bit of adjustment was I able, for the first time, to pretty accurately show what my bottom looked like. It felt precisely as one might expect, too. BUT..........remember my note? This was merely 'part one'. After relocating the bench to the floor and allowing me to rinse my mouth, Nickki quickly ordered me over her lap.

Now this is where my friend truly made an impression on me. The spanking over the bench was intense. And I had assumed the OTK follow-up would be just that......a follow-up. A brief lecture and reminder to behave, punctuated with paddleswats, all while I apologized like a defeated child. Well, MOST of that turned out to be true. All except the "BRIEF" part! Nickki seemed to really appreciate the position and all it implied, because she kept me over her lap for a VERY long time and for what could be said was an entirely separate and thorough punishment in its own right. Essentially, Nickki gave me one hard, long paddling on top of what I had already endured.

While still in that position, we discussed things too. And a lot centered on the efficacy of having such an arrangement between us, coupled with a regret that circumstances prevented more free and frequent employment of this mutually-beneficial disciplinary tool. Which led to a conversation, which led to me remembering one additional issue of a punitive nature from the past that had also never been resolved: leaving the very nasty paddle behind for Jean to use on Nickki. I hesitated a bit and asked her if she remembered that conversation and internally speculated whether or not she would consider this was 'as good a time as any' to fully clean our disciplinary slate 100%. By this time my bottom had received hundreds of smacks mixed with switch-strokes, and I wondered if she might just want to save that issue for another time. But again.....something must have been in the air, or in her mood, because her reaction was way more of 'hey that's right!" than "let's table that one for another day." 

Nickki then picked up her paddle once more and really unloaded both verbally and physically about the carelessness and even arrogance of me leaving something that advanced behind for Jean to use on her very inexperienced bottom. She said things like, "that thing might be fine for you after all your years of experience, but you left her that for me!?" Needless to say, the swats accompanying these remarks admirably reflected her feelings about the inappropriateness of my mistake. Again, there was no hesitation in treating this as yet one more full-bore, bun-roasting punishment and I admit I said "I'm sorry" a lot. When done, my butt was leathery and radiating warmth like a space heater!

Obvious 'blisters' and just check out the heavy folds on my thighs. It was like my butt was made from a different material than the rest of me, and boy did it sting!

But after that, we were truly done. We spent a brief moment in a hug, and then talked some more before going our separate ways. One of the things that Nickki brought up was her heartfelt appreciation for our arrangement. She said that she found it incredibly gratifying that she had the freedom to deal with the things that bothered her without having to just accept them or repress them. However, her only regret was that she felt she should have reacted to my critical text by just immediately announcing that she was coming over so that she could spank me right then, with her annoyance fresh and her blood hot.

So we discussed how such a thing could be arranged in a practical way. Privacy is an issue, but may not always be one. She also said that next time she might just text Rosa to give me an immediate 'taste' of what she would then follow-up with personally and more thoroughly another time. Both prospects intrigued me. It will be interesting to see what becomes of these thoughts.

In conclusion I will leave you with two last shots........just in case anyone thinks this was made up and the photos staged:

This one, which unfortunately doesn't tell the full story.....

.....and this one which kinda does! Someone is certainly proud of their handiwork, and power! And honestly......isn't Nickki something? How can you not just love her?


  1. Definitely some impressive color on that butt! Mouth soaping is another one of those "let the punishment fit the crime" things that we've never tried but that seems like it could be damned effective.

    1. It is definitely a reminder. It tastes terrible, you can't talk, and when getting whacked for a 'mouth issue' it keeps you dually focused on one's mouth.....the source of the trouble, while the paddle reminds you of the area of consequence.

  2. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.
    That's great that you have this relationship which provides for other "opportunities" to get the spankings that you need.
    While I "appreciate" the times that my wife does render a caning or strapping to me, it is a rare occurrence.
    I love her smile!

    1. You are right about the wishing consequence and her smile! As for this arrangement? Well, it is empowering for her, helpful to me, and it seems fun for everyone else who knows about it.

      Hopefully 2020 will be a more active year for you.

  3. Hi everyone,
    The need to deliver Kd’s punishment was necessary and deserved. Kd’s mouth runneth over with soap instead of hurtful words. The punishment was not as rewarding as giving him the gift of payment for a job well done. He is an artist and for his work I enjoy paying in pain. Lololo

    1. Hi there, Dear! Thanks for commenting. I regret not including that 120 whack down payment, but I was trying to keep the post focused on the punishment aspect which we both know, was the overwhelming predominant reason for what happened. But I see your points.

      On one level, addressing misbehavior may be, as you mentioned yourself that day, somewhat liberating and empowering for the person in authority, but I can understand how it may not be as rewarding.....or AS 'fun' as a playful payment-penalty session. I suppose that's a testament to the reality of it, because I doubt an angry parent finds punishing their misbehaving kid rewarding either. But they do it, like you said, because it was necessary and deserved.

      The same is definitely true for me. I find those payments to be fun even as they are still pretty painful, but while I don't ...nor SHOULD...find a punishment fun, I definitely 'like' that we have the arrangement, and 'like' that you have the authority you do. It's a little scary at times, but I'm happy about it.

      Let's see what the future brings?

  4. ALL the LOVE!

    Now that it's finished, you can breathe a little easier.

    1. Thanks, dear. I am glad that we're back to a clean slate.

  5. The first thing that came to my mind was imagine if the situation had been actually serious on my part and I felt strongly upset. Boy, I think she would have magically invented a stronger color of red!.....welll then again, you will find yourself in more trouble that the color will be found sooner than later LOL!!!!
    Love you and love her!

    1. Thanks, Monster. As to your speculation? Perhaps. But I think had you been more serious about the issue, it might not have changed much with Nickki, but probably would have led to a sizable "slip" left for your mom to deliver. ;-)

      Thanks for checking in. I know you're busy, but this particular post is very much about you too. ;-)