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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Abundance of material

After posting about the beauty of women of color, I realized that I had many more images that were worthy of sharing that didn't make it into the original. In fact I have quite a large personal collection of dark-skinned cuties, many also indulging in interracial kink. For today though, I'm just going to post more solo images. Enjoy!

There is a surreal quality to this image, enhanced by a bit of soft-focus sheen coupled with mesmerizing beauty.

I can't comprehend why, even among people of color, there is a sort of propensity towards lighter skin. This young lady's deep rich brown is exotically alluring.

Just a butt....but.....WHAT a butt!!!!

Another artsy example of how beauty need not be tinted in lighter tones.

Sorry to be vulgar.....but I can't imagine a square inch on this magnificent woman that I wouldn't ardently kiss or tongue!

Words fail me.


I'm always fascinated by extremes.

While most of the previous images seem to be professional shots of studio quality, sometimes beauty transcends its humble surroundings.

As a guy with limited access to self-touch and even fewer orgasms, this particular image.....with her delicious body coupled with that coy over-the-shoulder look, just makes me groan in frustration.

Though just a simple public flash, her smile is enough to compete with those perfect breasts.

There's a lot to like about this shot beyond the young lady herself.

No matter how many times I've looked at this shot, I can't see her smile and not smile myself.

Too pretty to even be fair!

Well, you know one of MY favorite activities, so it's not difficult to predict what this makes me feel like doing!


And ditto yet again! And what an expression! I can't help thinking that given what I'd like to do, once I felt sated, she'd say, "nuh-uh, keep going."

I don't know why I like this picture......but I do.

Another kink of mine.......but what a waste!

THE END......(for now)
(and what an end!)


  1. I'm afraid this set is not as endearing to me as the last post KD.

    1. I'm sorry to her that, Glen. I thought some of these were jaw-dropping. But I respect your right to differ.

  2. What an end indeed... I haven't been able to get the Fully Matured lady or the Playful Exhibitionist out of my head all week!

    1. Thanks, Q. Yeah, some of these ladies have a powerful effect.

  3. You DO know that bush (well-trimmed) is back in style. LOL!

    Still, magnificent young(er) women!

    1. Not with me! Hairless was popular with me before it was fashionable, and it will remain so even if fuzziness comes into vogue. ;-) Besides......I didn't shave those girls! I just collated the photos. ;-)