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Monday, July 27, 2020

Heat Wave

Here in NJ we are in the sizzling center of a fairly long heat wave. I am in the middle of a bathroom remodel, and after having my AC unit serviced back in late Spring, this weekend it stopped working. Rosa and I had some fun plans in mind, but the stifling indoor temperature and stuffiness robbed us of the 'mood'.

I know there are plenty of people who find "hot & sweaty" as sexy......and while I can sort of get into that in certain situations, Rosa is totally turned off by uncomfortable heat. Today's post will explore ........sweat. (and I don't mean sweating a copper pipe)  Let's take a glistening look.

There's no question that a sheen of sweat can be enticing.

But what about drenched clothing? Does this just come down to who's wearing the soaked shirt? Would this be just as effective on someone else?

Naked sweat usually implies sweat from sexual exertion.

This young lady certainly seems to be putting forth an effort.

And then there's kinky sweat!

But what about non-sexual sweat? Is sweat from a workout sexy?

It's hard to not like this lovely athlete.

But a sweaty athlete is NOT always evidenced by this scene from "Bedazzled":

What about sweat from heat? Like a heat wave......or a sauna?

This young lady seems to have a malfunctioning AC unit just like me! The thought of mutual consolation is not unappealing.

And then there's sweat from worry and stress........and wondering what fixing this unit is going to cost me, puts me in that category as well.


  1. I hadn't thought about the attractiveness of a sweaty sheen being dependent on its cause, but based on your pictures, for me it is. I rank the pictures from lowest to highest in attractiveness as follows: (1) athletic activity; (2) sexual activity; and (3) temperature, with the sauna being the least attractive (setting aside the Airplane picture).

    I also heartily agree with Rosa on uncomfortable heat. Hate it.

    1. Isn't it fun to take a basic premise and explore its nuances? We can learn so much about ourselves. It's almost like hypothetical questions.........LOL (NOT!)

    2. I agree with Dan's take on the ranking but he forgot housekeeping. :)
      How can we forget the look of a loved one after a round of dusting and hoovering? Curious to know where that activity would rank.

    3. JD: I'll have to look into that possibility.

  2. I think sweat from workouts can be very sexy. I guess I like strong women!

  3. I hate being sweaty! I shower more frequently on purpose (a few times a day) when it's like this.

  4. i shower up to 3-4 times a day when the weather is crazy hot and humid. I hate being sweaty.