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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Mystery GIF

Interestingly, as someone who is not overly M/f in my spanking tastes, and for whom GIFs normally don't appeal much, I was surprised to find this short cartoon GIF that just tickled me:

The thing is, I spent WAY too much time I don't have, trying to figure out who this odd, not quite human character no avail. If anyone knows who this character is and from what show she originates, I would love to know. All I do know is that the sequence works almost solely on the animator's use of sequential expression, and I love it.


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    1. But I still haven't had anyone write in as to who this is.

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    1.'s definitely cute in its own way.

  3. Lol love it KD but that’s never happened to me while my wife has been spanking me ... yet Steve.

    1. You sound disappointed. ;-) Maybe drop a hint?

  4. Well, not to sound too condescendingly millennial, 😉 but:

    - From the file (the gif image) name:

    - Then googling: late night sexy comics tanya spanking

    - And boom:

    - Apparently it's a customized, Asura ( in the game: Guild Wars 2, by the name of Tanya Rhyne-- the creator/owner seems to be this twitter account: ..

    Hope this helps.. :)