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Monday, August 31, 2020


Trump is an android manufactured by the Russians.

Don’t roll your eyes at me… makes perfect sense. So hear me out, because it explains a lot. Think of the way a lot of people accuse Trump of being Putin’s puppet. Well, what better, more reliable puppet than a  truly artificial one? Putin can have it programmed to do his bidding without worry of betrayal and can even use it as an intelligence gathering device for top secret information. And it explains why Trump has a sort of strongman view of how government works. His understanding of the U.S. Constitution is exactly like the way a Russian would imagine it to be when writing his programs. 

Here is a side-by-side comparison of  the Trump type 3 (the model currently in the White House) and the Trump type earlier Russian attempt. (Don't even try to picture the Type 1!)

The Russians aren't totally incapable of improving on a model as can be seen by these very early prototypes based on the traditional Russian nested egg design. These were part of an experimental program designed to be inserted into the rectums of Trumplicans and then mobilized when the time was right. They would then drop out and separate to form an army of Russian-controlled Trump-mini-droids. The program was scrapped when the Russians realized that the asses of the average Trumplican were WAY too tight for initial insertion however and that the potential hosts would take way too long to anally train to accommodate the droids.

Being a robot also explains why Trump has no empathy. How can he if he’s not even human? It explains why he can live the way he does, and be in the apparent shape he’s in, and not drop dead from a stroke or heart attack like anyone else would if they did the same. He also can fearlessly walk about a Covid-19-infested world without wearing a mask while disdaining any weak, pitiful human who does, and never personally be infected with the disease. 

The Trump type 3 is clearly more comfortable around his own kind than he is around people.

It even explains why he looks the way he does. I mean seriously, does his hair look real? Does that orange skin tone seem even remotely natural? No….but it’s the best the Russians can do right now.  Think about it. If he is a RUSSIAN droid, how well can he possibly be built? This is the country that brought you Chernobyl, remember? So that's why he’s already malfunctioning. His speech program is obviously degrading,

........ the motor control is starting to go....... and even the synthetic epidermal layer is beginning to sag.

But that's why the Russians already have a new model ready for activation:

The "Trumpinator", a battle-version currently being held in a Russian airplane hangar in the event of a loss on Election Day.

A secret film of the Trumpinator on a test run in Russia,

Now despite these arguments and images you can say I have no real proof and these are just my own ravings coupled with images gleaned from the internet, but  since when, after 2015, does anyone need something as useless and superfluous as factual evidence anymore? Get with the program……...the same program obviously running our current president.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Christmas confusion

I saw this display at Hobby Lobby.....

...... that commercial bastion of Christian Craft personally endorsed by Jesus himself. Needless to say, it confused me. Do they want me to buy this or NOT? Is it a test to see what kind of person I am, made more tempting by being put on sale? Or is this an exercise in thinking: you shouldn't base your Christmas on store-bought things.....unless it's a store-bought thing that speaks out against store-bought things, in which case you should buy it in a store?

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Political warnings

So one convention is over and another underway. I am particularly impressed with the substance and clarity expressed by the people campaigning for Trump. If you missed the speeches so far here is a short clip from the convention where the public is warned of the dangers of voting for Biden/Harris:

What I think might be appropriate now would be a fair and balanced, fact-based counterargument from the Democrats. So far they have not gone in this direction which, based on Trump's past success, is a mistake. I do realize they aren't particularly good at this, so I humbly offer a few points they might want to incorporate into their campaign:

Thanks to the Republican convention speeches we now know what tragedies will befall us if we vote for Biden, but what will happen if we vote for Trump? Well.....

1: The suburbs will not be eliminated like they will under Biden, but they will look different as Covid-19 mutates.

2: Kellyanne Conway will go door-to-door at night and eat your soul.

3: Giant holes will open around the world and swallow up anyone not wearing a MAGA hat.

4: You will only be given two choices in the vehicle you drive:
This, or.......

....this. No exceptions.

And 5: Armies of thugs in Trump masks will raid schools, abduct and sodomize your children, and then eat them.

While, according to the Republicans, life will be a doomed, living hell under Biden, as you can see from these 5 warnings, there are consequences to voting for Trump too. We definitely have a difficult choice to make.

Thursday, August 20, 2020

"Play" leads to "Punish" Pt.2

The day after my spanking with Nickki, I had a lot to do. Normally I spend the morning at my computer, with a cup of coffee nearby and then after catching up, or posting something new, start my work day. Friday was different and I sort of dove right in and took advantage of having Osito home to get some work done on the bathroom ceiling.

Work in progress. Those cross pieces were eventually painted to match the panels. A post on the overall bathroom remodel will be done when the room is finished.

Later around noon, I took a break and texted Nickki to ask a question based on an idea I had. A while back, Rosa and I found another oversized wooden spoon and bought it with the idea of painting it and giving it to Nickki & Jean. But the timing was never right and it just sat around unfinished. After my time with her Thursday and especially after her demand for a special paddle, I felt that it was finally time to adorn the spoon and give it to Nickki as a kind of working decoration and symbol of her authority. She had already demonstrated her willingness to spank on several occasions, so it was indeed time to recognize that.  All I wanted to do was find out if she was likely to display it openly or keep it as something special but hidden in a drawer. 

But while I was texting her, she informed me that she had left me a message on this blog under the recent Harris post. I went to see it and was shocked at what it said. I certainly had no intention of offending her by not posting immediately. In fact, it is very rare that Nickki responds to my posts right away anyhow. I never expected her to be waiting for the account to be published as a sort of tribute to her efforts!

Well, one thing led to another and it soon became obvious that Nickki was serious about addressing this apparent affront. She contacted Rosa directly and soon I was answering a call from my Honey wherein she informed me about Nickki’s call to her and her desire to whack my hinder yet again. I gave Rosa a brief synopsis of the situation but added that I thought a lot of this had to do with Nickki’s professed desire to act on things immediately, and my delayed post had given her something solid to address. Nickki also informed me that I was to bring the large wooden spoon that she had used on me for part of Ana’s Graduation punishment. (see "Overdue but not underdone" June 10, 2020 ) The fact that she requested a spoon without knowing I was already working on a spoon for her seemed a wonderful irony.

So, after being warned via text to be on time, I left home on Saturday morning, still a bit tender from Thursday’s encounter…...for my punishment. When I arrived, my comeuppance was swift and devoid of our usual pleasantries. Instead she just put me across her lap, choked up on the long spoon handle, and went to town on my butt! It wasn’t terribly long though and instead of more physical whacking, Nickki instructed me to stay in my apron and check on her dining room light as part of my punishment. I did as requested, climbing the stool she put out for me with my beaten butt on display, and after assuring her the light was secure, I told her I had a surprise for her and gave her the new spoon with her name on it. She loved it. When I mentioned that I had considered making a hanging plaque for it but assumed from our texting that she might not want it visible, she assured me she would definitely hang it on a wall in full view. So she did like the idea of the plaque. 

Edited to block out Nickki's real name. This is what I made after our Saturday session.

She also made an observation about my expression saying that I looked like I was disappointed by the short punishment. I believe she said something like, “you look like you’re thinking ’is that it? I drove all the way here just for that?' ” And there was probably some truth to the comment because my face does tend to reveal my thoughts (no poker face for me!) and I WAS sort of thinking that her prior demeanor regarding that punishment seemed way more foreboding in her texts than it turned out to be in actuality.

Even though I said nothing to confirm or deny her assertion, my face must have again answered for me because she just looked at me and laughed and said, “OK, get over here!” and briskly put me across her lap once more ........only this time armed with the new, shorter, but still hefty spoon. There was more lecturing over the delayed post where she said that even if busy all I had to do was text her and let her know there would be a delay. I assured her that in the future if something prevented immediate posting I would tell her up front….as I did with this post. 

This second spanking was definitely harder than the first and she had me at her mercy probably because we were in a much better position. Once she was satisfied she let me up. This time however, Nickki said that there would be no cuddles or any sort of post-spanking ritual. She did of course, take a couple of shots for the post. 

Possibly because of positioning, perhaps because it was a punishment, you can see that this time Nickki had no qualms about spanking well onto my upper thighs. I usually suggest spankers go lower than they initially seem inclined to do, and she certainly did. I felt that redness every time I sat that day!

And we did talk a bit about the people in her life who she has told about our arrangement. One person from work seemed very interested and even claimed he wanted to watch, but she suspected that he probably wanted to see her get it, perhaps assuming that she and I took turns. That prompted a bit of frank discussion over how we each see ourselves within this arrangement and how if a paddle was going to end up being used on someone’s butt, it would always be her using it on mine and never any way else.

As someone who has switched in the past, I have always been fascinated at how certain dynamics develop between people. I have switched with some people, and in some cases I was even exclusively a Top. Being friends and equals in so many other areas, having a totally one-sided arrangement with Nickki ......wherein I am always the one at her mercy, has a definite edge to it. And as for this can see Nickki is wearing a different top and her hair is different too… no one can say this is a fake story with the same shots from Thursday LOL

Over time readers here have certainly witnessed the evolution of the spanking relationship I have with Nickki. It began years ago with tentative lifestyle revelations during conversations over drinks with Nickki & Jean and Rosa & me. It took a big step forward in January of 2017 when Nickki became part of the "Year End Spanking Committee". And then it sort of hovered in limbo as Jean struggled to understand what it all meant. It took about a year before both Nickki and Jean seemed comfortable with taking things a step further. 

In October of 2018 Nickki decided to jump in and spank me herself.....the first time being on the morning of our Halloween party that year. The next was as a result of me bratting to her in early January of 2019. Since then, Nickki has been given her own paddle and has spanked me several more times.....sometimes as playful but painful "chore payment" and sometimes for things that genuinely upset her. Now, it seems I have a friend with little hesitation in declaring a spanking is in order.....for whatever reason. And my Rosa is quite amused by it all. 

Soon I will be giving Nickki her new requested paddle. As I worked on it, I could not help imagining that which I myself was creating, being put to painful use. It wasn't really scary to ponder it because I trust Nickki, but it WAS humbling to think about it. The new paddle is a sturdy tool. Applied with vigor, it is going to definitely hurt. And now from experience, I know what it means to be in my special apron, butt on display, and ordered over a stack of pillows or a maternal lap. So whether I start out eager for some attention, or concerned over how some misbehavior has agitated my friend, I know that once Nickki starts spanking, no mental attitude of mine will do much to mitigate the effect of paddle against bare flesh. Regardless of reason, regardless of my own thoughts, regardless of whether I feel penitent or challenged to behave stoically, I can't "win" against Nickki's attack. And conversely, she can't lose. If she wants me to, I WILL end up apologizing, or agreeing to demands, or promising whatever! It's like a no-win version of "Rock/Paper/Scissors" with only two choices: butt or paddle......and paddle ALWAYS beats butt! And with Nickki, not only are there only two choices, but I can only ever choose "butt". 

Yesterday I texted Nickki to let her know the first post was up. This was the exchange.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

"Play" leads to "Punish"

 Part 1: On Wednesday the 12th, my friend-with-spanking-privileges, Nickki, and I were having a phone conversation and lamenting the various issues that have interfered with what would have probably been more frequent application of her special paddle. During the conversation we began to realize that many of those obstacles had now fallen by the wayside and it seemed that what seemed a pretty mutually-desired spanking session, was just one willful whim away from becoming reality. Nickki then took that step and told me to be at her house "with bells on" the following evening. She cleared everything with Jean, while I did the same with Rosa, who, as expected, had little issue with it. 

Thursday morning we had an exchange of texts. They started as a simple confirmation but then Nickki informed me of what was expected: "No questions. You need to focus on me. I'm the important person. Be there. Did you find the bells?" (she was indeed serious about the bells and their mention was not just an expression, so I told her that I had indeed found some that would work.) "Good," she continued, "My place, KD. Don't be late. I have pent-up energy." When I assured her that I would indeed focus on her and obey her without question, her reply was simply, "you better."

That evening I headed to her house and upon arrival realized that Jean was not yet home, which surprised me. But Nickki assured me that she would be there around the time we finished, so that I would definitely see her. However, my "deck payment" paddling was going to come solely from Nickki alone. No time was wasted. I changed into my apron and clambered across an assembly of pillows and cushions near her window. We had learned that merely lessening the angle of my presentation afforded her with the opportunity to spank long and hard.....and yet not result in those dreaded abrasions. A simple solution.

Nickki then went to work and since this was not a punishment, she did solicit opinion on what was working or not. However, despite this not being serious, she did inform me that speaking would require permission....which she readily gave each time. In fact, despite the spanks being pretty hard, the overall flavor was pretty friendly and casual (this was a play-payment after all) but that familiarity led me to become a bit lax about seeking permission to speak and at one point I just began talking. Big mistake! I was quickly reminded of the conditions for speech with emphasis from some determined paddle-whacks. Ouch!  My apologies were immediate.

Otherwise, however, things were practically solicitous. Nickki even asked if there were any adjustments needed to how things were going. All I requested was a very slight reduction in pace, and an even more minor lowering of target area by a tiny fraction. But after that the roasting began in earnest. The paddling consisted of numerous whacks, and as in the past, we agreed the final installment would be delivered across her lap.

There was no break. We went right from window to sofa and while over her lap, Nickki again delivered not just a short follow-up but an almost entirely complete and separate spanking. But the best thing thing about this second spanking was the way it kind of bonded us while also opening up some dialog on our overall arrangement. 

Spanking number two, ouch!

I was definitely in a submissive zone by this time and Nickki surprised me by very boldly demanding that I make her a particular shaped paddle similar to the one Rosa uses and that I had two weeks to complete it......or else! Talk about confident!!!!  I then sort of waxed philosophically on how much I found this bizarre twist in out friendship to feel as natural and normal as can be. I think I said something like it was almost as if we were a disciplinary pair from past lives now reunited in this  odd arrangement. Nickki said she too found it more comfortably natural than contrived or strained. 

Nickki and a "bit o' cheek".

While Nickki's goal for me was a new paddle, the main goal Nickki had for herself, now that we were pretty free of obstacles, was to be more immediate when feeling something warranted a spanking. I agreed and said I was willing even though certain situations would still require some planning. ( What I did not expect was how soon my friend would act on this desire for immediacy which will be detailed in part 2! ) 

But a very interesting moment was when she had me over her lap and decided to explain why she always accompanied her spanks with reassuring pets and stroking. She said that she knew the spanking for real hurt.....and while she was fine with that and had no guilt swatting me forcefully, she also wanted to simultaneously convey that there was still love and caring surrounding the pain. Nickki also confessed that when she spanked me.....whether for punishment or even as 'play-payment' for chores, she always felt very maternal in her role. I thought it was a wonderfully warm explanation.

Eventually the spanking ended and Nickki took some shots to put with this post. I offered to get her a cool drink and she accepted. 

Playful Nickki insisted on this shot.  It was me "with bells on"! Prior to this, I wore them around my neck like a jingling necklace.

Then we just cuddled for a while and talked some more until Jean came home. I was still in my apron and yet there was no feeling of awkwardness. I then dressed and we all talked about regular "life stuff" until Nickki kind of told me pretty directly that it was time for me to leave. It was very bossy and Jean commented on her tone but it was all pretty humorous and appropriate given the situation.

(to be continued.)

Friday, August 14, 2020

It's coming

 A very interesting story about a recent adventure with my dear friend, Nickki will soon be on the way, but I can't say when. Some of you may have noticed a comment in the Harris post that indicates that Nickki is displeased by the delay......which may result in an entirely separate add-on spanking. But the thing is, as evidenced by my lack of posting and even slow responses here, I am unusually busy and will be even more preoccupied for the next four days. If I can, I will post something before then, but it is not likely. For now here is a teaser shot from a little time spent over at Nickki's place this past Thursday evening:

Better images will accompany the post, but this one is sufficient to give an idea of what went on. (Yes, that's me on her lap!)

Tuesday, August 11, 2020



 I couldn't do it any better myself, thanks Simon.

While this warrants a full post, for now let me just say that back in 2015 I said, "anybody but Hilary".  When Biden was mulling over choices of women of color I said, "anybody but Harris". Way to go, you idiot Democrats. I haven't voted Democratic in years but Trump has to go. Thanks for making the choice to vote for Biden that much harder. Four more years of the "Lying Shitbag" anyone?

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Spanking captions

 A while ago, a series of captioned images at Dan's blog inspired an idea for me to take the notion of random photos adorned with often very specific spanking comments to its logical.....or illogical......limits. My beef with certain types of kinky captions is neither secret nor recent. I have gone on derisive tirades countless times as many here know all too well. But this time, I've decided to illustrate my feelings with some spanking captions of my very own making. 

To start things off, let's begin with a very standard example of what is seen ad nauseam on the internet. Often it begins with  someone taking an innocent image from the public domain like this one:

....And adding a completely prurient spanking caption like this one (which I did even as I kind of threw up in my mouth a bit).....

Utterly absurd! 

But it occurred to me that if a model in an office setting, looking like she's going over the month's figures, can be viewed as a prime candidate for the kinky self-indulgence of notions no doubt far removed from whatever this young lady was actually thinking or saying, then why stop here? If a professional woman with the right look and pose is fair game for fantasy-fodder, then why limit it to the office?

At least as believable as the the former image.

And why stop there? Dominance is not limited to the professional elite. So why not depict some spanking captions with an array of women from all around this great, big, diverse world?

Now here we go with a nice dose of reality. And she looks like she could do one helluva job too!  So how come I never see any spanking captions like this?

Why can't a spanking caption candidate be discovered at the local Walmart? 

And why are the typical spanking captions all geared to a certain age group? Don't spankers age like the rest of us?

Go get him, Granny!

The other thing, besides age, is that often the models chosen depict stern or aloof women with a bit of edge and attitude. But women are human like the rest of us. I'm sure not every dominant female is a paragon of self-discipline and virtue. So what about a different dose of potential dominant reality?

Not a bad looking lass. And don't be too hard on her. She's probably had a difficult day and your underwear on the floor just sent her over the edge......and to the liquor cabinet. No glass needed.

We all know that DD doesn't always live up to the fantasy. Let's see some captions that reflect that!

OK, OK, so perhaps you are saying that for the whole disciplinary authority thing to work, you kind of need to have a more virtuous example in order to inspire respect and admiration. I can see that. So let's explore that road:

How can you top this for Tops?

Now another issue that I have often complained about was that in the usual spanking caption the model rarely looks like what she's saying is anywhere close to what the photo seems to indicate. Often the image looks like a catalog ad for a sweater, dress, or what-have-you. But these images have been defended with the rationale that I really don't know for sure that the person would not be into whatever she is saying and that even if she isn't, it's not important. Well, let's see.

Hmmmmmm, "young"-----check, "sexy" -----check, "the right expression" -------also check. Yep, this should work just fine for just about anyone.

And how about this one?

OK, so you can't see her face, but.....her pose seems stern. do you know she is NOT thinking of spanking her drake later on that day?

So, I think we have opened up the world of possibility quite admirably and with ample justification. (You're all welcome. My pleasure.) And so now that everyone's mind has been expanded within the realm of spanking captions, let's just finish out the post with a cornucopia of dominant ladies all eager to put you across their laps:

From ancient history.

To more contemporary history.

And even from current events.

From twisted thoughts of childhood.

To Fellini-esque nightmares.

And even out into nature itself. It's all good.

And if it's "all good" then it is ALL good.......right? So let's see some creativity out there! Enough with teens at their backyard graduation parties talking about spanking. Enough with celebrities. Enough with the catalog models! Let's see the whole face of dominance and authority on display. Average people, even ugly people, the young, old, ethnic, etc. And don't stop there. Let's see captioned fairies, unicorns, butterflies, realtors, the homeless, and even the person who tries to get you to agree to solar panels over the phone. I'm sure ALL these people are avid spankers just waiting for a chance to have their kinky voice heard. Their voices should not be denied.......especially since it's just really us putting our words in their mouths.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020


Cosplay spanking is a subset of a subset niche.'s right up my alley! The great thing about cosplay spanking is that it can explore SO many issues between the folks playing. And cosplay is so diverse that you can easily find your favorite set of characters to flesh out. Here are some shots and clips I found:

From the Marvel Universe

From DC

Another DC

You can't leave out Star Wars!

Or even classic literature.

I even have an Addams Family spank shot somewhere, but I can't find it right now. What about you all? Does anyone have a cosplay fantasy, adventure, or image they would like to share?

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Irony or what?

I find it interesting that not long ago this......

......was a problem for many. It was considered a threat to safety and many even tried  (or did) legislate against it. But now, this........... considered the best way to keep everyone safe and many have tried (and did) legislate to mandate compliance.

Now I'm all for mask-wearing, but let's face it. There is not much difference between the anonymity fostered by one than the other, yet one is considered admirable by most (while others consider it an affront to their personal freedom) and the other is evil. How is a person behind one less dangerous than someone in the other? Seems like there's a little discrimination and a lot of hypocrisy going on here.

As for those opposed to mandated mask-wearing, I have a few questions:

Do you find red lights an imposition on your freedom of movement?
Do you smoke in non-smoking areas?
Do you give your toddlers plastic bags to play with in defiance of those who dare to tell you not to?

If you think safety restrictions are an affront to freedom, please feel free to defy warnings.....but kindly choose those which don't affect others. In fact why not have a rally for those who feel as you do and hold it atop a high voltage tower where everyone can show off their independence by zip-lining from one tower to the next? (And use a wet copper harness. )