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Friday, August 28, 2020

Christmas confusion

I saw this display at Hobby Lobby.....

...... that commercial bastion of Christian Craft personally endorsed by Jesus himself. Needless to say, it confused me. Do they want me to buy this or NOT? Is it a test to see what kind of person I am, made more tempting by being put on sale? Or is this an exercise in thinking: you shouldn't base your Christmas on store-bought things.....unless it's a store-bought thing that speaks out against store-bought things, in which case you should buy it in a store?


  1. Not on this confusing topic, but I enjoyed your comment on Hermione's Heart about Mary Poppins, though I shudder at the thought of her and Mr. Banks together.

    Julie Andrews appeared as Mary Poppins when I was 8 and already deep into the naughtiness of wanting to climb up inside her petticoats but being punished for it. The movie still does it for me and I'll watch if it comes on the TV.


    - Rosco

    1. Hi Rosco. I'm glad you liked the caption. I always try for something funny and rarely just go for the obvious spanking reference.

      I think the Julie Andrews Mary Poppins would indeed make for an ideal "spanking nanny". Also, if you saw "Saving Mr. Banks" you would have seen how "Mr. Banks" was actually based on the author's alcoholic father. And Mary Poppins was based on an aunt who came to take care of her when the family seemed on the verge of disaster.