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Thursday, August 20, 2020

"Play" leads to "Punish" Pt.2

The day after my spanking with Nickki, I had a lot to do. Normally I spend the morning at my computer, with a cup of coffee nearby and then after catching up, or posting something new, start my work day. Friday was different and I sort of dove right in and took advantage of having Osito home to get some work done on the bathroom ceiling.

Work in progress. Those cross pieces were eventually painted to match the panels. A post on the overall bathroom remodel will be done when the room is finished.

Later around noon, I took a break and texted Nickki to ask a question based on an idea I had. A while back, Rosa and I found another oversized wooden spoon and bought it with the idea of painting it and giving it to Nickki & Jean. But the timing was never right and it just sat around unfinished. After my time with her Thursday and especially after her demand for a special paddle, I felt that it was finally time to adorn the spoon and give it to Nickki as a kind of working decoration and symbol of her authority. She had already demonstrated her willingness to spank on several occasions, so it was indeed time to recognize that.  All I wanted to do was find out if she was likely to display it openly or keep it as something special but hidden in a drawer. 

But while I was texting her, she informed me that she had left me a message on this blog under the recent Harris post. I went to see it and was shocked at what it said. I certainly had no intention of offending her by not posting immediately. In fact, it is very rare that Nickki responds to my posts right away anyhow. I never expected her to be waiting for the account to be published as a sort of tribute to her efforts!

Well, one thing led to another and it soon became obvious that Nickki was serious about addressing this apparent affront. She contacted Rosa directly and soon I was answering a call from my Honey wherein she informed me about Nickki’s call to her and her desire to whack my hinder yet again. I gave Rosa a brief synopsis of the situation but added that I thought a lot of this had to do with Nickki’s professed desire to act on things immediately, and my delayed post had given her something solid to address. Nickki also informed me that I was to bring the large wooden spoon that she had used on me for part of Ana’s Graduation punishment. (see "Overdue but not underdone" June 10, 2020 ) The fact that she requested a spoon without knowing I was already working on a spoon for her seemed a wonderful irony.

So, after being warned via text to be on time, I left home on Saturday morning, still a bit tender from Thursday’s encounter…...for my punishment. When I arrived, my comeuppance was swift and devoid of our usual pleasantries. Instead she just put me across her lap, choked up on the long spoon handle, and went to town on my butt! It wasn’t terribly long though and instead of more physical whacking, Nickki instructed me to stay in my apron and check on her dining room light as part of my punishment. I did as requested, climbing the stool she put out for me with my beaten butt on display, and after assuring her the light was secure, I told her I had a surprise for her and gave her the new spoon with her name on it. She loved it. When I mentioned that I had considered making a hanging plaque for it but assumed from our texting that she might not want it visible, she assured me she would definitely hang it on a wall in full view. So she did like the idea of the plaque. 

Edited to block out Nickki's real name. This is what I made after our Saturday session.

She also made an observation about my expression saying that I looked like I was disappointed by the short punishment. I believe she said something like, “you look like you’re thinking ’is that it? I drove all the way here just for that?' ” And there was probably some truth to the comment because my face does tend to reveal my thoughts (no poker face for me!) and I WAS sort of thinking that her prior demeanor regarding that punishment seemed way more foreboding in her texts than it turned out to be in actuality.

Even though I said nothing to confirm or deny her assertion, my face must have again answered for me because she just looked at me and laughed and said, “OK, get over here!” and briskly put me across her lap once more ........only this time armed with the new, shorter, but still hefty spoon. There was more lecturing over the delayed post where she said that even if busy all I had to do was text her and let her know there would be a delay. I assured her that in the future if something prevented immediate posting I would tell her up front….as I did with this post. 

This second spanking was definitely harder than the first and she had me at her mercy probably because we were in a much better position. Once she was satisfied she let me up. This time however, Nickki said that there would be no cuddles or any sort of post-spanking ritual. She did of course, take a couple of shots for the post. 

Possibly because of positioning, perhaps because it was a punishment, you can see that this time Nickki had no qualms about spanking well onto my upper thighs. I usually suggest spankers go lower than they initially seem inclined to do, and she certainly did. I felt that redness every time I sat that day!

And we did talk a bit about the people in her life who she has told about our arrangement. One person from work seemed very interested and even claimed he wanted to watch, but she suspected that he probably wanted to see her get it, perhaps assuming that she and I took turns. That prompted a bit of frank discussion over how we each see ourselves within this arrangement and how if a paddle was going to end up being used on someone’s butt, it would always be her using it on mine and never any way else.

As someone who has switched in the past, I have always been fascinated at how certain dynamics develop between people. I have switched with some people, and in some cases I was even exclusively a Top. Being friends and equals in so many other areas, having a totally one-sided arrangement with Nickki ......wherein I am always the one at her mercy, has a definite edge to it. And as for this can see Nickki is wearing a different top and her hair is different too… no one can say this is a fake story with the same shots from Thursday LOL

Over time readers here have certainly witnessed the evolution of the spanking relationship I have with Nickki. It began years ago with tentative lifestyle revelations during conversations over drinks with Nickki & Jean and Rosa & me. It took a big step forward in January of 2017 when Nickki became part of the "Year End Spanking Committee". And then it sort of hovered in limbo as Jean struggled to understand what it all meant. It took about a year before both Nickki and Jean seemed comfortable with taking things a step further. 

In October of 2018 Nickki decided to jump in and spank me herself.....the first time being on the morning of our Halloween party that year. The next was as a result of me bratting to her in early January of 2019. Since then, Nickki has been given her own paddle and has spanked me several more times.....sometimes as playful but painful "chore payment" and sometimes for things that genuinely upset her. Now, it seems I have a friend with little hesitation in declaring a spanking is in order.....for whatever reason. And my Rosa is quite amused by it all. 

Soon I will be giving Nickki her new requested paddle. As I worked on it, I could not help imagining that which I myself was creating, being put to painful use. It wasn't really scary to ponder it because I trust Nickki, but it WAS humbling to think about it. The new paddle is a sturdy tool. Applied with vigor, it is going to definitely hurt. And now from experience, I know what it means to be in my special apron, butt on display, and ordered over a stack of pillows or a maternal lap. So whether I start out eager for some attention, or concerned over how some misbehavior has agitated my friend, I know that once Nickki starts spanking, no mental attitude of mine will do much to mitigate the effect of paddle against bare flesh. Regardless of reason, regardless of my own thoughts, regardless of whether I feel penitent or challenged to behave stoically, I can't "win" against Nickki's attack. And conversely, she can't lose. If she wants me to, I WILL end up apologizing, or agreeing to demands, or promising whatever! It's like a no-win version of "Rock/Paper/Scissors" with only two choices: butt or paddle......and paddle ALWAYS beats butt! And with Nickki, not only are there only two choices, but I can only ever choose "butt". 

Yesterday I texted Nickki to let her know the first post was up. This was the exchange.


  1. I tried to post a comment earlier, but it didn't work. Sorry if this is a duplicate. What I said in the earlier comment was, basically, definitely a strong maternal vibe in that text. My relationship with my own mother is very complicated. We have a good relationship today, but she was a very erratic parent who, in hindsight, was struggling with a lot emotional and probably hormonal/chemical problems. I've come to recognize and accept over time that part of my attraction to DD is wanting to experience a strong, stern, consistent mother type. Though, as you point out in a response to Glen in the previous post, the whole incest thing complicates bringing that dynamic into the marriage relationship. Your exchange with Nickki makes me wonder what it would be like to have that dynamic with someone else -- totally non-sexual but openly maternal.

    1. It doesn't seem to be a duplicate.

      And yes, the "maternal vibe" is way stronger between Nickki and me for some reason than it is with Rosa. And given our situation, that's just perfect! Just as you describe: non-sexual but openly maternal! Wonderfully satisfying on an emotional level and no sticky-icky sex to complicate things! LOL

      My history with my late mother is very different than yours, but probably just as fraught with issues. LOL

      Rosa and I have some aspect of maternalism, but it's more subtext than plot. I suppose the power-aspect is stronger with us rather than the maternal. But I also think it changes based on the situation. For example, a 'reminder spanking' feels VERY power-oriented, whereas a punishment for an affront to her or a rule broken feels very personal. However, a punishment for some issue that was directed at one of her kids makes her seem much more maternal where rather than husband or submissive lover.....I feel like another sibling.

    2. Yeah, while I'm not a Freudian, I'm willing to concede it's probably pretty rare that a man doesn't have some form of mommy issues. LoL.

      The "like another sibling" is something I haven't experienced, but in those few instances where commenters say their mother spanked their father -- that sometimes comes shining through. The father treated just like one of the kids. There is something about that context that I find really compelling.

    3. Thanks about the ceiling. It looks better now but I'm saving pictures for when its complete.

      As for the sibling thing? I think there's something inherent in humans that identify individual women as sharing in an overall "Earth Mother" mystique. Just peruse religion from tribal to modern. It's inescapable.

  2. Kd I love the graphics and the rock/paper/scissors analogy. Once again I read this as if I was experiencing it all over again. Detail should be your middle name. Thanks for my story on to the next. Love ya nickki

    1. Thanks, Dear! Love ya too!

      Our next adventure will no doubt involve two new implements.

  3. Looking at the last picture of Nickki where she is alongside your spanked bottom, she appears to be one happy girl with the task she performed. And I might say performed very well that is one sore and tender bottom.

    1. She did a good job for sure......and she definitely enjoys her authority. As you can see from the story, this one in particular was ALL her idea!