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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

"Play" leads to "Punish"

 Part 1: On Wednesday the 12th, my friend-with-spanking-privileges, Nickki, and I were having a phone conversation and lamenting the various issues that have interfered with what would have probably been more frequent application of her special paddle. During the conversation we began to realize that many of those obstacles had now fallen by the wayside and it seemed that what seemed a pretty mutually-desired spanking session, was just one willful whim away from becoming reality. Nickki then took that step and told me to be at her house "with bells on" the following evening. She cleared everything with Jean, while I did the same with Rosa, who, as expected, had little issue with it. 

Thursday morning we had an exchange of texts. They started as a simple confirmation but then Nickki informed me of what was expected: "No questions. You need to focus on me. I'm the important person. Be there. Did you find the bells?" (she was indeed serious about the bells and their mention was not just an expression, so I told her that I had indeed found some that would work.) "Good," she continued, "My place, KD. Don't be late. I have pent-up energy." When I assured her that I would indeed focus on her and obey her without question, her reply was simply, "you better."

That evening I headed to her house and upon arrival realized that Jean was not yet home, which surprised me. But Nickki assured me that she would be there around the time we finished, so that I would definitely see her. However, my "deck payment" paddling was going to come solely from Nickki alone. No time was wasted. I changed into my apron and clambered across an assembly of pillows and cushions near her window. We had learned that merely lessening the angle of my presentation afforded her with the opportunity to spank long and hard.....and yet not result in those dreaded abrasions. A simple solution.

Nickki then went to work and since this was not a punishment, she did solicit opinion on what was working or not. However, despite this not being serious, she did inform me that speaking would require permission....which she readily gave each time. In fact, despite the spanks being pretty hard, the overall flavor was pretty friendly and casual (this was a play-payment after all) but that familiarity led me to become a bit lax about seeking permission to speak and at one point I just began talking. Big mistake! I was quickly reminded of the conditions for speech with emphasis from some determined paddle-whacks. Ouch!  My apologies were immediate.

Otherwise, however, things were practically solicitous. Nickki even asked if there were any adjustments needed to how things were going. All I requested was a very slight reduction in pace, and an even more minor lowering of target area by a tiny fraction. But after that the roasting began in earnest. The paddling consisted of numerous whacks, and as in the past, we agreed the final installment would be delivered across her lap.

There was no break. We went right from window to sofa and while over her lap, Nickki again delivered not just a short follow-up but an almost entirely complete and separate spanking. But the best thing thing about this second spanking was the way it kind of bonded us while also opening up some dialog on our overall arrangement. 

Spanking number two, ouch!

I was definitely in a submissive zone by this time and Nickki surprised me by very boldly demanding that I make her a particular shaped paddle similar to the one Rosa uses and that I had two weeks to complete it......or else! Talk about confident!!!!  I then sort of waxed philosophically on how much I found this bizarre twist in out friendship to feel as natural and normal as can be. I think I said something like it was almost as if we were a disciplinary pair from past lives now reunited in this  odd arrangement. Nickki said she too found it more comfortably natural than contrived or strained. 

Nickki and a "bit o' cheek".

While Nickki's goal for me was a new paddle, the main goal Nickki had for herself, now that we were pretty free of obstacles, was to be more immediate when feeling something warranted a spanking. I agreed and said I was willing even though certain situations would still require some planning. ( What I did not expect was how soon my friend would act on this desire for immediacy which will be detailed in part 2! ) 

But a very interesting moment was when she had me over her lap and decided to explain why she always accompanied her spanks with reassuring pets and stroking. She said that she knew the spanking for real hurt.....and while she was fine with that and had no guilt swatting me forcefully, she also wanted to simultaneously convey that there was still love and caring surrounding the pain. Nickki also confessed that when she spanked me.....whether for punishment or even as 'play-payment' for chores, she always felt very maternal in her role. I thought it was a wonderfully warm explanation.

Eventually the spanking ended and Nickki took some shots to put with this post. I offered to get her a cool drink and she accepted. 

Playful Nickki insisted on this shot.  It was me "with bells on"! Prior to this, I wore them around my neck like a jingling necklace.

Then we just cuddled for a while and talked some more until Jean came home. I was still in my apron and yet there was no feeling of awkwardness. I then dressed and we all talked about regular "life stuff" until Nickki kind of told me pretty directly that it was time for me to leave. It was very bossy and Jean commented on her tone but it was all pretty humorous and appropriate given the situation.

(to be continued.)


  1. Interesting arrangement KD. Perhaps more will be revealed about the 'chemistry' between you and Nikki in part 2 , but I sense some sexual desires developing between the two of you?

    1. Part two is up, but "no"......sorry to disappoint......there is a fun chemistry between us, but that is all. We even joked about that as we were sitting around afterwards, saying that rather than feeling like this adventure should tempt us into making some inappropriate trip to the bedroom, I was feeling all mushy and submissive and she was saying how maternal this makes her feel. Unless one is predisposed to incest, maternal feelings aren't a very good preliminary to sex. Also.....I'm not sure if you noticed that Nickki is married to Jean. They are a Lesbian couple....not really into the whole "guy thing" which is part of the reason fro the apron. LOL

  2. You are such a lovely shade of pink!