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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Ask Nickki!

 After viewing my post and commenting, Nickki also had a nice phone conversation with me today. In it she agreed to do a kind of 'interview' to be published here as a post. Soon I will be composing the questions for it and I thought: why not seek some questions from my readers? So, if there is something you would like me to ask Nickki in my interview, post it here as a comment or send it to me as an email. I can't guarantee I will use it, but you all know that I am fairly open to input.

I will say though that time is of the essence, and if you have a question, please post it within the next two days or so. 

I have also been planning to do a post giving unfamiliar readers a guide to some backstory regarding Nickki, so here is our 'history' from 2016 to 2020. With things involving Nickki, Jean, Rosa & me developing so decisively lately, some newer readers might be wondering about the infamous Nickki. The following list lays out all the posts where Nickki or Jean are featured. Even I found the timeline to be interesting…...and I was THERE! An * indicates a post that contains an actual spanking. [ ] indicates a post where an image of Nickki or Jean is featured.

Skinny-dippin’ 9/12/16 (first mention of a Nickki & Jean interaction, but not by name)


Spanking by Committee 1/15/17 (first mention of Nickki & Jean by name)

Committee continued 1/17/17 (detailing the start of the “year-end spanking” tradition )

Round 2: Nickki 1/19/17 ( first time Nickki was involved in a discipline slip)

A welcome addition and a name change.3/28/17 

3 Coins in a Fountain 9/2/17 [ ] ( another skinny-dip story)

“Friendly” Punishment 12/11/17 [ ] (second time Nickki suggested a spanking)


Committee reconvenes 1/3/18 ( the second year of “year-end” punishment)

Nickki’s “lashes” 2/13/18 [ ] (Nickki’s contribution to the year end tradition)

A determined Nickki 10/19/18 (Where she expresses her desire to do some of her own spanking)

Rosa’s warning 10/23/18 ( Rosa lets me know that Nickki has contacted her)

Spanked by Nickki 11/2/18* (Nickki herself spanks me for the first time)

Paddles & stuff 11/19/18 (Nickki gets her own paddle)


I dare ya! 1/5/19* (The second spanking from Nickki)

Follow-up & Feedback 1/6/19

Nickki’s packin’ heat 4/16/19 (Nickki teases me about carrying her new paddle around……..even to work)

Et tu, Jean 5/31/19 (Jean gets more comfortable with the idea of spanking)

Cleared up 6/5/19 (procedural confusion is straightened out)

More on Nickki & Jean 6/6/19

Final decisions 6/8/19 (finalized agreement on “spanks as pay” )

Plumber’s crack 6/11/19* (first “pay spanking” for chores )

Gamechanger 7/18/19* [ ] (a MAJOR punishment….resulting in abrasions that took a while to heal)

Stinger linger [ ] 7/9/19

A shared spanking 8/11/19**  [ ] (a double spanking)

Confession to Nickki 8/18/19 ( where I confess feelings of guilt over an implement left for Jean to use on Nickki)

Thoughts on Jean & more 9/18/19

Jean’s spanking 9/18/19* [ ] (Jean steps in for an injured Nickki)


A naughty idea (and offer) 1/10/20 (A kind of daydream that never happened)  

Deck progress 5/15/20 (Just what it says)

Overdue but not underdone 6/10/20 * [ ]  (Nickki finally delivers the punishment for Ana’s Graduation)

Play Leads to Punish Pt. 1  8/19/20 * [ ] (Nickki gives me a good spanking for payment but late conversation opens the door to other things)

Play Leads to Punish Pt. 2 8/20/20 * [ ] (I am punished for being lax about posting)

Computer Issues 9/21/20 [ ]

Nickki strikes again! 9/22/20 * [ ] ( a payment and punishment combined)

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Nickki strikes again!

(I got the glitch to temporarily subside, and as you can see..... "a, n, & b" have been mercifully restored to their rightful pace in the least for as long as it took to write what follows. )

The last time I wrote about Nickki, it involved a punishment that followed a “chore payment”.  Today I am going to talk about a combined payment and punishment.  I recently helped Nickki & Jean close their pool for the season and as such earned a  ‘reward payment’ paddling. However, while there I also made the mistake of once again leaving their toilet seat up after Nickki had emphatically warned me about that the last time it happened. 

Jean spotted the blunder and mentioned it. Well what could I say? I didn’t do it on purpose but I certainly was the one who did it, so we discussed “consequences” and naturally the obvious one came up. However there was one complication: Jean is not completely comfortable dealing with me alone like Nickki is. So it was decided that Jean would indeed take care of this offense but at a later date when she’d have some others around… they Nickki, Rosa, or both.

Enter Nickki, who had previously texted me that she and not Jean was going to administer the ‘payment’ for the pool closing and who now was aware of  the further complication of the offending toilet seat. She informed me via text that she would address that as well…….while Jean still had the opportunity to do the same. After a brief discussion it was decided that on Saturday morning I would present myself to Nickki for a combination of punishment and payment. And that is exactly what happened.

With Rosa’s blessing off I went to meet my fate. And to that end I too contributed to the effort with some voluntary concessions of my own. One being that I brought an extra switch-type implement to give to Nickki to keep on permanent loan. Another was a suggestion that rather than merely punish me for the toilet seat, since it was well established that this was a “female domicile”, that perhaps my repeated offense also warranted a more stringent step: an understanding that I was to never again even deign to lift their toilet seat but instead only sit upon it when needed…...even if it was only to pee. Nickki liked that idea on the spot.

Then Nickki surprised me with a twist that only served to confirm the prevailing 'respect the female' vibe. I was forever forward, going to conform to a much more female-oriented standard in their home…….even for spankings! No longer would my spanking attire be the simple black apron from the past but rather this:

This is the new "spanking outfit" Nickki has chosen for me. I am neither offended nor titillated with donning female attire. I do see its place though as I have certainly worn enough of it. However, I am in no way an ardent transvestite. Not that I have issue with that predisposition, but rather that I am just being honest and clear about my own feelings. For me dressing in female clothing is more of an embarrassing costume, no different than if I was dressing in our "piggy attire". In this case, with Nickki, I understand the goal and feel it makes perfect sense.

Another little surprise was this note that Nickki left for me in the bathroom to see and ponder as I stripped out of my clothes and into the frock shown above:

This note was sitting atop Nickki's toilet when I went to the bathroom to change.  I found it oddly coincidental that Nickki did this at the same time I was prepared to offer to clean her toilet as an additional  punishment. She had a similar thought but, like me, thought it might be too "bdsm"-ish for our arrangement. It was just one of the several times where my thoughts and hers were in sync.

Then we began the punishment phase of our Saturday morning, and let me tell you, Nickki was not in the least hesitant to make her true feelings known both verbally and tangibly….by way of her scolding & use of her new paddle. She started right in spanking one cheek repeatedly, making me struggle to hold still, and then attacked the other just as fiercely. There was nothing fun about the spanking that accompanied her scolding. Unless of course you count the fun that Nickki herself seemed to be having! She lectured me on my inconsiderate neglect with regards to the toilet seat while spanking emphatically with both her new paddle and the switch I had brought. The paddle is hefty and did an admirable job in inflicting the level of painful punishment Nickki desired.

Eventually the spanking ended and Nickki requested that I accompany her on the couch to cuddle and talk.  It was a very nice respite with some very productive dialog, But after discussing a multitude of things I prefer to save for another time, Nickki informed me that while the punishment phase was over…..we still needed to address my pool opening payment. And that was to occur while over her lap!

I have already written about my feelings when spanked over Nickki's lap, but it's a sentiment worth revisiting. I can't explain it any better than to say that while it is very different from being across my Rosa's lap, there is a strange comfort and familiarity to it that is undeniable. This is not to say that Nickki is gentle or solicitous in her approach. Far from it. She spanks hard and with a definite eye towards rendering my bottom appropriately red and raw. But even as the smacks elicit ouches, winces, and even wriggles and kicks, I feel so darned connected and "at home" that it is hard to comprehend. And even as I wriggle and whimper with each stinging barrage, I feel like I have no other place I would rather be at that moment.

This was the result was all was said and done. You can easily see where some errant switch strikes fell outside of the main color field.

A confident woman alongside her handiwork.

Even though this “part 2” was not meant as punishment, it still was pretty intense. I received quite a lot of strong, hard, smacks to my already sore bottom. Nickki also employed a new technique where she used one hand to kind of lift my butt-cheek allowing her to strike the area of crease and thigh just beneath what would have normally been obscured. It was a devilish strategy…..and quite an effective one which left me with some very painful sore-spots!

This dark red line is one of the two 'sore spots' Nickki made a deliberate effort to create. And let me tell you I am STILL feeling them whenever I sit.

However, as with all things, this session too was destined to finally arrive at its end. After some productive discussion, I dressed and Nickki showed me the future projects she expected me to do for her and Jean, and which would provide further opportunities for either Nickki or Jean to paddle my buns as 'payment'. And then……...prompted by a cell phone call from Rosa, who reminded me that we had guests coming later that day…….I headed home.

On Sunday, Rosa and I had a kind of “day of our own” which started with me pampering her and giving her an “O”. It ended with another O for her and even one, much much later in the day, for me!  But in the middle, Rosa told me that while I was driving home, she had called Nickki and expressed a bit of annoyance that I got punished for something she too had wanted to address here but felt I was resistant to. We discussed it and Rosa assured me that a similar punishment from her was in my future!  

Here I am a day later, on Sunday morning, drying dishes for my Rosa while still tender from the day before. In addition, you might be able to see the large glass butt-plug peaking between my sore cheeks that also added to my overall feelings of submissive devotion. But what you can't see is the chastity cage I was also wearing!

Another view of the clear intruder, and you can also see the clear plastic ring to my chastity cage encircling my genitals! Strangely the color in my cheeks visible in the other shot seem absent in this one, but I assure you these photos were snapped within mere minutes of one another.

In conclusion I do want to add that after entertaining some other friends for a get-together later that Saturday, Nickki and I exchanged a few texts. One series in particular has me thinking all sorts of things. It seems, according to Nickki, that despite Jean's reluctance to spank me one-on-one, her desire TO spank me is not in doubt! I am now wondering where, when, and under what conditions I may soon find myself with my other Honey, Jean and how sore she intends to leave me for this same offense.

 Another text Nickki sent me indicating her satisfaction with the day's outcome.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Computer issues

Rece-tly my computer h-s -ee- h-vi-g - p-rticul-rly ---oyi-g issue: it wo-'t type three letters --d - couple of fu-ctio-s. (c-- you guess which three?) I h-d - very fu- story to post tod-y --out -ickki, -ut o-viously - -m -ot goi-g to -other. I -lso h-ve -o ide- whe- I will -e --le to -uy - -ew l-ptop......... -ut si-ce -othi-g here h-s gotte- much re-ctio- l-tely --yw-y, I dou-t it is --y gre-t loss. For -ow here is - te-ser shot to keep you -mused:


Wednesday, September 9, 2020


 During last year's RenFaire I put up this barrier to keep guests out of an area in my yard I felt was prone to accidents:

"Okies" & "Az-holes" are playfully derogatory epithets directed at the residents of the two fictional shires of Ochershire & Azurton.

Little did I know at the time that a genuine plague was indeed destined to strike within months. Now that the Covid-19 Plague is a reality, the RenFaire for 2020 is officially canceled. This is the first time in years that I will not take up the mantle of my alter-ego "Sir Dynaden" and preside over the contests, activities, and feasting. It's a bit of a bummer for certain.

On another note, later today I will be attending an abridged, Covid-curbed service for my brother who succumbed to brain cancer last week. The 2019 RenFaire was the last time he was at my home. It's been a heckuva week. The unfortunate aspect of my brother's passing is that he and I had a pretty significant falling out not long after Halloween last year and never resolved the issue. The only reconnection we had was a Skype call about a week before he passed where his personality was intact but his memory was severely a point where he had little recollection of the issue between us. I am also very concerned over my nieces' welfare going forward.....but I am taking a wait-and-see approach based on advice from many around me.

Some good news is that I had a very nice day Saturday with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson. A lot was said that made me feel pretty good about my choices as a father. 

......oh, and the bathroom remodel is 99% done. The room is fully functional, looks good, and only requires a bit of cosmetic trim. (Pictures will follow when 100% complete)

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Words matter


The time IS BE CLEAR!

Recently I have found myself defending a couple of movements whose intentions are admirable but whose slogans are atrociously counterproductive. And my time ends up being wasted, not by defending the validity of the movement, but explaining how the movement's slogan is not entirely accurate with regard to the movements' goals.

First up? Black Lives Matter. I'm sorry but WHO THE FUCK CAME UP WITH THIS?! Here you have this extremely important issue and rather than engage in resolving the valid problem of too-often-lethal racially-motivated police excesses we instead we get bogged down in the name.

Why not just say "End Racial Brutality"? Who could argue with that?????? Who could come out and say, "No, I WANT Racial Brutality to continue!"? And if someone is not quite sure what the slogan means entirely, it can be explained in detail.......but without the excess and annoying baggage of a slogan that makes people feel like one group is somehow better than another......even when that is NOT what is being said. (Though to some that seems exactly like what is being said.) Eliminate the confusion. Bring the argument directly to the issue at hand. Don't adopt some philosophical vagary prone to inflammatory misinterpretation. BE CLEAR!!! "END RACIAL BRUTALITY"!

The next one has me pulling out what's left of my hair for a couple of reasons. One is that unlike "Black Lives Matter" some extremists actually DO hold with the most radical position of "Defund the Police". Just look at Minneapolis. However, most reasonable people advocating this cause are not looking to eliminate law enforcement. Though opponents and alarmists ......and pro-police extremists.....claim that IS what the movement is about.

When I actually explain what "Defund the Police" ACTUALLY MEANS to REASONABLE people, they tend to blink, nod, say things like, "hmmmmm, that kind of makes sense." And then they add, "so why don't they just SAY that?"

My answer to this is similar to the above. Either a moron came up with it, or someone adopted the most extreme phrase they heard as the one to run with. Idiots! How about, "Streamline Emergency Services"? Again, who could argue with that? When you say "Defund the Police" as your lead-in, you are already at a disadvantage. EVERYONE is going to come at you and little old ladies alone in their apartments are going to panic and side against you. Why not explain why it might make sense to have the right person respond to specific emergencies? Why not say, "you don't send a police officer to a fire. You don't send a fireman to take someone to the hospital. And you don't send an EMT to thwart a robbery. Why not expand that to include OTHER types of emergencies that when addressed to an untrained responder, often don't end as well as they could? Or......why not Streamline Emergency Services ?"

The thing is 'WORDS MATTER'. As such, if your movement needs a slogan.... SLOGANS MATTER! So "Be Best" (another confusing loser) and choose more wisely than these people did.

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Harris analysis


Why not Harris? 

First off, I have already said that pandering to a voting bloc only works when that group is actually a VOTING bloc. It doesn’t help at all if it’s not really a “voting bloc” but more of a reluctant group of people that is utterly unreliable for actually showing up to vote. The “Black Vote” is just such a group. Ignore them. Instead focus on swing voters who are actually going to show up and possibly vote for your opponent. Every swing voter you add to your side, you SUBTRACT from the other. The Black Vote if it shows up in any number is probably  not going to vote for Trump anyway. Kanye perhaps? But not Trump.

2: If you ARE going to try to entice the Black Vote…...why the fuck would you go with Harris? A PROSECUTOR and daughter of Jamaican and Indian professionals* is not the poster child of urban, Black America. (Admittedly anecdotal, I talked with Nickki recently and SHE knows of no one in her circle who is happy about Harris.) So I wonder if Harris is really the right choice for the Black community, or is instead what clueless White people think Black people want. And if these white folks based their choice on advice from Black politicians, they are clueless. 

*I was a Bio Major in college and I wonder how genetics work in politics?  It seems if you are half Jamaican and half Asian-Indian, you are indeed half Black and half Indian…..but if you are half white and half black, you are Black. Why are caucasian genes apparently so recessive?

3: She reeks of opportunism. Not “ambition”........but OPPORTUNISM. I am not saying that SNL is the best source of serious political analysis, but comic writers do have a sort of sharp insight into the character of the people they lampoon. SNL NAILED Harris. And if it’s that obvious to a bunch of comedians, I’m guessing she comes across that way to others too…...and that’s why they laughed at the characterization. She certainly does to me. I feel like she will say ANYTHING.

4: I can’t see her appeal to a swing voter. She is merely the darling choice of people already fully in Biden's corner. And Biden needs swing voters, not big smiles on the faces of his solid constituency. My choice? Prior to the race riots, it was Klobuchar, but now it would be Duckworth.

5: Then there’s her voice. She sounds like a smarmy female professional trapped inside of a higher-pitched bagpipe that is being slowly deflated. Now that doesn’t make her a bad person or bad politician, But it doesn't endear her to anyone either. And in case no one noticed….. politics is a bit of a popularity contest. Remember how "likable" Hillary was? 

So will Harris sink the Biden campaign? Hopefully not, but I don't see it doing much good either…... except for making solid Blue-Democrats feel very pleased with themselves…….right up until they lose again to Trump. Vice presidential choices rarely impact a campaign to a large degree, but this time a lot of people are a bit more concerned about Biden’s age than is sometimes the case. As such, his VP IS a bigger deal than it normally would be. So people ARE looking at her as a potential president…….and the moderates and swing-folk and even Blacks, don't seem thrilled at that prospect. I find it a very interesting barometer that Chris Wallace…...who is FOX News’ rare independent and someone I personally find refreshing, seems to like Biden but seems to be no great fan of Harris. Curious.

So basically Harris is the wrong person for the wrong reason......a twofold mistake. Now, what I would be eager to hear is a comment here from someone who voted for Trump in 2016, was on the fence for most of this year, and made a pro-Biden decision based on the inclusion of Harris on the ticket.......particularly if that person is from a swing state. THAT might make me reconsider my opinion!

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Urethral 'play'

I haven't done an exploration of a lesser-known kink in a while, and I have been wanting to do one on this particular one for a while.

Urethral play is not for everyone, and even not always for me. But, sometimes it can have a very profound effect and can therefore occasionally be desirable to foster a particular mood. 

There are also more than one way to explore this kink. The one most commonly seen is that of using ‘sounds' which are basically devices made specifically to slide into a urethra. Often these are derived from actual medical devices used to probe or expand a urethral canal. Usually ultra-smooth metal that can be readily sterilized, they provide the safest and most direct method of urethral insertion. 

However, with the acceptance and interest in using these for kinky purposes, there are now devices made specifically for such  play rather than just for medical use. 

A common one is the urethral chastity device or other commercially available toys.

But sounds or sound-like toys are not the only things that can be used in the urethra for kinky purposes. Sticking with the medical arena, one could say that catheters also qualify. But we need not spend too much time on those because most everyone knows what they are, how they’re used, and what they accomplish. So even if kinky catheterization is not your thing, you probably already know how such an adventure would play out.

One also does not need to have something specifically designed for introduction into this area in order to get the desired effect. Some folks will use things like sterile cotton swabs, or worse, cotton swabs dabbed with a burning ointment. And some folks skip the swab and just employ the direct method of merely squirting some sterile but nasty cream right on up. 

You can also add a little electrical jolt to your play......thanks to countless products available on the kinky market.

Now if you’re out there thinking
“that can’t be safe!” you aren’t wrong. Urethral play has a slew of downsides that require care, knowledge and delicacy to avoid. The biggest issue is infection. Anything going up that canal had better be sterile, and even a sterile object can become contaminated if one’s hands or the entrance area is not prepped also. In urethral play, cleanliness is crucial. One good policy is to make sure to urinate after removal of the device to sort of flush the pipes….but like I said, while helpful in keeping germs out, peeing right after….for me at least…..burns like fire!

Sterile, latex gloves are not a bad idea.

The other risk is physical damage. The urethra is not made to readily accept foreign objects, nor is its lining as tough as one’s external skin. It’s sensitive and prone to injury and no matter how careful you are, you will feel the after effects regardless. For this reason, it is important to make sure whatever is going in there is ridiculously smooth and free of any burrs, or imperfections. This is why commercial medical products are usually desired since they are made for this. Of course, people who like their play edgy and extreme will naturally go in the opposite direction….and that’s fine for them.

This just seems insane.......but so do a lot of things I do to others. So who knows?

Now I rarely engage in this activity, and while Rosa has a tolerant “if that’s what you’re in the mood for” attitude towards it, It is not something she has ever initiated on her own. For her it’s kind of like a “buttplug for the front” …...something that she knows affects me and my psyche but is no burden on her. The reason I do this VERY infrequently….is twofold: as careful as I always am I still worry about infection…..even though it’s never happened, and secondly, I find the after-effects to be very unpleasant. And as such the risk-to-reward ratio for me is not conducive to frequent excursions. The plain fact is that a sound going in is practically a picnic. Wearing one for a time is also not a huge deal either, but while wearing one has a very humbling effect, I find
( though many others who do this claim otherwise ) that after a while the sensation is too distracting. And then, like I said, there are the aftereffects. I just feel very raw for a fairly long time after and peeing is an extremely unpleasant experience for at least a few hours. Therefore, knowing these things, I have to very much be in the mood to suggest wearing one……..but being the kinky guy I am, while that mood doesn’t manifest often, it does hit me every now and again and I feel prepared to suffer the aftereffects. …..LOL right up until I do and then vow……”never again”. 

I have had uroscopes done in the past and have even been catheterized, and been told that I have an unusually narrow urethra… that could be why my adventures in this area have been more challenging than it seems for others? All I know is what I’ve told you. I certainly cannot imagine doing this:

Sterile or not, I can't imagine accommodating a finger in there!

Now, since I did not engage in a Jackass July for two years now, I decided that maybe it could be interesting for readers to see a personal “how-to” at my expense. So, if there is interest, and I have time and some privacy in the near future…….and I can maintain my nerve….LOL…...I may post a follow-up to this piece featuring a photo-illustrated step-by-step of me and my own urethral device. And then again…..I may not.

This young lady's expression gives me no small amount of trepidation.