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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Ask Nickki!

 After viewing my post and commenting, Nickki also had a nice phone conversation with me today. In it she agreed to do a kind of 'interview' to be published here as a post. Soon I will be composing the questions for it and I thought: why not seek some questions from my readers? So, if there is something you would like me to ask Nickki in my interview, post it here as a comment or send it to me as an email. I can't guarantee I will use it, but you all know that I am fairly open to input.

I will say though that time is of the essence, and if you have a question, please post it within the next two days or so. 

I have also been planning to do a post giving unfamiliar readers a guide to some backstory regarding Nickki, so here is our 'history' from 2016 to 2020. With things involving Nickki, Jean, Rosa & me developing so decisively lately, some newer readers might be wondering about the infamous Nickki. The following list lays out all the posts where Nickki or Jean are featured. Even I found the timeline to be interesting…...and I was THERE! An * indicates a post that contains an actual spanking. [ ] indicates a post where an image of Nickki or Jean is featured.

Skinny-dippin’ 9/12/16 (first mention of a Nickki & Jean interaction, but not by name)


Spanking by Committee 1/15/17 (first mention of Nickki & Jean by name)

Committee continued 1/17/17 (detailing the start of the “year-end spanking” tradition )

Round 2: Nickki 1/19/17 ( first time Nickki was involved in a discipline slip)

A welcome addition and a name change.3/28/17 

3 Coins in a Fountain 9/2/17 [ ] ( another skinny-dip story)

“Friendly” Punishment 12/11/17 [ ] (second time Nickki suggested a spanking)


Committee reconvenes 1/3/18 ( the second year of “year-end” punishment)

Nickki’s “lashes” 2/13/18 [ ] (Nickki’s contribution to the year end tradition)

A determined Nickki 10/19/18 (Where she expresses her desire to do some of her own spanking)

Rosa’s warning 10/23/18 ( Rosa lets me know that Nickki has contacted her)

Spanked by Nickki 11/2/18* (Nickki herself spanks me for the first time)

Paddles & stuff 11/19/18 (Nickki gets her own paddle)


I dare ya! 1/5/19* (The second spanking from Nickki)

Follow-up & Feedback 1/6/19

Nickki’s packin’ heat 4/16/19 (Nickki teases me about carrying her new paddle around……..even to work)

Et tu, Jean 5/31/19 (Jean gets more comfortable with the idea of spanking)

Cleared up 6/5/19 (procedural confusion is straightened out)

More on Nickki & Jean 6/6/19

Final decisions 6/8/19 (finalized agreement on “spanks as pay” )

Plumber’s crack 6/11/19* (first “pay spanking” for chores )

Gamechanger 7/18/19* [ ] (a MAJOR punishment….resulting in abrasions that took a while to heal)

Stinger linger [ ] 7/9/19

A shared spanking 8/11/19**  [ ] (a double spanking)

Confession to Nickki 8/18/19 ( where I confess feelings of guilt over an implement left for Jean to use on Nickki)

Thoughts on Jean & more 9/18/19

Jean’s spanking 9/18/19* [ ] (Jean steps in for an injured Nickki)


A naughty idea (and offer) 1/10/20 (A kind of daydream that never happened)  

Deck progress 5/15/20 (Just what it says)

Overdue but not underdone 6/10/20 * [ ]  (Nickki finally delivers the punishment for Ana’s Graduation)

Play Leads to Punish Pt. 1  8/19/20 * [ ] (Nickki gives me a good spanking for payment but late conversation opens the door to other things)

Play Leads to Punish Pt. 2 8/20/20 * [ ] (I am punished for being lax about posting)

Computer Issues 9/21/20 [ ]

Nickki strikes again! 9/22/20 * [ ] ( a payment and punishment combined)

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