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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Nickki strikes again!

(I got the glitch to temporarily subside, and as you can see..... "a, n, & b" have been mercifully restored to their rightful pace in the least for as long as it took to write what follows. )

The last time I wrote about Nickki, it involved a punishment that followed a “chore payment”.  Today I am going to talk about a combined payment and punishment.  I recently helped Nickki & Jean close their pool for the season and as such earned a  ‘reward payment’ paddling. However, while there I also made the mistake of once again leaving their toilet seat up after Nickki had emphatically warned me about that the last time it happened. 

Jean spotted the blunder and mentioned it. Well what could I say? I didn’t do it on purpose but I certainly was the one who did it, so we discussed “consequences” and naturally the obvious one came up. However there was one complication: Jean is not completely comfortable dealing with me alone like Nickki is. So it was decided that Jean would indeed take care of this offense but at a later date when she’d have some others around… they Nickki, Rosa, or both.

Enter Nickki, who had previously texted me that she and not Jean was going to administer the ‘payment’ for the pool closing and who now was aware of  the further complication of the offending toilet seat. She informed me via text that she would address that as well…….while Jean still had the opportunity to do the same. After a brief discussion it was decided that on Saturday morning I would present myself to Nickki for a combination of punishment and payment. And that is exactly what happened.

With Rosa’s blessing off I went to meet my fate. And to that end I too contributed to the effort with some voluntary concessions of my own. One being that I brought an extra switch-type implement to give to Nickki to keep on permanent loan. Another was a suggestion that rather than merely punish me for the toilet seat, since it was well established that this was a “female domicile”, that perhaps my repeated offense also warranted a more stringent step: an understanding that I was to never again even deign to lift their toilet seat but instead only sit upon it when needed…...even if it was only to pee. Nickki liked that idea on the spot.

Then Nickki surprised me with a twist that only served to confirm the prevailing 'respect the female' vibe. I was forever forward, going to conform to a much more female-oriented standard in their home…….even for spankings! No longer would my spanking attire be the simple black apron from the past but rather this:

This is the new "spanking outfit" Nickki has chosen for me. I am neither offended nor titillated with donning female attire. I do see its place though as I have certainly worn enough of it. However, I am in no way an ardent transvestite. Not that I have issue with that predisposition, but rather that I am just being honest and clear about my own feelings. For me dressing in female clothing is more of an embarrassing costume, no different than if I was dressing in our "piggy attire". In this case, with Nickki, I understand the goal and feel it makes perfect sense.

Another little surprise was this note that Nickki left for me in the bathroom to see and ponder as I stripped out of my clothes and into the frock shown above:

This note was sitting atop Nickki's toilet when I went to the bathroom to change.  I found it oddly coincidental that Nickki did this at the same time I was prepared to offer to clean her toilet as an additional  punishment. She had a similar thought but, like me, thought it might be too "bdsm"-ish for our arrangement. It was just one of the several times where my thoughts and hers were in sync.

Then we began the punishment phase of our Saturday morning, and let me tell you, Nickki was not in the least hesitant to make her true feelings known both verbally and tangibly….by way of her scolding & use of her new paddle. She started right in spanking one cheek repeatedly, making me struggle to hold still, and then attacked the other just as fiercely. There was nothing fun about the spanking that accompanied her scolding. Unless of course you count the fun that Nickki herself seemed to be having! She lectured me on my inconsiderate neglect with regards to the toilet seat while spanking emphatically with both her new paddle and the switch I had brought. The paddle is hefty and did an admirable job in inflicting the level of painful punishment Nickki desired.

Eventually the spanking ended and Nickki requested that I accompany her on the couch to cuddle and talk.  It was a very nice respite with some very productive dialog, But after discussing a multitude of things I prefer to save for another time, Nickki informed me that while the punishment phase was over…..we still needed to address my pool opening payment. And that was to occur while over her lap!

I have already written about my feelings when spanked over Nickki's lap, but it's a sentiment worth revisiting. I can't explain it any better than to say that while it is very different from being across my Rosa's lap, there is a strange comfort and familiarity to it that is undeniable. This is not to say that Nickki is gentle or solicitous in her approach. Far from it. She spanks hard and with a definite eye towards rendering my bottom appropriately red and raw. But even as the smacks elicit ouches, winces, and even wriggles and kicks, I feel so darned connected and "at home" that it is hard to comprehend. And even as I wriggle and whimper with each stinging barrage, I feel like I have no other place I would rather be at that moment.

This was the result was all was said and done. You can easily see where some errant switch strikes fell outside of the main color field.

A confident woman alongside her handiwork.

Even though this “part 2” was not meant as punishment, it still was pretty intense. I received quite a lot of strong, hard, smacks to my already sore bottom. Nickki also employed a new technique where she used one hand to kind of lift my butt-cheek allowing her to strike the area of crease and thigh just beneath what would have normally been obscured. It was a devilish strategy…..and quite an effective one which left me with some very painful sore-spots!

This dark red line is one of the two 'sore spots' Nickki made a deliberate effort to create. And let me tell you I am STILL feeling them whenever I sit.

However, as with all things, this session too was destined to finally arrive at its end. After some productive discussion, I dressed and Nickki showed me the future projects she expected me to do for her and Jean, and which would provide further opportunities for either Nickki or Jean to paddle my buns as 'payment'. And then……...prompted by a cell phone call from Rosa, who reminded me that we had guests coming later that day…….I headed home.

On Sunday, Rosa and I had a kind of “day of our own” which started with me pampering her and giving her an “O”. It ended with another O for her and even one, much much later in the day, for me!  But in the middle, Rosa told me that while I was driving home, she had called Nickki and expressed a bit of annoyance that I got punished for something she too had wanted to address here but felt I was resistant to. We discussed it and Rosa assured me that a similar punishment from her was in my future!  

Here I am a day later, on Sunday morning, drying dishes for my Rosa while still tender from the day before. In addition, you might be able to see the large glass butt-plug peaking between my sore cheeks that also added to my overall feelings of submissive devotion. But what you can't see is the chastity cage I was also wearing!

Another view of the clear intruder, and you can also see the clear plastic ring to my chastity cage encircling my genitals! Strangely the color in my cheeks visible in the other shot seem absent in this one, but I assure you these photos were snapped within mere minutes of one another.

In conclusion I do want to add that after entertaining some other friends for a get-together later that Saturday, Nickki and I exchanged a few texts. One series in particular has me thinking all sorts of things. It seems, according to Nickki, that despite Jean's reluctance to spank me one-on-one, her desire TO spank me is not in doubt! I am now wondering where, when, and under what conditions I may soon find myself with my other Honey, Jean and how sore she intends to leave me for this same offense.

 Another text Nickki sent me indicating her satisfaction with the day's outcome.


  1. I think you should have said it was very unfair and sexist for them to rely on gender stereotypes to just assume without evidence that you were the one who left the toilet seat up. ;-)

    1. I suppose I could have.......but it would not have been sincere. ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. It was very comfy. Not sure it's my look though.

  3. Wow this synopsis was very entertaining and effective in recreating our Saturday session. Yes I’m happy with myself see woman hear me roar. You are our friend but will always be a visitor to an all girl bathroom at our home. RESPECT!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Dear! I am fully prepared to follow the new rule.....or suffer the consequences.

      As for 'respect'? You earned that a long time ago......but you now also have 'fear' (in a good way) in your arsenal as well!

  4. KD, you are just a hoot to me and your life-as-a-party is inspiring.

    1. Thanks, Tomy, but believe me, the 'party' certainly doesn't run 24/7! We wade through a lot of shit too.....that I don't write about in as much detail. ;-) Maybe that's why I push so hard to have as much fun as possible?