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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Urethral 'play'

I haven't done an exploration of a lesser-known kink in a while, and I have been wanting to do one on this particular one for a while.

Urethral play is not for everyone, and even not always for me. But, sometimes it can have a very profound effect and can therefore occasionally be desirable to foster a particular mood. 

There are also more than one way to explore this kink. The one most commonly seen is that of using ‘sounds' which are basically devices made specifically to slide into a urethra. Often these are derived from actual medical devices used to probe or expand a urethral canal. Usually ultra-smooth metal that can be readily sterilized, they provide the safest and most direct method of urethral insertion. 

However, with the acceptance and interest in using these for kinky purposes, there are now devices made specifically for such  play rather than just for medical use. 

A common one is the urethral chastity device or other commercially available toys.

But sounds or sound-like toys are not the only things that can be used in the urethra for kinky purposes. Sticking with the medical arena, one could say that catheters also qualify. But we need not spend too much time on those because most everyone knows what they are, how they’re used, and what they accomplish. So even if kinky catheterization is not your thing, you probably already know how such an adventure would play out.

One also does not need to have something specifically designed for introduction into this area in order to get the desired effect. Some folks will use things like sterile cotton swabs, or worse, cotton swabs dabbed with a burning ointment. And some folks skip the swab and just employ the direct method of merely squirting some sterile but nasty cream right on up. 

You can also add a little electrical jolt to your play......thanks to countless products available on the kinky market.

Now if you’re out there thinking
“that can’t be safe!” you aren’t wrong. Urethral play has a slew of downsides that require care, knowledge and delicacy to avoid. The biggest issue is infection. Anything going up that canal had better be sterile, and even a sterile object can become contaminated if one’s hands or the entrance area is not prepped also. In urethral play, cleanliness is crucial. One good policy is to make sure to urinate after removal of the device to sort of flush the pipes….but like I said, while helpful in keeping germs out, peeing right after….for me at least…..burns like fire!

Sterile, latex gloves are not a bad idea.

The other risk is physical damage. The urethra is not made to readily accept foreign objects, nor is its lining as tough as one’s external skin. It’s sensitive and prone to injury and no matter how careful you are, you will feel the after effects regardless. For this reason, it is important to make sure whatever is going in there is ridiculously smooth and free of any burrs, or imperfections. This is why commercial medical products are usually desired since they are made for this. Of course, people who like their play edgy and extreme will naturally go in the opposite direction….and that’s fine for them.

This just seems insane.......but so do a lot of things I do to others. So who knows?

Now I rarely engage in this activity, and while Rosa has a tolerant “if that’s what you’re in the mood for” attitude towards it, It is not something she has ever initiated on her own. For her it’s kind of like a “buttplug for the front” …...something that she knows affects me and my psyche but is no burden on her. The reason I do this VERY infrequently….is twofold: as careful as I always am I still worry about infection…..even though it’s never happened, and secondly, I find the after-effects to be very unpleasant. And as such the risk-to-reward ratio for me is not conducive to frequent excursions. The plain fact is that a sound going in is practically a picnic. Wearing one for a time is also not a huge deal either, but while wearing one has a very humbling effect, I find
( though many others who do this claim otherwise ) that after a while the sensation is too distracting. And then, like I said, there are the aftereffects. I just feel very raw for a fairly long time after and peeing is an extremely unpleasant experience for at least a few hours. Therefore, knowing these things, I have to very much be in the mood to suggest wearing one……..but being the kinky guy I am, while that mood doesn’t manifest often, it does hit me every now and again and I feel prepared to suffer the aftereffects. …..LOL right up until I do and then vow……”never again”. 

I have had uroscopes done in the past and have even been catheterized, and been told that I have an unusually narrow urethra… that could be why my adventures in this area have been more challenging than it seems for others? All I know is what I’ve told you. I certainly cannot imagine doing this:

Sterile or not, I can't imagine accommodating a finger in there!

Now, since I did not engage in a Jackass July for two years now, I decided that maybe it could be interesting for readers to see a personal “how-to” at my expense. So, if there is interest, and I have time and some privacy in the near future…….and I can maintain my nerve….LOL…...I may post a follow-up to this piece featuring a photo-illustrated step-by-step of me and my own urethral device. And then again…..I may not.

This young lady's expression gives me no small amount of trepidation.


  1. OMfuckingG. Definitely never going to be able to unsee some of those!

    1. Memories......light the corners of my mind......

  2. Many times I've seen pictures of sounding and have given thought to having it done to me to enhance my submissive side. I've also thought of the bad side effects it could have. Now after reading this and your experience in this field I now feel I'll pass and enjoy it being done to others.

    1. While there are risks, I would suggest trying it once. Like I wrote, others don't seem to suffer the same side effects I do. You might be another.

  3. I have done various urethral play and have been fortunate to have a generally positive experience and wish to do more. My wife is a nurse and she is not nearly as inspired to do this to me. She did use a catheter on me once and it did not go well resulting in a scary, bloody aftereffect.
    Despite that I have two chastity devices with urethral inserts. My wife does not like them.
    Several years ago she sounded me with a smooth wooden chop stick. That was incredible and I long to have her do that again.
    I find it to be very submissive to have something which generally is used for penetration and penetrating it.
    I find that photo of the finger inserted to be very exciting and would be interested in stretching and training my urethra to take that.

    1. Thanks, Bill, for relating your experience. Do you have excessive burning for a good while afterwards when you pee?

      (Having a nurse wife must be a plus! But why doesn't she like the devices?)