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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Catching up.

I am typing this from a new HP laptop which arrived just before I had to report to Nickki for the punishment she referred to several times. It is difficult to explain the relative ease and consequent appreciation of using a keyboard where every letter works. I do want to say to my fellow bloggers that, while I did manage a few comments here and there, I feel way behind on my online interactions.....almost to a degree of intimidation. I really don't know how catch up at this point and maybe I just shouldn't try, but rather just pick up here and now.

However, it might not be a bad idea for me to bullet form.....some of the things that have been on my mind during the absence after posting the last Interview post:

-Rosa and I have a hopefully "nothing-to-worry-about" issue that we ARE currently worrying about. It has colored a lot of recent moods.

-Online interaction is feeling a lot like that "old gray mare" lately: "ain't what she used to be". I have noticed this seems to be a calendar-related trend for the last few years with interactions becoming frustrating to me right around October.

-As for October......Halloween is here. In retaliation to having Covid rob me of my annual party, Rosa and I have been hosting one couple events each weekend to safely compensate. I have unofficially declared the entire month of October 2020 "Halloween" rather than merely the 31st, turning a negative into a positive.

-I did have a punishment session with Nickki last Friday, and I will post about that separately soon.....but not today.

-I have several projects in the works that are directly competing for my time and attention and given bullet #2, winning out over computer time. I'm hoping this new laptop rejuvenates my 'online interest'......but that will be something that remains to be seen.

-Politics have drained me emotionally and physically......but not in any way that promises resolution post Election Day. For me it's more about people rather than politicians. And people......unfortunately......offer little prospect of getting smarter, becoming less reliant on tribalism, or just mercifully going away simply because the date says 'November 4th'. I have heard too many interviews with the average "person in the street" on a multitude of topics that have left me apoplectic in bewilderment. I'm weary. 

-I recently tested negative for Covid antibodies, despite having had a bizarre incident during the peak in NJ that closely resembled descriptions of lower-impact Covid incidents, and did NOT resemble anything else I had ever experienced.  My confidence in these tests? Low. My opinion of how this pandemic has been handled? Lower.

-Trump. (To those who understand I don't think I need to say least now in this bullet format.) 



  1. Well since you have so much time on your hands and need suggestions for a new project... I would love to see more of that miniature stuff you do. It's such fun - eye candy.

    1. Believe it or not, I AM currently working on a new diorama: an interior "mansion-type" setting complete with window, classic double doors, and a fireplace.

  2. Welcome back. You and I seem to be having a similar, though not identical October. It's been an unbelievably stressful month, but maybe in finally pushed me to a point of just throwing my hands up in the air and refusing to care anymore, which is kind of an accomplishment in itself if you're wired like I am.

    -- I kind of beat you to it on the Halloween front, at least as far as blogging is concerned. I started posting Halloween drawings in early October and plan to continue through the actual Holiday. For you it's in retaliation for Covid; for me it's more frustration at the embarrassment of riches where Halloween themed pin-up and spanking art is concerned. With that new computer, you probably have lots more storage to save all that deviant art.

    -- I hope the "nothing to be concerned about" issue for you and Rosa turns out to be exactly that.

    -- I had a similar Covid experience. Several of the symptoms, but it passed in 48 hours without a trace.

    -- I too got pretty burned out on politics for a while, to the point of turn off NPR in the mornings, after being religiously devoted to it for years. But, NOW I'm actually getting amused again, watching all these GOP senators starting to trash talk Trump and his polices, if only ever so carefully from some of them. Pretty clear signal that they think he's toast. We'll know for sure when Julie comments negatively on his orange pallor. ;-)

    1. It does sound like we are in a similar....though not identical....funk. I currently have very little interest in posting. But I do think it is a temporary thing. We'll see.

  3. I too am not able to focus on one thing because I have too many of one things to do. I normally would never be reading this without being told there is something I must read but here I am taking a moment. I’m spent in all areas as well thanks for the momentary break kdp. Good night

    1. Hey there, dear. Yeah, I just need some things to settle with a good resolution before I can think fun thoughts.

  4. First of all, I'm glad the new computer has shown up and we can look forward to both insightful and entertaining posts once again. I understand how a balky keyboard could discourage lengthy postings.

    Secondly, I'm looking forward to election day and hopefully a quick resolution of who is leading the country. I'm seriously considering ignoring tonight's debate after the frustration I felt after the first one.

    And I am looking forward to your recounting of your last Nickki experience, as my recent spankings have been nonexistent.

    good to have you posting again.

    1. Thanks, Redtail. I hope to post something eventually......but not yet sure if it will be soon.

  5. I thought I had commented. I guess not.

    Much is going on here, but other than my dental work that I set aside for this month, there's nothing I can share (yet)

    My worries are mostly about how I'm going to get through this month, and of course, elections.

    1. Stress seems to be a common denominator among our tight little circle.